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Welcome to this blog, I’m here now with a new interesting article Guess what? Yes, the content is on how to add and view Dailymotion on Roku? Are you exploring various reliable ways to get Dailymotion on Roku? Then you are in the correct place. So, let’s go through the article.

Dailymotion is one of the best and popular video-sharing platforms all over the world. It is developed by a French company named Vivendi. Millions of videos are daily uploaded and watched every day on Dailymotion. Also, the number of users and creators is growing every day. Also, its content is available in 25 + languages, which makes it more popular as it is easily understandable by peoples of various regions. That\s why its users want to have Dailymotion on Roku.

If you are a Roku user and you also want to enjoy your every day with lots of videos, songs, and other multimedia at Roku. The most beneficial thing about Dailymotion is that it permits you to watch the videos for free of cost without requiring any subscriptions at all.

It additionally allows live streams and content from people throughout the world. All you want is to have a free account to reach the features of this app. You can enjoy your time with content like comedies, videos, songs, sports, and much more to search. It’s one of the most popular opponent apps against YouTube.

So, from these above-mentioned details, you know what exactly Dailymotion is. It’s a very enjoyable video platform like YouTube but it is not available on Roku, Roku does not offer to download Dailymotion and add it to the Roku Channel Store. On the device, you cannot even sideload the Dailymotion app. So, how to stream it on your Roku device?

You can only view Dailymotion on your Roku tv via screen mirroring or casting screen. This is the only option to view Dailymotion on your Roku Device. for screencasting you are required to download and install the DailyMotion app on your Mobile device and If you are using a computer or laptop then you have to launch it on your Google Chrome browser.

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For screen Mirroring/ Screencasting using an Android Device

Download the Dailymotion app on your mobile and follow the steps written below

Step 1: First of all, start your Roku device and connect it to the HDMI port of the TV.

Step 2: In the Roku player go to settings, then Network, and check whether your phone and Roku device are both connected to the same network or WIFI connection. If not then connect both to the same wireless connection.

Step 3: Also, in the settings go to the system, then go down to the options screen mirroring, and make sure that the screen mirroring mode is selected at the prompt.

As in the prompt option whenever you connect any screen mirroring device to the Roku, you just need to press OK for acceptance of any other device for casting mirror.

Also, in some Roku players, there is another option available that is “Enable Screen Mirroring” So click on that.

Step 4: Now let’s move to the Mobile device to start the mirror casting, so in the mobile device go to settings.

Step 5: In the settings, go to Bluetooth and device connections, then go to connection preferences.

Step 6: In this connection preferences option, go to the cast, make sure your mobile and Roku device have the same internet connection, here you will find the Roku player popping up in the options select it. So that our device can communicate with the Roku Player.

Step 7: Now in our Roku a dialog box will appear with a confirmation message to allow the device for casting. Here click on “ALLOW”.

Step 8: Now it takes some time to get it into the screen mirroring.

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For screen mirroring using windows, you should follow the steps mentioned below in the same appropriate order.

Step 1: First of all start your Roku device and connect it to the HDMI port of the TV.

Step 2: In the Roku player go to settings, then Network, and check whether your Computer and Roku device are both connected to the same network or Wifi connection. If not then connect both to the same wireless connection.

Step 3: Here enable Screen mirroring on Roku as mentioned in the steps written above.

Step 4: Now for screen mirroring using a computer, open the Google Chrome browser.

Step 5: Go to the official page of Dailymotion on your browser.

Step 6: Here you will get access to the Dailymotion video streaming platform. also, provide login details if required and log in.

Step 7: Click on the three dots that appear at the top of the right corner of the browser, click on the “cast” option.

Step 8: It shows the sources available for casting

Step 9: Select Cast TAB from the sources.

Step 10: Click on the Roku Device from the list shown.

Step 11: Click on allow in the Roku Device if the confirmation message will appear for casting. After a while, the window will connect to the Roku Device, and shows all the content of Dailymotion to your Roku TV.

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Besides being one of the most popular platforms for video sharing it’s a very bad thing that it is not available on the Roku TV. This is the main issue that it isn’t available on Roku and also no way to download the Dailymotion on Roku. so, the only way to watch Dailymotion on Roku is by using screen mirroring/ screencasting from a Phone OR a PC. And that is not good for Roku as many are upgrading it to some other devices.

So in this article, we have mentioned all the step-by-step guides to watching Dailymotion on Roku via Screencasting. I hope you will find this content useful and can easily access Dailymotion on Roku TV using these methods.

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