Top 10 Multiplayer Games To Play Online With Friends

Playing games is pleasing, but Multiplayer games to play online with friends is a next-level thing.

Covid 19 imprisoned everyone in the home. In such a time going out and playing games will not be a good decision, and of course, it’s not danger-free too for us and our family.

There are plenty of online games available that can be played online with your friends, but in this post, we will share the Top 10 Multiplayer games to play online with friends with the help of the internet.

Games are the thing that may be useful for passing the time and helps you to connect with your friends. Below we are sharing the Top 10 multiplayer games to play online with friends that surely you will love.

So without getting delayed let’s jump to the topic and know everything about these games.

Top 10 Multiplayer Games To Play Online With Friends

Nowadays games are not just a game that helps you to entertain yourself, but experts say, playing games increases your productivity and also improves your brainpower.

According to the experts, the one who plays the game is a faster decision maker compared to those who don’t play. These are easily available on the Google Play Store & App Store. Let’s find the top 10 games list below.

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1. Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The Minecraft game is our first game on the list, this game is available for different types of OS like Windows, iOS, Linux, XBOX, and more. This game is a favorite for many gamers and also available for PC, but don’t worry, the pocket edition plays the same as the PC version.

Up to 5 players can play together, but the only thing you should keep in mind, this game can be played multiplayer if all of you are connected to the same WiFi network. If any of your friends are not able to connect to the same WiFi then he or she can join the game with the same server.

You can enjoy this Pocket Edition game on iOS and Android. Minecraft has different types of modes available on the game, like survival mode, adventure mode, creative mode, and hardcore mode. Download the game and enjoy.

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We believe there is rarely a person who is not aware of the PUBG game. This is one of the most popular games that people used to play for hours and hours in daily life. PUBG is not the game, it’s an addiction.

PUBG game is available for PUBG PC and PUBG Mobile. You can play this game with your friends. You can make your squad for 4 players that kill the other team players and the last one stands to get the Chicken dinner.

PUBG PC and Pubg Mobile play in the same manner, and this game offers you different types of maps, and modes to play in. The entire lobby carries the 100 players together and drops you on an island, the way you have a four-play squad, the same as others have the four-player squad.

All players fight with each other with guns, grenades. For this, you don’t need to rely on the same network, anywhere in the world can join the squad by inviting the members.

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3. Call Of Duty:

Call of duty is also the most famous game for online gamers, this is one of the oldest games that allowed you to play offline.

Recently they launched a game for online gamers. Same as PUBG this game also allows you to make a squad of four members and fight with other teams. Call Of Duty has a variety of guns, outfit, and skin colors that makes your avatar attractive.

You can review your teammates and give your items to them if needed. The same as Pubg this is also the last man to stand to win the game. You can see various types of maps on it to play with. This is also available for PC, Android, and iOS devices.

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4. Free Fire:

Free fire is our fourth game that enables you to play online with your friends. This game is also in the race of PUBG and Call of Duty.

The Free Fire game also takes all the players in an airplane and drops them on an island. This game lobby is limited to 50 players only. You can make a four-play squad in this game, and with the help of guns, grades, take down the enemies and the last man wins the match.

This game has various clothes, skill colors, vehicle colors, gun colors. The more you play this game, the higher level you get in the game. This game is also available for iOS and Android and along with that PC.

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5. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool can be a handy game for playing online with friends. You can download this game from the play store and invite your friends to the game.

If you sign up with Facebook then all your Facebook friends will be synced on the game. You get virtual coins in the game, and you can bet on the game of that. You get different types of sticks and boards to play on.

There are a lot of features included by the developer that makes you feel like playing the game in real life.

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6. Uno:

This is a card game that gives fun, enjoyment, and excitement to the game. You can play this game with up to 4 friends. Uno is available for iOS and Android app stores This is easy to play the game.

There are a couple of cards that you have to remove with your hand by playing. There are rules in the game as others that you and your team members should follow. Your friend might have some house rules.

In this game, your friend can hit you by drawing four cards. You can enjoy this game on your mobile anywhere anytime. This game is not heavy like PUBG, Call of duty, and free fire, but it’s a great game to play online with friends.

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7. Words with Friends:

Words with friends can be a great game for playing with your friends online. Simply download this game from Google Play Store if you have an Android phone and for iOS, you can take the help of the App Store to download this app.

The interface of this app is simple to understand. Just add your friends from the add option and start playing. This is not only a game to play, but this also helps you to make your vocabulary strong. You can learn new words and show your friends the strength of your vocabulary.

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8. Mini Militia:

Our last game is Mini Militia and trust me this game gives you a feel of PUBG, Call Of Duty, and Free Fire. This is not a heavy game like them but this decent Multiplayer Games To Play Online.

In the game, you get a character who fights with others on the pre-made blocks. If you want to play this game with your friends you can make a team of up to 6 players and if you are connected to the Local Area Connection then you have the option to extend the team to 12 players.

You and your friends get connected with the help of WiFi, Bluetooth, Lan to make a team. You get various types of weapons in the game to survive. This could be the best game if your phone doesn’t support heavy games.

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9. Genshin Impact:

Genshin Impact is a wonderful Multiplayer Games To Play Online. This game is available for iOS and Android.

This game is based on an open-world environment and offers you an action-based battle system. Gacha Game Monetization helps you to obtain new characters, weapons, and resources.

This game allows its users to explore the world with the provided tools. You can enjoy this game on Windows, Android, Nintendo Switches, and PlayStations.

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10. Among Us

Among Us is also a popular game for gamers. If you are a gamer then once in your life you have heard about it. This game allows four to ten players. All are dropped on a spaceship where they have a different role to survive the game.

The members have to run along with the ship and complete the task, there are mainly two characters in this game, one is crew, and the other is an imposter.

As a crew member you have to guess who is an imposter in the game and in the end, the last crew wins the game. but players should be aware that other players may be voted out of him or killed. This game is completely free for iOS and Android.

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In this post, we have introduced you to the Top 10 Multiplayer Games To Play Online With Friends so that you can enjoy them while staying at home.

These games are easily available on multiple operating systems. You can make a squad and enjoy these top 10 games with the help of the Internet. We hope this article helped you to find the best Multiplayer Games To Play Online.

If you liked this post, you can share it with friends and family and also let them know about these games. If you still have any questions or suggestions regarding Multiplayer Games To Play Online you can leave us a comment below.

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