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Top 10 Live Streaming Apps For Android and iPhone

Top 10 Live Streaming Apps For A

Top 10 Live Streaming Apps For

Streaming of apps helps people and brands to be connected socially with their followers and friends. So in this trending world live streaming has become more popular you can be connected directly with people through good connectivity of the internet. It effectively helps the companies for the betterment of sales and can be connected directly through the live broadcast.

This feature now is on mobile applications so that people can be directly connected anywhere in the world.In this blog mainly the live streaming apps which are for both android and iPhone are being explained in detail. We have tried to cover all basic information regarding live-streaming apps. So here we go…..

Best Live Streaming Apps For Android and iPhone


Live streaming app mobile software which is owned by Twitter. It is an American live video streaming app. The services are available on mobile applications.

Periscope can choose whether they are interested in making their video public or not or available for the number of users with whom they want to share. It also allows viewers to send heart as the symbol of appreciation by tapping on the mobile screen.

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It also allows you to go online from anywhere suitable for people. It is free of cost but consumes a lot of data. This feature also allows users to comment on the videos and at that time can also share their location.

Videos can be searched by the viewers with certain location features provided by periscope. It is available for 24 hours as an Instagram feature. Both individuals and businesses can take benefit and can share any unique content. Periscope live streaming also allows you to see the viewers who are watching the video and you can also follow them and even you can save the video so that it can be watched later. It also provides a privacy feature you may either choose public access or only share with some closed ones.


As we all know twitch is mainly the live streaming platform that can be accessed on IOS, Android, desktop, mobile. It Earns 10million users on a daily basis.

Twitch is created for the purpose of gaming. By having an account on twitch you can get regular updates streaming about the gaming field, mainly followed by the gaming people or signed by the people interested in gaming.

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After signing on twitch you are able to see the gaming videos, tournaments, events on this platform.


This is considered as one of the main and important in the field of live streaming. This can be accessed on both the platform IOS and android.

Live stream helps you in getting notified about the live videos from the people you are following and mutuals can also be found on the same platform or watching the same live stream.

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There is a particular area for finding the live stream of a particular category like music, video, cartoons, movies, and related to any field you can find the live stream on that area.

There is also the option given to the user that during the live stream you can also flip the camera as per your own requirement.

During the broadcast, you can also upload the picture by giving information about the proper caption which is related to the video and can also comment or reply to other viewers.


This is also the live streaming app for both the platform IOS and android. It is mainly on the basis of subscription.

If you have access to this app or after signing up, you need to pay the given amount on a monthly basis, on a yearly basis, or per session. This is for business management. If there are sessions of management on an hourly basis, users need to pay on a per session basis.

As we discussed in periscope the same feature is there in this streaming app that it allows viewers to comment which helps in connecting with the users and which works easier.

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However, there is one more feature pay-per-view as the name directly explains the meaning that it is charged on the basis of video viewed by the user.

Stream now has also made their access in payment option about which we all have heard PayPal payment so that the payment can be made globally.


As we all know that Facebook is not to serve the purpose of social networking platforms.

Before this feature of live streaming was only available to some people like actors, businessmen.

Now, every user can use live streaming as per their requirement. During the video on the bottom side, you can see the viewer’s list watching your live streaming. It can be watched on both the web and also Facebook apps.

It also provides the privacy feature like if you only want you can only share with the friends or can make the video public.

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When you will start the live streaming you will see yourself then as per the privacy you can change it immediately.

On live streaming you can apply the different filters, text you can use during the videos and can also change the options for the camera ( front or back).


This feature was added on Instagram recently, and if you are unable to find the feature you can update your app.

When you tap on your profile there are many options being provided and from there one of the options is live video, choose the option and you can go live.

Viewers can like and comment on the live video. If the account of Instagram is private, only the people who are being added can only see the video and can like and comment on videos.

If the account of Instagram is public, anyone who follows or not the particular account can see the video and like, comment on the live streaming videos.

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It also provides one more feature on Instagram live video, that on the right side of the screen there is a pop-up heart, you can use it while watching the live video.

After the live video ends you can save it on your story and can be viewed for the 24hours. So anyone who hasn’t seen the video or was unable to can watch it from the story later.


Broadcast me is the live streaming app available for free to both android and IOS users.

It uses a multimedia server that supports RTMP for proper functioning.

Using this app it provides you with the greatest feature that it can be broadcast live on any social media network.

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Now, broadcast me provides you with free access you only have to pay a one-time payment which will offer you lifetime access.


It’s generally a new live streaming application available. It’s for the individual who doesn’t like to enjoy live streaming publically with posting live videos.

The second you download Alively it gets truly simple to share the live streaming with the people who are available in your contact list.

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In this app when any live streaming video is being uploaded it directly gets saved to cloud saving.

Alively guarantees they offer great streams by deferring broadcast to 30 seconds. This way watchers can get more clear pictures.

The best thing however is anyone can watch the live video who is on the contact list, after that installing the app is not needed. The videos can send through SMS which directly gets played from there with original quality.

#9. HANG W/:

This live streaming app is free for android users and for other users. It is mainly for the people having the highest followers such as celebrities, influencers.

We can say that this app is useful for the one who is deciding to make their future in this field who wants to be professional in live streaming.

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It is way much similar to Twitter. On which the views, personal thoughts can be shared.

The live video can be seen by anyone, even the person not following the account, and can comment or can reply to the reviews.

There is limited privacy in this live streaming app.

#10.  YouTube live streaming:

YouTube live streaming supports both webs as well as smartphones. All you need to do is verify your phone number and make sure your channel has good subscribers before you qualify for live streaming on YouTube. To stream on YouTube live open the app and tap on the upstream icon on the top right and go live.
It will verify to finish the verification process by doing the on-screen steps. Then you can share the streaming link of YouTube live on Facebook or any other place. While streaming live on YouTube you can control the mic, camera, and other settings.

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We have discussed the best live streaming apps for both android users and IOS users. To get detailed information about the apps and accordingly choose wisely the app which will be beneficial for use.

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