How to Stream Sky Go on Roku? Step-by-Step Guide

Sky Go is one of the Sky group’s best on-demand television services. It’s provided free of charge to Sky TV subscribers who can watch live and on-demand Sky TV using a web connection.

Sky Go offers a variety of on-demand shows, including movies, TV shows, and much more. Sky Go for Roku is not always available. You must duplicate the Sky Go app from your phone or computer.

Streaming services have become the most well-known kind of entertainment these days. People of all ages are watching their favourite shows on their preferred devices.

One of these streaming options is Sky Go. The Sky Go app’s compatibility with mobile devices is restricted.

If you’re interested in watching Sky Go on a big screen, we can help. Roku is the most well-known device for streaming your favourite apps. We’ll go through how to stream Sky Go on Roku in this article.

Overview of Sky Go

Sky Group is the creator of Sky Go, which was created to help people with their content. Clients of Sky TV are fortunate.

Because they might be able to gain free access to Sky Go. Sky Go provides access to Sky Channels from a variety of categories, including Movies, Sports, News, Kids Channels, and so on.

Sky Cinema Family, Sky Sports Main Event, Sky Witness, Sky Nature, Sky History, Sky Documentaries, Sky News, and so on are among the channels available. Sky Go is available for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Desktop users.

Steps to Install Sky Go on Roku

If the Sky Go app is available for Roku, you can immediately install it on your device. However, it is no longer available.

It’s also possible that it’ll happen in the future. If this occurs, you should follow the steps outlined below:-

  • First, you need to connect your Roku device to the internet.
  • With your Roku remote, press the Home button.
  • Get into your Roku’s Streaming Channels.
  • Then seek the Sky Go app in the Roku app store and select it from the results.
  • Now, after that, you need to select the Add Channel option, and it will be installed on your Roku.
  • Begin streaming by logging into Sky Go with your Roku credentials.

How to Stream Sky Go on Roku

Sky Go can be accessed on Roku by using the display mirroring technique and following any of the processes listed below. Because Roku doesn’t guide sideloading apps, you can’t even sideload Sky Go.

  • Cast Sky Go on Roku from Android
  • Mirroring Sky Go on Roku from iOS
  • Cast Sky Go on Roku from Windows Desktop
  • Mirroring Sky Go on Roku from Mac

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Method 1: Stream Sky Go on Roku Using Android

To get on Roku from Android the use of the display mirroring method, get at the side of the steps:-

  • Sk Connect to the internet using your Roku device.
  • On the Roku remote, you need to press the Home button.
  • On the Home Screen, go to the option of Settings.
  • Select System from the Settings menu.
  • After selecting the Screen mirroring mode, select the Always Allow option.
  • Connect your Android phone and Roku device to the same WiFi network now.
  • After that, you need to select the Cast option from the Settings menu.
  • From the notification panel, you can also select the Cast icon.
  • After selecting your Roku device, click the Start Now button.
  • Open the Sky Go app and start betting on any video. It was visible on the Roku TV screen.

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Method 2: Stream Sky Go on Roku From iOS

From the App Store, get the Sky Go app for your iOS device. A few of the most recent Roku devices support AirPlay.

So you may connect your iPhone or iPad to the Roku and view it on the screen. The following are a few Roku accessories that may help with AirPlay.

  • Connect your iOS and Roku devices to the same WiFi network.
  • To access the Control Center, swipe right all the way down.
  • Select Screen Mirroring from the drop-down menu.
  • Select your Roku device from the drop-down menu.
  • The Roku application may mirror your iOS display screen.
  • Start streaming the video with the Sky Go app.

You’ll need to utilize the Mirror for Roku app if you have an older Roku device. Check out our detailed guide on how to display screen replication on Roku.

Method 3: Stream Sky Go On Roku From Windows Desktop

Follow the steps to connect to your Roku from your iOS device using the display mirroring method.

  • Allow your Roku and Windows Desktop to connect to the same WiFi network.
  • Select Chrome as your browser and add the More options icon to your Windows Desktop.
  • After you’ve decided on the Cast option for your Windows Desktop, select the dropdown next to the Sources option.
  • To percentage the entire display, you should use the Cast Desktop option.
  • A list of all available gadgets near your Windows Desktop could be created. Choose your Roku device from the list.
  • Along with your Roku, your Windows Desktop display is shared.
  • Enter the Sky It will be shown on Roku if you go to your Windows Desktop without leaving Chrome open.

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Method 4: Stream Sky Go On Roku From Mac

Get to the side of the steps if you’re replicating from a Mac.

  • Complete all of the required actions.
  • Turn on your Mac and Roku, then connect them to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • On your Mac, select the Airplay icon from the menu bar.
  • The list of available devices will now appear on your Mac’s display. Choose your Roku device from that list.
  • Your Mac’s display, as well as your Roku, are now shared.
  • If you use Sky Go on your Mac, it will automatically play on your Roku.

Last Point

Sky Go is the online streaming service for Sky Channels and on-demand entertainment. It’s free for Sky TV subscribers, as previously mentioned.

Others will have to pay to gain access to Sky Go. It’s not difficult to get Sky Go on Roku. That is something you have realized.

The above educational materials will guide you through the deployment and flow of Sky Sports.

We promise that the aforementioned method works flawlessly, and you can start watching Sky Sports in just a few minutes. Share your experience in the comments section below.

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