Top 10 Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Education

The 21st era is called the technological era. Technology has brought massive changes in every field. It helped everyone to do their task within a fraction of seconds. In every field, we can see the touch of technology. Whether it is the industrial, economic, business or educational field, there is no field which is not touched by the technological changes.

Technology has brought massive changes and developments in each of these fields. Considering the educational field teachers use modern technologies in the classroom. Classrooms are now digitalized and developed by accepting modern technological skills and techniques.

The teacher uses technological devices and tools to present their lessons and concepts. It has helped to develop an interactive session in the classroom and have improvised the educational system.

Technology has brought several benefits to human life and encouraged everyone to reach out the idea of perfection. Technology is used in different ways. Some use it in a positive way and others use it negatively.

[highlight]Top 10 Advantages Of Technology [/highlight]

Motivates Students Learning

The teaching-learning process is not a single-handed subject. It is the interactive session between students and teacher. In olden days teacher used textbooks and other materials and it was somewhat boring and never had a deep impact on student’s real life.

Now teachers use modern technological devices which attract students. When the teacher uses technological devices, it increases the concentration power of students. In olden days they just focus on studies and don’t entertain other activities in the classroom. But after the use of technology teacher adopts new methods in teaching which motivates and encourages students to learn as well as to participate in activities.

Provides information

Students can get all current and latest information by using new technological devices. They often need more information sources for their assignments and projects. In such a situation they can use the web browser and other modern technologies which will give them more information about the particular topic. Not only that they can transfer information from one classroom to another with the help of electronic devices.

Promote individual learning

It helps the students to learn without any disturbance and they can read whenever they are free and comfortable. Students often find it difficult to follow the teacher’s instructions. They may not able to go with the speed and language of the teacher.

Technology enabled students to hear all the lecturing again by recording it. Using a tablet they can read from wherever they want. They don’t even have to carry any textbooks with them. They can watch the videos of online classes on their tablet. These technological advancements are extremely useful to the disabled students. Sometimes are not able to follow the lectures completely. Such students can learn individually at their own pace by using the latest technology.

Make Classes More Interesting

In recent days, use of modern technology in classrooms has made the teaching-learning process more interesting. Earlier, teachers have to read textbooks and dictate notes. But now classrooms are digitalized and the usage of computers and other electronic devices have made the teaching process much easy.

The teacher can show videos, pictures, and movies related to lessons and particular topics. Thus students will get a real-life experience which will help in a deep understanding of the topic. New methods and techniques adopted for teaching will make the learning process more interesting.

Students will develop a love for their subjects and they will be able to learn it more quickly. By using a technology teacher can introduce group activities and encourage students to participate in them.

Prepares the Students for Future

The 21st century is considered as the technological era. Upcoming years will be more focused on technology. Every work and skills will be based on technology. Being well educated about the technological aspects will help students to face all the challenges of future life. In every field, importance will be given to the person who is an expert in the relevant technology. So by using technology in the classroom now itself, we can make students ready for future life.

Technology is something which keeps changing its phase. Training students to understand the basic aspects of technology will help them to learn about new technologies very faster. Now in every profession, we can see the influence of technology. So if they learn basics in their academic life then it will be very useful in their future.

Stress Relief

Technology can be used as a mode of stress relief by the students. When the students feel stressful in the process of learning they can use technology and other smart devices as their stress relief formula. It is used for entertainment which relaxes their mind and helps them to focus on studies again.

Connects With another Country

Technology will help students to connect with other students who are far from their country. They can have an interaction session with the other students and will be able to understand the education system of that country.

Indulge In Different Online Activities

Students can improve their learning ability by indulging in different online activities like writing blogs and sharing their creative work. It will encourage students to read and think more. If they get applauded for their writing then it will be like a cherry on the cake. They will gain confidence in their ability.

Teacher Can Apply New Ideas

By using modern devices in the classroom, the teacher can bring some interesting changes in planning the curriculum. She can include not only textbooks as teaching material; she can use other smart techniques to make the teaching process more interesting. It will make classroom smart and students will focus on their lessons.

Encourages Distance Learning

Distance learning is a way of enhancing education. People can learn while being in a profession. They can educate themselves and acquire graduate and other degrees by studying in their free time. It helped those who are not able to study in their particular age so it really encouraged those who want to complete their education. By acquiring more educational qualifications people are able to get a better profession

[highlight]Top 10 Disadvantages Of Technology[/highlight]

As we list out the advantages of technology we have to focus on the disadvantages of technology too. It’s like two sides of a coin. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Following are some disadvantages of technology:

Decrease the Importance of Teacher

When teacher use technology and other technological devices its natural that teacher moves into the role of mere instructor. It naturally decreases the importance of teachers. So it’s really a big challenge for teachers. As we all know the learning process is incomplete without the involvement of the teacher. So by using technological devices in the classroom, students may think that teachers are not needed and they can learn from technological devices.

Good Handwriting has Vanished

Technological devices like smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets have replaced the use of pen and paper. So, as a result, the importance of good handwriting will be decreased. Students do not have the handwriting of good quality because they do all works by using smart devices. They adopt technology to learn faster and to do their work quickly without wasting their time and energy. But in other hands,  they lose their natural handwriting skill.

Depend too much on technology

Students depend more on technology and its techniques. This will not give any importance to their ability and skills. Once they get a topic they will go straight to Google and will collect information and related ideas without thinking their own ideas and thoughts. They will be like slaves to technological devices. More they use technology more they lose their own creative thinking and ideas. They will completely depend on technology. It’s useful but when we use it more, it will slowly kill a student’s creative thoughts.

Health problems

Students and youngsters use computers, Smartphones, tablets, and other technological devices extensively. This will cause many health problems. Symptoms like blurred vision, irritation of eyes and computer vision syndrome in extreme cases. So lack of using technological devices in a limited manner causes health issues which can even become worse.

So we can say prevention is better than cure. Generally, students do not pay much attention to the discomfort regarding their eyes. They will feel it as natural. By the time they realize its seriousness, it will be too late. So it is always advised to use technological devices in a limited way.

Disconnect Students from the Real World

In research, it has been found that students spend more than 8 hours a day on technological devices. They will completely ignore the real-world relationships. They have lost touch with the real world. They give more importance to their social media friends rather than the persons who are near them.

It seems like they are addicted to technology. At first, they will use it for educational purpose. Slowly they will use it for social networking which will bring negative effects on their educational and personal life. So whatever merits and demerits they can obtain from technology depends on the way in which they utilize it.

Quality of information will be questioned

Students can get all types of stuff in one click. But they can’t identify whether the news is real or fake. Students may be misguided and given false information which will have a negative impact on them. So they must be able to understand and identify which is real and which is unreal.

Technology may Divert the Interest of Students

When a teacher uses new devices and technology while teaching we can’t predict the flow of students interest. They may not focus on studies or lesson. They may just show interest in seeing videos and pictures. So the outcome of using technology in an educational institution can’t be predicted.

Increased isolation

Continuous use of technology by students has kept them away from their relations. They do not take interest in interacting with people who are around them. Instead, they spend more time on smartphones and other technological devices.

Interacting with people will help in the behavioral development of students. It will enhance their intelligence and social skills. But their complete dependence on technology has isolated them from society and impacted negatively on their social and creative skills.

It will cause Traditional Libraries to Vanish

In recent days, digital libraries have dominated traditional libraries. Softcopies of each and every book are available on the Internet. So they do not have to search in libraries to obtain textbooks. By having a smartphone or tablet in hand they can get access to the textbooks at any time they want. They do not have to take the burden of carrying such heavy textbooks. Though it is a good change, it may lead to the vanishing of our traditional libraries.

Book reading habits will be reduced

In olden days students used to read a lot of books and it has contributed to the development of their creative thoughts. It has even helped to improve their diction in writing. But now they rely on web browser and technology for reading books. This will result in reducing the habits of book reading.

Technology makes our work easy and helps to complete it without wasting time. But at the same time, we should not be addicted to technology. We must always use technology to a limited extent. We can obtain several advantages in technology. But we should never allow it to become a hurdle for the development of our skills and real-world relationships.

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