How to Make a Projector Screen at Home? (Step By Step Guide With Tips)

Are you one of those people who love to do some creativity at home? If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. Here today we will discuss how to make a projector screen at home.

Making a projector at home is art so if you want to know what things will be needed if planning to make a projector screen at home but have no clue how you can make it or other stuff then don’t worry.

After reading this article not only you will have a basic idea but also you can make a projector at home. Because in this article I will tell you step by step How To Make A Projector At Home.

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What is a Projector?

Projectors are basically a device which helps you to watch movies on a bigger screen without having a television. The best thing about a projector is you can set them anywhere you want.

The only thing you must have is a screen.

Why Do You Need a Projector At Home?

Most of us love to watch movies on a bigger screen, therefore, we go to the cinema hall. RIght? But due to covid, we are not able to go out and watch movies in cinema hall so that cause you can make a projector and enjoy movies on a large screen.

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Here are 5 ways to make a Projector at home:

1. Simple Cardboard Projector screen:

This is one of the simplest ways to make a project at home without any much hard work or any technical skill required.

You think will be needed which is given below:-

  1. A large cardboard box (the larger the better but you don’t have bigger then you can take smaller as well)
  2. Spray paint (white is best or you can choose any color as per your choice)
  3. Hanging strips

The larger Cardboard will have it will increase screen size not only that but also you will enjoy it most. So if you have cardboard at your home it’s great but in case you don’t have then you can buy it from scratch.

You may get there as big as you want. So simply bring it home and cut it in a square shape for good looking.

Once you are done with the above stuff, simply spray it with your desired color. After coloring let’s leave it for at least 6 hours to get it dry completely. My recommendation is white color because in the white color you will enjoy real emotions.

When all things get done you hang it with hanging strips on a flat wall.

Tips: Flat walls should be because they will increase your overall experience.

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2. Wrapping Paper : 

This is also a very simple and easy process. You can get it done with help of your brother, sister, or spouse. In this process, you will need some small things which are normally available at our home, like a sensor, a tape or screw, meter tape, and some free space ( if you are going to make it large)

First of all, take the meter tape and take the actual size of the wall where you want to install it. Once you’re done cut the wrapping paper according to that size.

Make sure to do it very carefully. Why am I saying this because it’s wrapping paper so you can easily get wrinkles, creases on the paper? Which will ruin your overall experience.

So I hope you are done with the above steps. Now Cut the tape and put it on the corner of the paper and roll it down.

You can put tape on 4 corners if you are using a smaller size but in case if you have a bigger size then you have to use tape on Left Corner, Middle, and Right Corner. Same like all around the paper to avoid any wrinkle on the paper.

Tips: Use tape carefully to avoid any wrinkle or crease on the paper. Because once you get any crease on the paper you can’t get rid of it easily and any crease will definitely destroy your experience.

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3. Roller Shades:

If you don’t want to put any effort which is told above then I am sure you will love this method. This is one of the simplest or I must say readymade ways.

All you need is :

  1. White roller shade


  1. Installation hardware
  2. An electric drill

Simply buy a While roller shade which you can buy from the local market or online.

Then drill into the wall with a drill machine and hook with screws. It’s a permanent solution you need to open when you don’t use it. Just fold it and unfold it when you want to.

Tips: Buy the best quality roller shade to get a proper view of your videos and install the shade carefully because it needs a drill machine that runs with electricity so use proper caution before using it. 

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4. Wood Frame Mountable Frame

If you have spare time and want to do some creativity and make Projector DIY then you will love it this way. It’s quite simple and easy to make it. You need some objects to make it.

Some of them are generally available at home if not then you can buy them from the local market.  You will nee following ideas : 

  • Pine boards
  • An electric drill
  • Screws
  • L-brackets
  • Blackout fabric
  • A stapler, scissors, and a measuring tape

Once you have all the things simply decide the area you want to install the board. I can suggest the best place to install you. Simple choose plain and without any objects on the wall.

These kinds of places will be the best for you. Now take the measuring tape and take a measurement of how much area you want to use. Cut the pinboard accordingly.

Now strike with blackout fabrics or you can use a stapler. When the frame is covered by fabrics then you are almost done. Simply drill it with a screw.

Tips: You have to be extra careful doing this because any mistake can bring wrinkles on the board and surely which will affect your overall experience.

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5. Simple Painted Theater Projector Wall

If you have a free wall at your home, then I’m sure this method will work for you. Simple you need some color to paint the wall.

Once you are done with the color then let it dry for 12 hours. That’s all you need for this.

Tips: Your entire wall will be used for this and your need to paint it. 

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Conclusion :

Making Projector at home is an art. If you have spare time and you love to utilize the time you have, this article will surely help you to make a projector at home.

In this article, I shared the 5 best ways to make a Projector at home so I hope you like it so then you can share this article with your friends and family to make them understand too. If you have any questions or suggestions about this simply write a comment.

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