How to Survive Your First Day in Rust

Are you struggling with your gameplay in Rust? First of all, it is not surprising at all that you are facing difficulties in Rust. The game is designed to make it impossible for the players to have an easy time, so you cannot seriously expect to get even a second of respite in your gameplay. As soon as you start the round, you will be standing someplace alone with nothing to your name and no sense of direction. This is truly what makes it so popular among survival game purists.

If you want to survive this game, make sure you figure out everything from scratch. However, we understand that this can be a little too extreme for many players; that is why the following are some tips that can help you survive your first day in Rust. Get rust hacks and follow these tips carefully, and you will surely see major success.

Use the stone in your hand to collect more resources.

If you have started even one game of Rust, you already understand your character’s situation. At the beginning of the game, you are not only naked but also only have a rock and torch with you. Now, if you are spawned during the nighttime in the game, then our advice would be to quit the game and try again after ten minutes or so. Playing your first day during the night can be brutal, so it would be best if you do not even try it.

Your first target is to get out of the location, find some trees and use the rock in your hand to collect some wood. You would also need to collect some stones as well. These essential resources can help you create tools like stone pickaxe and stone hatchet, which you can use to collect even more resources later in the game.

Rush to a safe place

Once you have collected the earlier mentioned necessary resources to get started, you need to rush to a safe place. This way you can easily make sure that you would not be downed by other players of the game. Once you have found a safe place where you can build your home base, you aim to do just that. You might need to do a couple of runs to collect stones and wood to set up even a simple base.

Now one thing you need to remember while constructing your home base is to ensure that it is in a remote area, far from traffic and hotspots, and hidden from any wandering eyes. You would not want the players to simply surround you to either take you out or loot your base. This would also be the place where you respawn in the future, something you need to consider while choosing the right area for your base.

Start collecting barrels and crates.

Rust is all about gathering resources and collecting them to build other bases and increase your chances of survival. To that effect, the next thing you need to put your gaze on is the barrels and crates. These crates contain essential commodities like money, tools, weapons to even scraps that you can use for your gameplay. Even if you have to make a detour for them to collect them; do that. You never know what you may get from those barrels and crates.

Upgrade your base

Once you have set up a base of operation and collected all the necessary tools and gadgets to get started in the game, the next step is to upgrade your home base. Regardless of how great a location you have chosen for your base in Rust, you will face attacks from enemy players. It is a simple fact, and you can do nothing to prevent that. The only thing you can do is to prepare yourself and your base to handle any possible attack.

You can quickly secure your base by adding some spikes on your roof or doorstep, as they would be the first locations your enemy would target. You must also secure your hidey-hole by adding a simple yet effective airlock-styled second door. This will not keep your enemies at bay forever, but it will ensure that your opponents will not rush you.

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