How Technology is Changing the Way We Learn

Technology is a broad door that is opening up new opportunities for learning, removing the boundaries of the classroom and redefining the way we think about education. The new world of e-learning is connecting people around the world and giving them the tools that they need to take in knowledge at any capacity. From elearning security courses, to audio enhanced coursework, technology is turning the industry of education upside down. How is technology transforming the way we learn? Let’s find out. 

Tech is Everywhere

We have never experienced an age of such technological advancement as we do now. Everything we need can be accessed on a device the size of our hand and new generations expect technology to be part of everything they do. Furthermore, the recent pandemic and subsequent health restrictions proved just how vital online learning is, to enable learners to access the information they need whether they can congregate in person or not. With technology transforming nearly every aspect of our lives, it’s logical to conclude that it would elevating education too. In fact, it is estimated than more than one in four college students are part of at least one online class. Demand for online education is only increasing, and it is expected that the eLearning market will exceed 379 billion dollars by the year 2026. There are various big trends appearing in the field of education technology and it’s empowering educators to vastly improve the experience of their students while also reducing the responsibility on their own shoulders. 

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What is E-learning?

E-learning is the process of using phones, laptops, and computers to deliver educational material. With such versatile tools in use, the potential truly is limitless. Teachers can implement animations, podcasts, videos, and other interactive elements to make the whole learning experience a lot more fun and collaborative in nature. E-learning has many benefits that make it easy to see why the trend is growing – it’s cost effective and easily customisable just to name a few. When the educator can shift their focus from repetitive tasks to actually engaging with the students, the whole experience will be a lot more enjoyable and productive. 

A Tool for All Ages

There is no age that cannot be benefited by e-learning. Programming on television can be educational in nature and it has been proved that it can help young children to develop both their social and learning skills. Kids that have the opportunity to watch education TV before they go to school, or can participate in online learning programs, get higher grades, less aggression, and have a great appreciation of academics than others their age. 

Similarly, there are many benefits to be found for adult-learners too. For many, with busy schedules and heavy responsibilities, full degree programs are not an option. This makes online alternatives an essential. Adults can continue to learn, grow, and progress in their careers by taking part in upskilling courses to help them add more useful strings to their bow. Furthermore, statistics show how important upskilling truly is. Roughly 40 per cent of workers will need to be reskilled in six months or less and an overwhelming 94 per cent of business leaders expect their employees to continue learning and pick up new skills on the job. 

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E-Learning in the Workplace

When it comes to education in the workplace, an e-learning solution may be just the tool you need. When security training needs to be updated, consider an interactive online course that helps learners to remember and prepare for the dangers they may experience while using technology. For new staff and employees, showcase the futuristic view of your company by delivering onboarding training through an e-learning platform. What are the benefits of implementing e-learning in a business? Consider just a few:

  1. E-learning is cost effective. Rather than renting out a facility, paying an educator for their travel, losing your staff to a full day course, covering their expenses… choose the cheaper option and get them to complete their training virtually. 
  2. E-learning is efficient. Time is precious and you will waste less time when you have a dedicated e-learning tool at your disposal to teach what you need people in your business to know.
  3. E-learning is successful. Employees thrive when they know how to do their job well. Empower your staff to do their best and achieve their full potential by giving them the opportunity to improve their skills and learn new ones too. 

For many fields, training is a regulatory must. There is no way around it but to educate your staff. With this in mind, you will want to do all you can to train your employees in the best way possible and evidently, e-learning is the way to do it.

The Future of Education Technology

There are promising things developing in the field of education technology, pointing to an even brighter and advanced future. Artificial intelligence is beginning to play a role as it can provide individualised training to each learner, giving them the attention and support that one teacher in a room of students cannot provide. Additionally, immersive learning is beginning to be introduced, with augmented and virtual reality enhancing the interactive nature of a study topic. In this way, students can be 100 per cent engaged in the class as the lesson envelopes all of their senses and make the subject come to life. 

Clearly, education is coming on leaps and bounds thanks to the ever-growing power of technology. Stay ahead of the game by utilising this tech in your own learning environments. It will enhance the experience for all students, whether that be children in kindergarten learning about numbers or adults joining in a diversity training course. Whatever the topic, whatever the age, technology is paving the way for education to become more inclusive, more accessible and a great deal more interactive. This improved experience will make the knowledge learned even more precious, enabling adults and children alike to face whatever challenges they may come across in the future.

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