How To Know Who Viewed My Facebook Profile?

In this article, you will learn how to know who viewed your Facebook account or profile.

Since people have got their hands on the apps like LinkedIn, where they can see who has seen their account profiles, they want Facebook to add this feature. Most people have always desired to know who viewed their Facebook profile even if they do not know some apps give these features. 

Facebook never wanted to give this feature, said many people. However, due to the Cambridge Analytica scandal and privacy concerns made, Facebook had to agree to provide features where you can see who viewed your profile. However, lots of people claimed that Facebook shares its data (their information) with third parties. Hence, it requires to have more powerful privacy control.

Can Somebody Know Who Viewed His Or Her Profile?

Though, Facebook was always against disclosing these types of features to people. However, because of the crucial events against the company, Facebook allows users to access it. Yes! There is now a feature that lets you check who viewed your profile. 

This new feature shows who did visit your profile monthly. Additionally, you can see who did view your recent updates and posts. There is no direct access to this feature because Facebook has kept it deep inside your privacy settings. However, it is given to the iOS app at initial. 

Know Who Viewed Your Facebook Account with help of iOS Facebook App

who viewed your fb iOS

Go to your main menu dropdown that most people call three lines. Navigate to the privacy shortcuts, and look for the privacy check-up feature. There, you can see an option of Who Viewed My Profile?

However, Facebook has still not declared official if it is going to add this feature permanently to all people, or it is just an experiment. There are some arguments that this feature is available in the month of April only. 

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Access This Feature From Android Facebook App

Like we discussed, the feature works for only iOS users nowadays, and we do not have any ideas when it is open to all. So, Android users have to wait until the official announcement from the company. It is because the company has only launched the feature for iOS users.

However, thousands of Android users Google about how to check who viewed their profiles. They have easy access to third-party apps that help them checking who viewed their profile. So, users install these types of apps and link their Facebook accounts with them.

Manually Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

You can do laborious work and manually check who did visit your Facebook profile recently. However, the process is very lengthy and tiring. We have given step by step guide so that you can perform this manual task to check if anybody had visited your Facebook profile recently or not. 

➤ Open any of the web browsers from your PC or laptop.

➤ There, you require to login on to Facebook with the help of your username and password.

➤ Land to your Facebook profile page by selecting a profile icon.

➤ From your Facebook home page, press right-click on your mouse and click on View Page Source. The source contains HTML codes.

➤ If you have a windows PC, then press CTRL + F, or else Command + F for Mac users.

➤ Copy and paste the code to the search bar. Code:- BUDDY_ID.

➤ There are thousands of numbers you can see once you perform this step. All these numbers are Profile IDs of your Facebook friends who have recently visited your profile.

➤ Now, open a new tab and paste any of the profile IDs after Do this like IDs. (Remove -2 followed by each IDs).

➤ Enter the press button of your keyboard, and wait for the results. It will show a Facebook profile of users who have recently visited your profile. Do not forget to keep logged in while performing the task.

There are multiple profile IDs, and you can check individually every visitor and their profiles. This process is lengthy, but you can exactly check who has visited your Facebook profile.

Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile? A Controversial Trend

According to most statements from various people, sources, and arguments, you may never know who viewed your Facebook profile. However, it is the most famous FAQ regarding Facebook. Users do not like it if they do not have privacy control of their Facebook account and profile. 

Third-party Apps To Check Who Viewed Your Facebook Profile

Some third-party apps allow users to see who viewed their profiles. Users only require to install these apps, and they have easy access to their profile views. Countless apps guarantee you to give you full access to the profile views. Still, it not possible if you can see who exactly viewed your profile.

We never recommend you to install third-party apps. It is because if Facebook has never added a feature to check who viewed your profile, then how many other platforms could help you in seeing it? It is like a scam, and you let scammers play with your Facebook community profile.

However, we suggest you report these types of apps to authorities before you give access to your Facebook profile to these apps. These apps can never be genuine, and you can not trust them anymore. 

Why Would These Apps Market Like This?

Many apps provide fake functions, and users think they can see who viewed their profiles. They do not have ideas that these apps work for many reasons. Let us describe the motives of these apps.

Apps sell your data to the marketing and advertising agencies by knowing your interests and preferences.

These apps can have malware that infects your phone, browser, apps, computer, and you do not have ideas about what they can do.

These apps help hackers to access your Facebook account, changing-password, and to post anything they want.

They access your credit card details, debit card details, bank details, payment app details, and any types of payment environment.

Save Yourself And Others From This Fraudulent Act

It is your duty as a Facebook user to protect your account and spread awareness for the same to users. Report third-party apps through the following steps to avoid any hackings, traps, misleads, to protect the Facebook community.

  • Go to settings in your Facebook app.
  • Navigate for apps and websites and type app names.
  • Go to view and edit, and select Give Feedbacks. 
  • Select the issue and apps that you want to report and hit Next.

It will finish the reporting actions in a few moments.

Final Words:

Did you get the proper answer? We explained how to know who viewed your Facebook profile. In this article, we covered that Facebook has recently added this feature to the iOS app. So, Android users can wait for further notice. However, if you think any third-party apps promise you to let you check who viewed your Facebook profile, then you must report it before you link your Facebook account to any third-party apps.

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