The 3 Methods to Help Tell Your Brand’s Story

There is a lot of competition out there these days and standing out is not always easy. The best way to make sure that you can build a loyal customer base is to have a well-defined brand. The most important aspect of that is to have a unique story. It is a way for a potential customer to find a connection with your brand and want to become loyal as a result. A brand story is a way to create fans and not just customers. 

When this campaign to tell your story is successful, it will open a door to more revenue and lots of growth for the company. It isn’t a complicated thing to pull off as long as you have a few basic ideas understood. In this article, we will go over some of the ways that you can do this. 

1 – Use video

Video marketing is crucial these days as it is one of the few things that grab people’s attention. Without it, your story will not be able to be told as nobody will see it. There are various ways to use video and each method will depend on your company and your intended audience since different platforms attract different demographics. 

For instance, direct mailing is great for certain target audiences when you use a video brochure since you can reach some people who are not using Youtube or social media. You also have the chance to get a captive audience since it lands literally in their hands. 

Otherwise, you should definitely use Youtube if that is where your target demographic is spending their time. Since Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google, it makes sense that you should have a presence there. 

2 – Have a hook

A catchphrase, a style, or a mascot. Those are all types of hooks. These are the things that grab somebody’s attention right away and help you get your story across. If you don’t hook them into your content within seconds, they are going to forget about you very quickly. 

When you have an element that captivates them at first glance then you will have their attention long enough to be able to tell your story. What type of element is going to work best for your hooks depends a lot on what the company’s identity is. 

It needs to be relevant to the image you want to portray so the hook should fit within that structure. 

3 – Deliver on the idea

Your hook should get their attention, but delivering on the promise of the hook is the way to get them to consume the content. This means that the hook has to preview what is to come so they don’t feel misled by it. 

Make sure to have a consistent message to get across so that the entire story is what the viewer expects to see if they decide to keep watching. Otherwise, they will back out and will likely not trust any further attempts at getting their attention. 

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