How to Fix Phone Charger Port?

Our cell phones have become ingrained in our daily routines. Most of the time, our phones include a lot of personal and even work-related information that we need to get through our daily routines.

Our phones do a variety of things for us, from setting alarms to building a to-do list, creating documents, connecting with family and friends via messaging and social media apps to all types of virtual audio-visual entertainment.

When we use our phones, the battery can run out and we need to charge it to get the most out of it.

Don’t assume your phone charger or battery is faulty just because your battery isn’t charging properly.

According to my own experience, the problem, and its solution may be a lot easy than you think. Take a look at these ways to fix a phone that won’t charge if your phone or tablet isn’t charging properly or at all.

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Ways to Fix Phone Charger Port

Here are some ways to fix the phone charger port, so you need to read this and learn about it:-

Method 1: Remove Lint and Other Debris

Many people carry their phones in their pockets, and lint and other debris can get inside the USB charging port over time, preventing the charging cable from making a secure connection with the port contacts. To clean lint from your Samsung phone’s USB charging port and repair it, follow these steps.

  • Disconnect your Samsung phone from the charger and turn it off.
  • Insert a small needle into the charging port and glide it through the area between the contacts and the USB port walls slowly and softly.
  • To eliminate lint, drag the needle toward you and out of the port as you swipe. Continue until you’ve eliminated all of the lint.

Your charger should make a firm connection and your Samsung phone should charge regularly once the lint is removed.

NOTE: Use caution when using the needle to avoid harming the contacts. At your own risk, use this repair. If it still doesn’t work, your charging cable or USB charging port may need to be replaced.

Method 2: Do-It-Yourself USB port fix

Doing a little DIY repair on your real hardware is the quickest, easiest, and frequently most successful approach.

The issue is usually because the metallic surfaces within the USB port and the micro USB charger do not make good contact, either due to a manufacturing error or because the charging connection is constantly plugged and unplugged.

Simply turn off your device, remove the battery (if feasible), and ‘lever up’ the small tab inside the USB port on your smartphone or tablet with something small, such as a toothpick.

Replace your battery and connect it in again, doing so very cautiously and gently. This is all that is required nine times out of 10.

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Method 3: Switch Cables

The cable, not the adaptor that connects into the wall socket, is the weakest portion of a charger. Because Apple’s proprietary (and pricey) Lightning cables appear to have a life span of roughly 15 minutes (just kidding! ), Apple consumers are particularly vulnerable.

However, all cables have a hard life, and constant flexing and curling can wear them down. Another shortcut to an unpleasant charging experience is to use a random USB cable instead of the one that came with your phone.

The simplest approach to determine if a cable is faulty is to try a different one and see if it works with your device.

If it does, you know the problem was with the original cable. If it doesn’t, we’ve ruled out another possible villain.

Method 4: Diagnose a Dodgy Adapter

Check the wall plug adapter especially if the charging cable can be detached, if the cable doesn’t appear to be the issue.

After repeatedly plugging in and unplugging the connection, we’ve noticed that the USB port on several chargers becomes a little loose.

Also, see if the identical charger/cable combination works on a separate device to rule out the chance that the problem is with your device rather than the cable or charger. You could also check to see if your wall socket is working properly.

It’s also crucial to see if the charger and cable you’re using are compatible with the phone you’re using since this will help rule out the smartphone as the source of the issue.

In the case of the charger, certain models offer voltage and amperage combinations for specific models, which can cause the charger to not charge the mobile phone battery, or to charge it at a very sluggish rate if it does.

Method 5: Replace the battery

Batteries do not endure indefinitely, and after a few years, they begin to struggle to maintain a charge. The more you charge and discharge them, the sooner you’ll need to replace them.

If your battery fails after only six months, it’s most likely malfunctioning, and you should file a warranty claim for a free replacement; nevertheless, if the battery is older than two years, it’s most likely past its useful life.

Defective batteries start to bulge or leak fluid, which makes them simple to notice. Remove your device’s cover and inspect the battery if nothing else is evident from the outside (if you can; some devices have sealed battery compartments).

If the cover still won’t come off, try spinning the gadget while it’s on its back. A bulging battery will distort the casing; you may not see the bulge, but it may be enough to cause your phone to spin.

Get your phone to a repair shop and buy a trustworthy replacement if you feel your battery is swollen or leaking.

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Method 6: Charge from the Right Source

Because computers’ USB connections offer less power, charging from a wall socket will always be faster than charging from a PC or laptop.

A USB port can give double the power of a wall socket, while fast chargers can deliver up to five times the power.

As a result of all of this, charging times are substantially faster. So, if your phone is charging slowly while connected to a computer, that’s the issue.

If your wall charger doesn’t seem to be working, make sure it’s the right one for your device.

A charger built for a Bluetooth headset, for example, will not supply the same amount of power as one developed exclusively for smartphones.

You can have a phone that enables fast charging but a charger that doesn’t offer it in the case of newer high-end phones. Pay attention to the small print.

Method 7: Update or Rollback

Battery life can be harmed by software upgrades and new Android versions, especially when upgrading an older device to recent software.

Newer gadgets are frequently optimized to make use of the most recent software, whereas a device that is two years old may suffer when upgraded.

If this happens to you and you can’t figure out what’s wrong, consider reverting to a previous Android version, however, be aware that this comes with security risks and data loss.

In fact, some manufacturers do not even provide this option to customers. If you do manage to roll back, create a backup of everything on your phone before continuing.

Overall, the most recent software versions are always suggested to keep your device protected, and while the risk of keeping your smartphone on an older version is usually low, it’s worth noting.

In most cases, though, an update can greatly increase battery life and speed, so if you suspect you’re behind on your Android software version, go to Settings, and then About phone to check for an update.

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Method 8: Switch It Off

While charging your device, using battery-intensive apps/features will affect how quickly it gains battery life. If you’re charging while playing Call of Duty: Mobile at full brightness, the device will take longer to charge than if you switch off the screen, Wi-Fi, and 4G.

If you want to observe the fastest energy infusion, put your device in airplane mode or turn it off altogether while charging. Consider it as putting your device to sleep.

Method 9: Make Sure your Phone is Reporting Correct Battery Status

The battery level your device ‘thinks’ it’s at isn’t always correct. As a result, your phone may behave differently, such as reducing performance before it is required or taking an hour to consume the remaining two percent of the battery.

I won’t retype anything here because we’ve previously written an exhaustive guide on how to calibrate your smartphone battery.

But this is something to attempt before entirely discarding your dead power pack. However, before you believe otherwise, keep in mind that “calibrating” your battery does not miraculously extend its life. The procedure only verifies that the phone’s battery life is accurate.

Method 10: Check your Battery Pack’s Voltage and Amperage

Patrick mentioned this idea in the comments section below, and it can help you quickly identify a faulty cable.

Open the free Amperage app by clicking the link below. Connect your charger now, and the interface should turn green, with the text “measured” at the top.

If you don’t see this or nothing happens, it signifies your gadget isn’t getting any power.

This is also an excellent technique to determine which of your chargers is the most efficient.

Connect your various charge packs, including portable battery packs, to discover which has the highest maximum charge value or the highest average charge value (the app makes it fairly easy to get an idea of this).

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If none of the previous techniques work, your phone’s charging port is most likely damaged and needs to be repaired.

It is not recommended that you attempt to fix the phone charging port yourself. Forget about those DIY tutorials on the internet that claim to show you how to repair a phone charger port.

Your lack of understanding and skills in this area could cause further damage to your gadget. Visit a competent phone repair shop, such as Carlcare service, to have your cell phone charger port repaired.

Carlcare is a professional after-sales service brand with more than 2300 service centers spread over 50 countries. We are Infinix, Tecno, and Intel’s only official after-sales service provider.

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