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Are you a new Instagram Influencer in town worried about how much can I earn from my Instagram Posts? Or a business trying to hire the best Instagram creators that will lead you with a successful marketing campaign. For both of the purposes, you can’t do much with yourself from your Instagram Account.

That is where these Instagram Money Calculators play a role. These calculators let you estimate your average per post earning from your Instagram account. This will help in preparing a proposal for your Instagram Marketing Campaign. Not only these tools help you estimate your earnings also they will let you know some important metrics.

Metrics that are important to you are the number of followers, estimated reach, estimated post impressions, engagement rates, total posts, etc. If you are a business you can also use these tools to hire the best creators by analyzing these metrics. You just need to have the Instagram ID and that’s it rest these tools will work for you.

In this article, we have curated a list of the best money calculators available online. And if you are concerned about how I’m gonna use them, then don’t worry we have covered that too. So let’s begin our list without wasting a single second.

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Best free Instagram Money Calculator available online

#1. influencermarketinghub.com/instagram-money-calculator/

This is the best Instagram Money Calculator you can use to analyze various metrics that will help you in your marketing or advertisement campaigns. This tool will help you analyze no. of followers, no. of average likes, no. of engagement rates, estimated earnings per post, Audience Interest. You can also go for a premium version by subscribing to Hyperaudit. To use the Calculator use the below steps.

Steps to use Instagram Money Calculator

  1. Launch your browser on your desktop and enter influencermarketinghub.com/instagram-money-calculator/ to launch the calculator.
  2. After loading the Calculator page, scroll down to Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator and enter the Official Instagram profile id in the Input Search box.
  3. To start calculating either hit enter or click on the Search icon.
  4. A new window will appear just below the Input Search box.
  5. Go check all the metrics stated above.

That’s how simple it is to use this tool. But why we kept this tool in No.1 place. The reason is that this tool also provides you other tools to Inspect Fake Instagram followers, Follower Growth Tracker, Compare a Micro-influencer vs. Celebrity Engagement Calculator, Free Instagram Hash Generator. You just need to scroll down the page and access these tools too. Let’s quickly jump onto our next calculator.

#2 inzpire.me/instagram-pricing-calculator

This is another one of the best tools you can use for your marketing or advertising campaigns. Using this tool you can calculate metrics like estimate price, no. of estimated reaches, no. of estimated post impressions, no. of total posts, engagement rates vs. Instagram benchmarks, no. of followers, Estimate Story Impressions. To calculate all the metrics, just follow the below steps

Steps for using Instagram Money Calculator using inzpire.me tool

  1. Launch your internet browser and enter inzpire.me/instagram-pricing-calculator in the address bar and hit enter.
  2. From the home screen scroll down to the Instagram Pricing Calculator.
  3. In the first Input text box Influencer’s Instagram username enter your Instagram profile name or the influencer’s Instagram profile name.
  4. In the next box enter the number of posts for which you want to publish.
  5. If you want to publish stories then in the next box enter the number of stories.
  6. After completing all the details hit enter or clicks on Calculate button.
  7. All your metrics will appear on the screen.

That’s how simply you can calculate all the metrics required for your proposal. Let’s quickly jump on to our next money calculator.

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#3 igface.com/instagram-calculator

This is yet another easy and simple tool you can use as an Instagram calculator. Though it didn’t provide many detailed metrics like the above two, it let you know the numbers of total subscribers, number of total video posts, Max earnings per post, minimum earnings per post, and Engagement Rate. Follow the below steps to use this tool.

Steps for using igface.com Instagram money calculator

  1. Launch your web browser and enter igface.com/Instagram-calculator into the address bar to launch the web tool.
  2. From the home screen of the calculator scroll down to the Instagram profile search bar.
  3. Enter your Instagram Profile username or Creator’s Instagram profile username and hit enter or click on Search Icon.
  4. All the metrics stated above will appear under the search input box.

That’s how you can calculate various metrics using this tool.

#4 ninjaoutreach.com/instagram-money-calculator

Ninjaoutreach.com tool is another tool you can use to calculate various metrics for your or your Influencer’s Instagram profile. You can use this tool to calculate the number of followers, numbers of average likes, Engagement Rate, Estimated earnings per post. You can follow the below steps to calculate all the metrics.

Steps to use Ninjaoutreach.com Instagram Money Calculator

  1. Launch your internet browser from a desktop and enter ninjaoutreach.com/instagram-money-calculator into the address bar to launch the calculator.
  2. From the home screen of the calculator scroll down to Enter your Instagram Username input box.
  3. In the box enter your Instagram profile username or Influencer’s profile username.
  4. To access the details either hit enter or click on the Search icon.
  5. All the metrics will appear under the Instagram Profile Search Section.

See, how simple it is to access all the metrics you required to calculate Instagram money estimates.

#5 hypeauditor.com/en/free-tools/instagram-money/

This is another simple tool you can use to calculate some of the important metrics. This includes Estimate Post price, number of follower counts, and Engagement Rates. The free version gives a you minimum of details but yes if you go for a Premium side this tool can definitely beat above alls. To use the tool follow below simple steps.

Steps to use Hyperauditor Instagram money calculator

  1. Launch your web browser and enter hypeauditor.com/en/free-tools/instagram-money/ to open the calculator.
  2. Scroll down to Free Instagram Money Calculator Input box and enter your Instagram Profile username or Influencer’s Profile Username.
  3. Hit Enter or Click on Check to calculate the metrics.
  4. All the metrics will appear under the input Search button
  5. From here you can also download the complete report by subscribing to a premium version.

That’s how you can use this tool to calculate Instagram metrics and money.


In this article we have talked about the best Instagram Money Calculator you can use to estimate your earnings from Instagram or spending if you are business. We have curated this list by using and testing various calculators available online. In case you find it difficult to use them or find a new tool that works best, don’t shy to comment on it in our section below.

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