Top 10 Best GPS Apps for iPhone Without Internet of 2023

Are you looking for the best GPS app for iPhone without internet? If yes, then you have come to the right place. GPS navigation app is the most popular apps among all the apps, which is used by almost everyone.

A reliable without internet GPS navigation app can be a genuine lifeline when you find yourself in a place with a spotty cellular data connection. By using these apps you can also save your money on data roaming fees when traveling abroad, so here we are selected top 8 Offline GPS navigation apps for iPhone.

10 Best GPS Apps for iPhone without Internet

Google Maps

Google Maps provide such a strong exhibit of features that many people won’t have to look any further than the Android default. Along with the multiple view options, traffic updates, route details information and more option, that you’d expect from a self-regarding navigation app, Google Maps truly offers about everything.

If you want to use Google maps without internet or offline, you will need to download territory maps that you want to use in advance. If you do this, you don’t get those traffic updates anymore, as they need a connection. Google Maps also has an ability to download the multiple territory or areas to your iPhone and to use Google Maps in “Wi-Fi” mode when you a spotty network connection.

It additionally now allow you to store maps on your external SD card, freeing up some space on your iPhone. In case you’re not driving, it offers up cycling, walking, and the public transport alternatives for getting you to your destination.

CoPilot GPS

CoPilot’s GPS App is good for drivers, but if that’s what you require, then it’s almost certainly got the features you are searching for- however, they don’t come free. All things considered, they do, but only for 7 days, then, you will require a premium subscription to keep the access for all features.

If you do not prefer, you can still use offline mapping and turn-by-turn navigation without pay, but you just get the 2D version of maps, & you will be a loss of a couple of different features too. Paid users get 3D mapping. In the full version of the app, their sheer assortment of customizable route & alert options is amazing, if conceivably a touch of overwhelming for a few. There is really a possibility of using walking routes, but it is not the primary purpose of the app.

MAPS.ME is designed for offline functionality. The GPS app boasts comprehensive coverage of the areas worldwide, without internet searching and GPS navigation. Company, services and the various points of interests are also markets throughout. app is updated regularly by the OpenStreetMap community. Contributors to open source project make sure that app stays fresh. Although is free to download, it does contain ads.


Walking is apparently the most ideal way of how to explore a city & find its facts and charms. GPSmyCity app enables you to conveniently access large numbers of travel blog written by travel writers & locals from worldwide. With only a couple of clicks, you can plan an independently walking tour & use this app turn-by-turn navigation to guide from one point of interest to another point. The best part is that everything is functional in an offline mode, so you don’t have to have to stress over roaming fees when you find yourself in another destination.


TrailLink is portrayed as a definitive trail finder app for all outdoor enthusiasts. The description is absolutely not misdirecting. With more than 30,000 miles of multi-use trails, thousands of trail reviews, descriptions, photos, and detailed trail maps, TrailLink is the main application for biking and hiking that you have to require to keep installed on your phone. Unfortunately, offline maps will set you back USD 1.99 for 3 Maps, USD 3.99 for 7 maps, or USD 7.99 for 15 maps. In case you are an avid biker or hiker, you can likewise buy 12 months of unlimited offline map downloads for USD 29.99


Mostly well known GPS Apps can get you from point A To Point B. The distinction is how they do it. Some are not easy to use and diverting, while others are intended to get you to your destination easily. HereWeGo falls into the latter category. The developers have concentrated primarily on city navigation, making a modern GPS navigation app with turn-by-turn direction, open transport data, and exact offline maps of more than a hundred countries around the world.


MapFactor is unpaid GSP app that provides you access to offline maps from the OpenStreetMap along with frequent updates & turn-by-turn navigation. Hence, this will be confirmed they you can easily reach your destination offline or without an internet connection. Normally, this GPS app is very simple and easy to configure for the users & provides voice instructions in various languages too.


Navmii offers people an accurate direction offline, you don’t need any data or internet connection. Navmii app features a voice navigation system that provides you with a voice guided turn by turn navigation along with the constant verbal updates about the name of a street you are crossing. Additionally, you can perform a search for the local area that is powered by What3Words, TripAdvisor, and Foursquare.

BackCountry Navigator

BackCountry Navigator App is especially geared for backpackers & hikers, it features are offline map support, map marketing for seeing tracks, topographical, and planning hikes. This GPS app comes bundled with the bunch of maps that helps you from using data while traveling. this app is highly reliable & effective where it is tough to use internet connection.


OsmAnd has access to OpenStreetMap data which can be installed to your iPhone for without internet usage. and if you do not want to store the maps, you may also use mobile internet to access them. Particularly, most of the vital feature of the OsmAnd app is the cycling & walking routes. Included navigation features such as voice instruction & re-routing.

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