How to Fix Roomba Clean Button Not Working?

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Roomba is a clever robot that cleans your floors by traveling around your home. It’s simple to set it up that all you have to do is completely map your home, which can take up to four hours depending on its size. Then, using the mobile app, choose which places you want it to clean and you are done.

Some users have reported having problems getting their Roomba’s clean button to work. Here are a few possible solutions for you to try in order to fix Roomba clean button not working.

Procedure to Fix Roomba Clean Button Not Working

Here, we will provide some solutions on how to fix the Roomba clean button not working. Read the below article carefully, and fix it:-

Solution 1: Check Batteries

Faulty or depleted batteries are the most likely source of this error. You must ensure that the LED indications light up after pressing the clean button. 

You will see a green or white light depending on which model you’re using. If the light on your Roomba does not turn on, try charging it again or replacing the batteries.

After replacing the batteries, you need to use the clean button to see if the indicators light up. If they don’t, something is wrong with the internal circuitry, and you will need to take your Roomba to a repair shop to have it addressed.

Solution 2: Hold the Button

Here, we will provide the details of holding the button, and this is another option is to press and hold the clean button for around 15 seconds before releasing it. A buzzer will sound, and a white LED indicator will light up at that time. 

After that, wait for your device to boot up, and then use the Clean button to see if it resolves the issue.

Solution 3: Power Cycle

For several consumers, you are merely restarting their Roomba to fix the issue. So make sure you give it a shot by disconnecting the power supply and then reconnecting it after about 30 seconds. You can also try resetting your device to resolve any small issues with your Roomba.

Solution 4: Reset Roomba

The reset option erases all data and restores the system to its default settings. By resetting the device, you can resolve the issue with the clean button.

The procedure is straightforward. To begin, make sure the Roomba is turned on by checking the LED indications. 

Then, for around 10 seconds, press and hold the Spot and Dock buttons at the same time. The lights will switch off automatically, and a beep sound will indicate that the reset is complete.

The device charged the Roomba in order to do a hard reset. Place the robot on its home base or connect the charger straight to the robot to accomplish this. 

Next, hold down the Clean button until the blue text ‘r 5Y’ appears. After that, press and hold the Clean button until you hear a beep. The reset is now complete.

Solution 5: Clean Your Roomba

Mechanical or touch buttons will be available depending on whatever model you purchase. It’s likely that some dirt got trapped behind the button if it has mechanical buttons and you are having difficulties getting them to work. 

To remove the dirt that is preventing the button press from registering, use a vacuum or a blower. Your button should then start working properly.

Solution 6: Clean the Electrical Contacts of the Roomba

It’s possible that if you don’t clean your Roomba’s electrical contacts, it won’t charge or dock properly. Because you’re working with electrical contacts, you must use the utmost caution.

Cleaning the charging contacts of the Roomba with a moist melamine form or a dry cloth is usually advised. 

Turn your Roomba on its side and gently wash the contacts. Do the same thing with your home base. We had to work hard to remove the crud, but after we did, everything was crystal clear.

Solution 7: Clean the Roomba Filter

Even if you don’t use your Roomba very often, you should always check the filters before each cleaning cycle because they might become clogged. 

This could cause the robot to overheat. As a result, its performance suffers. Remove the dustbin from the wall and remove the contents. Remove the filter before reinstalling it. 

The method for removing filters changes between iRobot generations. You can tap the filter against the trash can to remove the debris. You can also clean the filter using compressed air.

Solution 8: Contact the Supplier

If nothing seems to be working, we recommend contacting the vendor that sold you this equipment. Describe your problem and then request a replacement order. 

After that, you can also contact the customer service department of the brand to whom your equipment belongs. And then explain your problem in full and ask for assistance. 

This will ensure that you obtain assistance from a professional who will be able to guide you through the entire process. So, shoot them an email and see what they have to say.


Q:- Why is my Roomba’s clean button blinking?

Ans:- A software update is taking place if the clean button is blinking when on the home base. Before attempting to start the robot, wait for the upgrade to complete.

Q:- How do I reactivate my Roomba?

Ans:- If you have misplaced your Roomba and can’t find it, use the app to call it. You will be able to track it after that. 

On your phone, go to the iRobot HOME App and press the three dots in the bottom right corner. On the next screen, press the find button. Your Roomba will begin to play a melody, which you will be able to identify.

Q:- How can I tell if my Roomba has Wi-Fi capability?

Ans:- On the robot and the home base, look for the Wi-Fi indicator. Unfortunately, Roomba’s entry-level model lacks Wi-Fi capabilities.

Final Thought

To avoid additional damage, make sure your Roomba is in good operating order by cleaning it correctly and frequently. 

People who clean their Roombas frequently have been reported to be able to use them for years without any damage, but others have had to switch from one type to another.

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