How to Find Bank Accounts in your Name?

Are you worried to think about how many bank accounts are opened by your name and some are forgotten by you and they are not in use for many years and you really don’t know currently how many old accounts are active in use?

In that situation, you want to find all bank account names which are on your name. Sometimes it genuinely happens that parents open a savings account for their children by their own name and forget to close this.

To Find this unwanted account that is not in use you need to track and check the account carefully.

In this article, I am going to tell you the best way to find the bank accounts in your name so it cannot create any problem in your future. Now read the article carefully.

How to Find Bank Accounts in your Name?

Let’s take a look at these methods to find your bank account using your name:

#1. Contact credit card agency

You have to decide first by which credit card agency you want to receive the report form. The three major credit card agencies that are really popular are Experion, Equifax, and Transunion.

These agencies have all reports on which bank your account is created. And also keeps the record of every account open with their institution.

If any account is forgotten by you and you find it is still open through the credit report then you can also apply for the close the account option.

You can close these unwanted accounts by sending an email request and by visiting the credit card agency’s official website and get free from that account that is not really in use.

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#2. Online Claimed for account

If you have an old account which is inactive for many days then the bank considers it as an unclaimed account in which the bank also does not consider the claim on your account.

If you want you can check by each bank account name on your name from the website and can be able to check all forgotten accounts names which exist on your name.

It is a very simple process for you if you don’t want to expose your financial amount through an inactive account and stay away from some of the frauds bank’s institutions.

#3. Check Dormant account

You have also tracked once to your dormant account. It may happen that some of your family members open a savings account and that will help you to memorize any kind of existing dormant account.

A dormant account is that account that has not any single transaction activity for a long period of time. If you have any work related to a dormant account you can do it by contacting the bank institution by phone or logging in to the account by itself.

In the same way, to close the dormant account, it is not needed by you so you can easily do it by itself also by logging in to your dormant account.

#4. Contact on Toll-Free Number

The customer service of the bank account team is really helpful and if we call them they help out with all our queries related to the account.

You can call on 1800-270-3333 for any inquiry and if you find any issue during the call you can search the number according to your location or directly visit the bank.

You will get all the information related to your old to new all existing bank account which is currently active but you don’t use it. You can directly close them by saying the name, not in the user account.

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#5. Check Mobile Banking

Mobile banking is also another solution to find the bank account’s name on your name. If any transaction happened through your name in any account you will see theirs by logging into your mobile banking.

Nowadays to find any account details is not an impossible task. Still, this is a genuine account that you create in your name and you want to find the bank account name in how many banks your account is created.

The online procedure really makes our work so easy where you no need to go anywhere and can search out all your personal details related to any bank account.

Why don’t you make a Payment from an inactive account?

If you have an inactive account and you don’t use it for many years there may be a little chance of stealing your account or any kind of misusing the account.

The hackers like to do wireless transfers of money which is less risky because it sends the money to the individual receipt hand directly.

You need to protect your account from becoming in the hands of the victim of fire. An inactive account for a long period of time also creates a problem for you sometimes to create a new active account.

Reach your bank if you are facing any issue related to your Bank account or if you remember the bank account name so you can check it directly through the website. After that, close it by visiting the nearby branch.

Risk for Wiring money by inactive account:

  1. Scams
  2. Sending money
  3. Money Laundering
  4. Unauthorized Transfers
  5. Other consideration ( Payment through online method)

Sometimes there is a higher risk of wiring money or can say for online payment the money suddenly through an inactive account.

It’s very important for you to keep aware of all your bank account details to manage your money properly.

Otherwise, such an inactive account creates a financial liability without your knowledge so it’s important to keep the account only active and used properly by you.

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These are some best solutions to find out your name in bank accounts if you really do not remember the numbers of accounts created by your name.

It is really simple to search for a bank account by visiting the official bank website. It has its own customer service help desk there for your related queries.

This article is sufficient to let you know the various ways to search for any existing account by your name and hope this article will be useful for you.

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