How To Get Sponsored On Instagram?

Nowadays, everybody is using Instagram, it is being one of the favorite social media platforms for all. The cost of an average sponsored post on Instagram varies from the user who sponsored it or the number of followers they have. Many people use Instagram as their full-time career for making quick cash and earning millions of dollars. While on the other side there are people who struggled so much just to earn their livelihood. So, are you willing to earn money via Instagram by becoming an Instagram Influencer? This article will surely help you to get sponsored on Instagram. Brands look over a variety of things while searching for Instagram Sponsorship programs.

We share some of the tips to get hired for Instagram Sponsorship programs by Different companies. If you are thinking about how to get the best deals, you must have to create a brand on Instagram. Create such a username that’s creative, unique, and interesting. It is because the influencers on Instagram gain popularity and get more followers when they are consistent in something specific.

As it creates such content in which the followers are interested especially in a specific niche. So, if you are an artist, then share your artwork on Instagram via posts, and post what inspires you. If you are a tourist blogger, post about various trips, locations, tourist attractions, and all such things which are related to your niche. So, in whatever field you have expertise in, post about its relevant content on your Instagram account. In this way, followers know about you in a very attractive way.

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Tip To Get Sponsored On Instagram

Loyal Audience or Followers – Engage with them

The audience is an essential part of a brand. Having a loyal follower for the niche of your market is very useful for you. This generates more and more sales for your work as well as grows your personal brand.

Always try to target an audience that is consistent with your brands’ Story. Always reply to every follower you have engaged with the post by commenting on it. Even if you do not have time, just reply with a smile Emoji. When People send you direct messages, try to give them the best reply. You can use Instagram Stories for engagement by story-creating polls. This is one of the best ways to do it. Remember to engage with your followers and people who like your posts and engage with you consistently. You must have a dedicated audience for gaining Instagram sponsorship for both small accounts and large social media influencers.

Attractive Profile To get sponsored on Instagram, you must have the best Instagram Profile. As it is the first impression whenever someone comes to your profile. Pick such a unique photo that makes you approachable to your audience.

You can even use the Instagram color themes on the Instagram feed for making your profile unique. Always make sure to clearly define the purpose of your profile, and who you are in the profile. As people who follow you must know about yourself. always include the contact details like email address and links in your bio.

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Post Consistently

Consistency is the Key to Success; we all are familiar with this fact. Same this fact applies to Instagram also. Post on Instagram Daily. As Posting once a day increases the chance of getting more followers and big deals.

So, if you plan to post multiple times on the same day, make sure to post them after a time interval so that the posts don’t compete with each other. As if you are not posting routinely, then people will forget about you and may unfollow you. In addition, the Instagram algorithm puts you in featured content if you are posting regularly and frequently. As it is the organic way to gain more followers and engagement to your posts.

Depending on your brand or niche, you can choose the appropriate time for posting on Instagram. To know about it, you can use Instagram analytics for figuring out which days and times are best for you to post. So, you can create your posting schedule according to Instagram analytics.

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Use Hashtags, Geotags, and Brand Tags

You can use these three tags for getting your post more discoverable to the users. Hashtags, Geotags, and Brand tags are so powerful that you can get sponsored on Instagram with 1000 followers or more.

Using the hashtags in the Instagram Posts can lead you to gain a 12.6% increase in post engagement over those people who don’t use any tags at all. But forgetting the engagement you must need to use them correctly. The best hashtags are those which are relevant to your brand as they are directly related to your posts.

You can use approx. 30 hashtags at one time, but ideally you have to use 10 hashtags per post. The hashtags which are used millions of times are more competitive. If you use generic hashtags like #instabooks, #instagoods, this will make it a lot harder for getting noticed. So, try a combination of those hashtags which have not been used so much.

Geotags are most popular for local brands and businesses to get engaged with your profile. Whether someone is interested in a particular location, then using geotags will surely help you a lot. So you will gain more followers from the particular location using geotags and acquire a certain amount of the location-based audience. Start by using smaller brands as they use fewer tags to gain attention.

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So, in this way you can create a strong brand with a unique way for acquiring the right audience and design such an attractive Instagram profile which must be necessary for getting sponsored on Instagram.

For getting brand deals you should have to explain to them who you are and what you do. You can show them your relevant data, like follower counts, engagement rate, and other insights. Always demand a reasonable rate for making promotions, you can decide the rate according to your profile potential and what you should deserve as the discussion related to this should be open.

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