Must Watch Tech Shows on YouTube TV

You can find fantastic technology insights and updates on YouTube. Tech YouTubers make it simple for you to grasp and experience various aspects of technology, from smartphones to laptops, gaming to software. However, with the vast number of tech YouTubers, it might be challenging to discover the ideal ones to follow. Here’s the best place to get information about tech trends on YouTube TV.

#1 Marques Brownlee

Must Watch Tech Shows on YouTube TV

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, has amassed 13.8 million subscribers on his tech channel where he reviews the latest gadgets. At just 21 years old, Marques earned the title of “one of the best technology reviewers on the planet right now” from a Google VP and established a strong presence on YouTube. His videos exude Marques’ humor, infusing a charming personality into the already incredibly detailed and intelligent content. Alongside these, the channel offers easily digestible Top 5 lists and Q&As. Occasionally, Marques incorporates comedic sketches centered around current technology and news.

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#2 Justine Ezarik

If you’ve spent some time on YouTube, you probably recognize IJustine. She became famous for sharing her massive 300-page iPhone bill when she switched to AT&T. After vlogging for a long time, she made a significant shift to unboxing videos on YouTube, quickly gaining a larger following. Ezarik’s videos are both fun and informative, showcasing a variety of gadgets that you’ll want to add to your wishlist. Forbes recognized her as one of the Top 10 Tech Influencers in 2017, and she continues to create content that focuses on the latest tech releases today.

Must Watch Tech Shows on YouTube TV

#3 Judner Aura

You should definitely check out Judner! He’s a people person, just like his username suggests. He tackles tech in an easy-to-understand and relatable way. His content isn’t just limited to new laptops and tech accessories; he also tests out work-from-home setups, smart nurseries, and everyday essentials. Despite his YouTube fame and access to high-end products, he remains focused on consumers and answers the questions we all have. Over the years, there has been a significant improvement in the production quality of his videos. So, before making any investments, make sure to watch his reviews!

There is no guarantee that any of the cutting-edge tech series in the shows listed will not be available. Although we are talking about future tech, we run into old, annoying restrictions based on the region of residence. In many places, certain shows, movies, series, or music are not available. To bypass YouTube TV location, you can use a VPN. This is a modern answer to old challenges for marketers.

#4 iJustine

Since its start in 2006, iJustine’s YouTube channel has been an exemplar of achievement, boasting a remarkable 7.08 million subscribers today! With various content, from product reviews and cyber hacks to the innovative Vlog University program that imparts tech vlogging skills, iJustine transcends the ordinary YouTuber. Additionally, she has guest-starred on renowned shows like Law & Order, The Vampire Diaries, and Criminal Minds.

#5 Android Authority

Must Watch Tech Shows on YouTube TV

The Android Authority YouTube channel has become a treasure trove of Android information for its 3.3 million subscribers, originating from the Android Authority website. The YouTube channel features reviews of the latest Android devices, guides, Android app reviews, and weekly roundups. With a range of presenters and reviewers, you’re sure to find something to enjoy if you’re interested in Android.

#6 UrAvgConsumer

Judner Aura considers himself an “ordinary tech enthusiast” who evaluates uncomplicated gadgets, smartphones, PCs, and peripherals. His channel has attracted a subscriber base of over 3 million due to his authentic viewpoints and relatable insights as an everyday consumer. Videos like “Tech that you can actually afford” contribute to Judner’s persona as an “average guy.” His content frequently focuses on affordable tech that is both practical and accessible to the majority of consumers.

#7 MrWhoseTheBoss

You run the largest tech channel in the UK, with MrWhoseTheBoss boasting over 6.8 million subscribers. Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, and Business Insider have all commended you for your contributions to YouTube’s tech content. Your videos mainly consist of smartphone reviews and comparisons. The camerawork is excellent, and the channel has a professional setup, except for some obviously humorous sections. All of this comes from a man who studied economics but possesses a clear passion for tech.

#8 Unbox Therapy

Unbox Therapy, the dominant tech channel, boasts a staggering 18 million subscribers and a vast library of more than 2,000 videos. As you can imagine, the channel offers an extensive collection of unboxing videos.

The channel’s catchphrase, “Where products get naked,” holds true to its word. Every video presents viewers with a comprehensive peek into the inner workings of various products, ranging from LG screens to folding smartphones. Oh, and let’s not forget about gel blasters.


You can keep up with technological advances by following those at the forefront of these trends. If you like technology or want to get the most out of life, these shows will help you. They have it all: reviews of new products, technology breakdowns, analysis of current and future trends, etc.

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