Places Where You Can Mount Car Phone Holders While Driving

Car phone holders allow you to go hands-free. In today’s time, they have become a need and important tool for modern drivers. Car phone mounts are also ideal for following GPS navigation. But where should you mount the car phone holder? Read on to find out where you can mount your device and which mounting option is an idea for you.

1.  Dashboard

The dashboard is ideal for those who live in states where the ban on phones on windshields has not been lifted. You can mount the smartphone holder onto the dashboard by using adhesive glue.

Some phone holders come with a magnetic dish that secures your phone onto the dashboard. The magnetic disk is compact and can hold the weight of many sizes of phones.

2.    Windshield

The windshield allows you to keep your device at eye level. It allows you to see the device while keeping your eye on the road. However, this position can block your view and is banned in many states and countries.

If you want to place the hands free cell phone holder on the windshield, you need to make sure it is not blocking the driver’s view.

3.  Cup holder

If you want to use a tablet or some other large gadget, the smartphone holder attached to the windshield, air vent, or dashboard cannot bear its weight. This is where you go for a cup holder mount.

A cup holder mount is ideal for heavy and large gadgets. The base of the mount is firmly attached to the cup holder, and the weight of your tablet is evenly distributed. 

However, your device will not be in your sight, and you will have to look down to see it while taking your eyes off the road.

4.    Air vent

The air vent is a great place to install your hands-free smartphone holder. The cradle security feature attached the phone to the air vent for optimal and full-angle viewing.

There is no need for an adhesive or suction cup. But before you purchase this kind of car mount, check the ventilation, heating, and cooling of your HVAC system.

Make sure your HVAC is compatible with the smartphone holder. Some HVAC systems do not allow a smartphone mount to be installed onto the air vent, as it can obstruct the airflow and cause damage to your HVAC system.

5.    CD slot

There are some smartphone holders that only attach to the CD player in your vehicle. However, CD slots are not present in all car models. If your vehicle does not have a CD slot, then this is not the type of smartphone holder for you.

The bottom line

Car smartphone holders are the need of the hour and used by thousands of drivers worldwide. This device has changed the way people drive and their life for the better.

You can now answer and make calls, play music, follow the GPS without holding the phone in your hand. This ensures that your eyes and focus stays on the road. It allows smoother driving and protects you and people around you from accidents and collisions due to distracted driving.

As mentioned above smartphone holders are easy to install and can be attached to different surfaces such as the windshield, CD slot, air vent and dashboard according to your needs. If you do not have a smart phone car holder then you need to get one right now.

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