How to Program Cox Remote to TV?

It’s an eyesore to have so many remote controls strewn over the sofa, chairs, and tables. That isn’t even close to describing the shambles. Today we will provide the details of how to program Cox remote to TV.

The toughest part is trying to obtain the proper remote in time to make the necessary settings so you can have a good time watching TV. 

It is unlikely that you will have a great time. Especially if you’re a dedicated customer who owns appliances from the same manufacturer, then most of your remote controls will appear almost identical, making getting your hands on the proper one at the right time more difficult than it needs to be.

Steps to Program Cox Remote to TV

People are often intimidated by the phrase programming, believing that it necessitates a thorough understanding of how devices and remote controls work. 

However, this isn’t the case. The procedure is straightforward and user-friendly, allowing anyone to complete it. You do not require the assistance of a specialist. 

Simply read the directions and do your best to follow them. You might make a mistake once in a while, but it isn’t enough to discourage you. In no time, you will be able to identify your errors, rectify them, and connect all of your devices.

Using Device Code Entry

Each device comes with a four-digit code that can be used to pair it with the Cox universal remote. The procedure is as follows if you know your device’s code:

  1. Turn on the television.
  2. The TV key must be pressed and released.
  3. Next, simultaneously press and hold the select Mute keys on the URC8820 and the SETUP key on the M7820. Hold down the desired mode key (TV) until it blinks twice. Then you can let go of the button (s).
  4. Next, enter the device’s first four-digit code option. The selected mode key should blink twice if the code is correct.
  5. You must aim the remote at the TV and hit the Power button once when the key blinks twice. When the TV turns off, you’ll know the procedure is finished. Automatically, the right code will be saved.
  6. If the TV still won’t turn off, repeat steps 2–5. Until you get it right, try entering a different 4-digit code each time.

As you can see, programming a Cox remote is quite straightforward. It will take you very little time if you have the correct code. Finding the proper code, on the other hand, can be difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there as well.

Finding the 4-digit Code

Here’s how to locate your four-digit code:

  1. Turn on the television.
  2. Press and hold the select key keys at the same time until the selected device key blinks twice, then release the buttons.
  3. When you press and release the TV key, the Device LED should remain illuminated.
  4. Press and hold the SELECT key on the remote while pointing it at the TV. Patience is required. It’s possible that you will have to continuously press the select key for more than a minute. In the interim, the remote control will search the whole set of codes for your TV.
  5. You can release go of the Select key once the TV has turned off. Automatically, the right code will be saved.

If you are using a Cox Cable M7820 remote instead of the URC8820, use the procedures below to retrieve the 4-digit code and pair the remote.

  1. Turn on the television.
  2. Press TV, then SETUP and hold it down until the selected mode key blinks twice, then let go of the button.
  3. After that, dial 9-9-1. If the TV blinks twice, it’s time to go on to the following phase.
  4. Press the Power button on the remote once while pointing it at the TV.
  5. Then, one or more times, push the CH (or CH-) button until the TV goes off. Don’t worry if you miss the code while pressing CH. Simply press CH- once or again until the TV turns on, indicating that you have entered the correct code.
  6. Finally, press SETUP one more to secure the code. When you’re done, the TV key should blink twice.
  7. The remote is essentially put into search mode as a result of this procedure. Starting with the most common, the remote transfers IR codes stored in its memory to the TV.

The remote is essentially put into search mode as a result of this procedure. Starting with the most common, the remote transfers IR codes stored in its memory to the TV.

Simply replace the key for the TV on the remote with the key for the device you want to program if you’re looking for the code for your DVD players, etc. 

And then repeat the steps outlined above. You will be able to locate your 4-digit code in no time. Then all you have to do is program the remote and you will be able to easily control your gadgets while watching Cox TV.

Programming Your Cox mini-box Remote

The preceding instructions are quite common. These should work with the majority of Cox remote controls. 

The programming process is slightly different if you have a Cox mini-box remote or a Cox Contour 2 remote. As previously stated, the remotes you receive may differ depending on which Cox cable TV plan you have. 

This is also influenced by your geographic location. Whether you’re using the RF3220-R or 2220, here’s how to use the mini-box remote:

  1. Wait until the Power LED blinks twice while pressing and holding the SETUP button.
  2. Next, press and hold the POWER button, as well as the applicable DIGIT button for your TV brand.
  3. Aim your remote at the device you’d like to connect it to. Keep it in your hand until the TV turns off.
  4. You will know the configuration was successful when it turns off. If, on the other hand, you only hear one long blink, the process has failed and you must repeat the steps.

Programming your Cox Contour 2 Remote

It’s very simple to program your Cox Contour 2 remote. The XR15 and the XR11 are the two voice remotes that Cox TV currently offers. Follow these simple steps one by one for the XR11:

  1. Remove and activate the PULL tab on the back of the remote. You’ll see that the Status LED blinks four times in green. It will take a few seconds for the remote to turn on.
  2. Turn on the television as well as the set-top box.
  3. Hold the Setup button down until the Status LED changes color from red to green.
  4. After that, press the CONTOUR button and follow the on-screen directions to input the three-digit code that appears.
  5. The pairing of your remote and device is complete if the 3-digit code is accurate. If not, double-check that the 3-digit code is entered wrongly.

Follow the steps given below for the XR15:

  1. Remove the PULL tab on the back of your remote to activate it. Wait for the blue Status LED to blink three times. It will take a few seconds for the voice remote to turn on.
  2. Turn on the television as well as the Contour receiver.
  3. Start by pressing the VOICE COMMAND button and following the on-screen instructions.
  4. When the process is finished, your Voice Remote will be ready to use.

Cox Cable guarantees that you have access to online resources for all things Cox. There is a wealth of information available online, and if you need immediate assistance, you can always call Cox Customer Service.


Q:- What is the procedure for resetting the Cox remote?

Ans:- Simply press and hold the SETUP button for three seconds, or until the light color changes from red to green. Then type 9-8-1. The LED light should cycle two times. If it does, your remote has been reprogrammed.

Q:- What happened to the Setup button?

Ans:- The button’s location changes from remote to remote, but it is properly labeled for its customers, so you should have no trouble finding it.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it. We’ve gone over the basics of configuring your Cox remote control. As you can see, the procedure is straightforward and highly gratifying. 

This hard work will pay off, so make sure you get everything set up and running as soon as you sign up for a Cox package, connect your cable connection, and activate your Cox TV subscription.

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