How To Update Apps On Vizio Smart TV?

In the present scenario, everything was updated from time to time whether it’s an electronic device or another technical device. As we know how fast things are gone and innovations are coming up. There are infinite features still to be added to the existing technologies.

Previously there were only phones that became smart by adding various features like camera, internet connectivity, touch screen sensor, fingerprint sensor, capable of running youtube and other apps, and many more. By adding on these smart features the phone is changed from a simple device to a multitasking device and known as a smartphone.

The same applies in the television world. They are also adopting new features and becoming smart devices. But as in a smartphone we have to update the phone or apps to get the latest version of new add-on features. However, we are familiar with how to update apps on smartphones. But in terms of the smart TV, there is a little bit of a different procedure and many of the users don’t know how to update the apps. In this article, we discuss updating the apps on Vizio smart TV.

Vizio offers two types of smart TVs; VIA (Vizio Internet Apps) TVs & Vizio Smartcast TVs. But if you want to update the apps on Vizio, you can do it only on VIA Smart TV. You cannot update the apps on Vizio Smartcast TVs.  So as you don’t update apps on Vizio Smartcast TVs but you can cast content from the smartphones to your TV.

Let us discuss how to update the apps on Vizio smart TV.

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Steps to update Apps on Vizio Smart TV

  1. Firstly, Turn On your Vizio Smart TV. And connect it to internet connectivity.
  2. Now, using the Vizio smart remote, press the V or VIA button. Look on your Smart TV screen, you will see the Vizio app store.
  3. On the app store, select the app which you want to update with the help of the Vizio smart remote.
  4. After selecting the desired app which you want to update, press the yellow color button on the remote.
  5. Here you will see the Delete or Update option. If the Update appears then click on the Update option using your Vizio smart remote. the selected app will start updating to its latest version.
  6. If you don’t see the update option, then you will delete it from your App Store and reinstall it again to get the latest version of the app. For this when you select the app, the two options that you see on the screen are Update and Delete. In absence of the Update, option-click on the Delete option and confirm your permission by pressing the Yes button, then press OK.
  7. Now, go back to the Vizio app store with the help of remote buttons. Navigate to the same app which you uninstalled from Vizio smart TV and install it again.
  8. This reinstallation of the same app will allow you to download the latest version of the deleted app.

Another method – Steps to update the app on Vizio Smart TV

  1. Firstly, Turn On your Vizio smart TV, make sure it is connected to an internet connection.
  2. Now, go to the settings option using the Vizio Smart remote.
  3. Here in the settings tab, choose the System option.
  4. Under this system head, choose to Check for Updates using the arrow buttons of Vizio smart TV.
  5. If Vizio smart TV finds new updates they will ask you for confirmation. Select the Yes option so that when a new update is available all apps will be updated in Vizio Smart TV.

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Manually update new firmware – Vizio Smartcast TV

In the Vizio smart cast tv, you need to manually upgrade the firmware for this you need a USB drive within 15 minutes.

  1. Firstly, turn on your Vizio smart tv, and make sure to have a good internet connection.
  2. Now go to the settings option on your Vizio smart tv, here choose the Systems option.
  3. In the systems, the menu checks the firmware number which is under the version.
  4. Now, go to the Vizio support website and download the latest firmware of your model.
  5. To get this go to the website and select support then enter your TV model number and get the latest version of your firmware.
  6. Now rename this downloaded version file as “fwsu. img”. It will make your firmware an image file.
  7. Now copy this file and paste it to your USB Drive.
  8. Turn off your TV and insert the USB drive into the Vizio smart TV.
  9. Now turn your TV On, there will be a blue light-emitting that tells you that the TV will get the USB along with the firmware image file.
  10. Now when the blue light gets off, power off your TV and remove the USB drive.
  11. Then again restart the TV, go to its settings, go to the systems, and check the version number so that you make sure that you are running the latest version of the firmware.

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Updating apps on Vizio smart TV is one of the most searched queries by Vizio users. In this article, you will get the ways with easy and simple steps to update apps on Vizio smart TV. However, you can not update or add apps manually on the SmartCasts TV.

But you can update the Smartcast TV to its new firmware so that you will automatically get the updated apps. But there is no manual option to update the apps only on the smart casts TV. I hope you will understand the above-mentioned ways to update the Vizio smart tv apps.

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