How to Fix the SkyUI Error Code 5?

Here, we will teach you how to fix SkyUI Error Code 5 in this article. But, before we look for remedies, let’s have a look at SkyUi and see what causes Error Code 5 in SkyUI. Let’s get this started.

Overview of SkyUI

SkyUI is a formal User Interface modification application for Skyrim that includes a slew of new and improved features. It has a menu where you may configure the changes. The Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim is used in this mod.

SkyUI is the most sensible Skyrim mod User Interface. SkyUI makes it easier to use the user interface.

It may be used with both the mouse and the keyboard, and it takes up very little screen real estate.

Reasons Behind Error Code 5

Due to its countless mods, Skyrim provides a high-quality game. The SkyUI Error Code 5 appears to be a common complaint among users of this game.

When users try to open their favorite inventory or maps, they get an error. You receive the SkyUI error 5 notice. This circumstance appears to be critical, but believe me when we say it isn’t. Let us now investigate the causes and potential solutions.

Reason 1: Overriding SkyUI

A file that is overriding SkyUI could be the major cause of SkyUI Error Code 5. As a result, the user should examine the MCM warnings as well as the Data interface folder for any corrupt files.

Reason 2: No Master File

The second cause of SkyUI Error Code 5 is that SkyUI may not have a master file. As a result, error code 5 appears. When users attempt to launch the game and proceed to the mods menu. SkyUI comes to a halt.

Reason 3: The 60 fps Interface Mod

The 60 fps interface hack forces the interface to operate at 60 frames per second. However, it was designed to operate at 30 frames per second.

Solutions to Fix the SkyUi Error Code 5

The primary reasons for SkyUI error code 5 were described in the preceding section. We will now go to the solutions for SkyUI Error Code 5.

Solution 1: Overriding SkyUI

If a user downloads maps and inventory modifications, he should verify the warning in MCM as well as the data interface folder to discover the corrupt file, as previously stated.

If you detect any files that are loose or corrupt, remove them.

Solution 2: Cut Off the File from MCM

If something goes wrong with MCM and you discover any troubling files, then follow the instructions to remedy it.

  • Go to the SkyUi folder.
  • Move on to the Interface folder after clicking the Data folder.
  • Determine the file name that appeared in error messages.
  • Take the file from the interface folder and cut it out.
  • Make a backup interface folder somewhere on your PC/laptop, and paste the backup interface into it.

Note that you have the option of deleting that file; however, we strongly advise you to make a backup before doing so.

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Solution 3: Uninstall the Mod

As previously said, this problem could be the source of the 60 FPS interface, so follow the steps below to deactivate the mod.

  • Go to the place where Interface Mod was created. It has to be a zip file.
  • After that, remove the mod.
  • Reinstall SkyUi after removing it.
  • Also, make sure you have the most recent version of Skyrim Script Extender installed.


Q:- What exactly is an MCM?

Man Crush Monday is a term that is commonly used on social media sites such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. It’s most widely seen as the hashtag #MCM, which is used to tag people.

Q:- How do I get MCM to work in Skyrim?

MCM is part of the skyUI mod and may be accessed in-game by pausing and selecting the mod configuration option from the menu.

Q:- What exactly is the SkyUI user interface?

The SkyUI has a lot of development and advanced capabilities, as well as a configuration menu. Skyrim, on the other hand, has a large user base due to its game mods. Apart from that, it makes it easier to use with a keyboard and mouse, as well as more pleasant to look at. Recreate the entire interface in SkyUI, and you’ll have one of the most sensible modes of user interfaces.


To summarise, every problem and malfunction issue has a solution. Also, before going to a technical repair shop or even customer service, fixes are frequently tried first.

In most cases, an issue when utilizing a service is a huge disappointment, and the only way to fix it is to get a hack. Fixes for all types of mistakes, even technological ones, are available on the internet. SkyUI issues can also be fixed using the fix, which is also utilized in Skyrim.

With this essay, I hope you were able to easily address this issue. In the comments box, tell us about your experience.

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