Ring Doorbell Live View Not Working: How to Fix

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The Ring doorbell and camera gadgets are excellent tools for keeping an eye on your home security and making life easier. 

Both the camera and the doorbell have numerous useful features. You can see who is at your door without opening it, talk to them, listen to what they say, monitor any activity outside and within your home, and much more.

However, some users have reported that the Live View feature on the Ring doorbell and camera does not work properly at times. 

If this is the case, follow these fast and easy steps to get Live View working on your Ring doorbell or camera again.

Procedure to Fix Ring Doorbell Live View Not Working

Check Wi-Fi Connectivity

Ring uses a variety of connecting protocols. It may be connected to the rest of your smart home gadgets and work wonderfully when you are home, but the Live feature requires Wi-Fi to transmit video data to the device. 

As a result, you will need to be connected to the internet at all times. If the Live function is not working for you, it’s possible that you are experiencing an internet outage or that your Ring has disconnected from the Wi-Fi network.

This is the first thing you should look into. First and foremost, make sure your internet connection is working properly on another device. 

If it is not, you will have to start by troubleshooting your Internet connection. If your internet connection is working properly, you may check if your Ring is linked to the Wi-Fi network by entering into the admin panel. 

Even if your device is linked to the network, you can try reconnecting to the Wi-Fi, which should cure all of your difficulties.

How to find out how fast your Wi-Fi is:

  1. Bring your Ring Doorbell close to your smartphone.
  2. In your phone’s browser, type ring.com/speed in the address box.
  3. To begin the internet speed test, click the “Start” button.
  4. After the test is completed, analyze the table that appears.
  5. The download speed is displayed in the first Green column, while the upload speed is displayed in the second Blue column.

Check the Battery or Power Supply

Whether your Ring Doorbell Live View isn’t working, check to see if the battery is dead. Ascertain that the smart doorbell battery is fully charged. 

Ring doorbells are compatible with both the power source and the batteries in your home. The lithium-polymer battery in the Ring doorbell should last six to twelve months before needing to be recharged. High activity and low temperatures can quickly deplete the battery.

Follow the instructions in the second troubleshooting technique to check the battery %. The battery percentage, router signal strength, and other diagnostics are revealed during the device health test.

Check Your Internet Speed

If you have determined that the issue is not due to a weak WiFi signal, it’s possible that your internet speed is simply too slow to fulfill the Ring’s criteria. 

Other signs of a slow internet connection include poor video quality, buffering, and, of course, Live View not working at all.

You can also try moving your router closer to your Ring devices in this situation. Another option is to turn off the WiFi on some of your other devices. 

This will give the Ring devices extra bandwidth, which will speed up your internet. As a result, Live View may resume normal operations.

Wiring Problems

One of the most common causes for your doorbell to stop working entirely or for some capabilities, such as the Live feature, to stop working is a wiring issue. 

It is highly suggested that you get the doorbell put by ring officials, as they will utilize the highest quality wiring and will not cause you any future problems.

If you are comfortable with such things, you may need to take a closer look at your wiring, but it is preferable to have a specialist come to your home who can look into the wiring for you and provide you with the best answer.

Check your Ring doorbell settings twice.

Check the Ring doorbell settings to verify if the Live View feature or motion sensor recording has been disabled. The above references can be undone by restoring the Ring doorbell to factory settings (that could explain the Ring Doorbell Live View not activating).

Change the frequency from 2.4GHz to 5GHz.

Ring devices work on either 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz frequencies. You can, however, change the current frequency to see if that helps. To connect to the 5 Hz frequency, you may need to set up a new SSID for your smart doorbell.

Change to the light Rapid Ring Doorbell

The Rapid Ring App works in conjunction with the Ring app. It has been optimized to improve the connection speed between your Ring device and the app. 

It keeps you up to date, starts Live View, and lets you engage with your visitors. It is the “light version” of the Ring app, but it cannot function without the main Ring app.

Fix Router Position

If the router position is incorrect in comparison to the Ring doorbell, the live view feature will not work. For a strong connection, the router should be close to the bell. 

It will be a problem for your Ring doorbell if multiple Wi-Fi users in the room share the same bandwidth. This difficulty can be solved by switching to the 5GHz band.

Contact Support

The best part is that Ring doorbell has its own customer service department that can assist you with any issue like this in a matter of minutes. 

So, if you are having problems with your doorbell, such as Live not working, and you need an immediate solution, you can simply call them and they will be able to provide you with the best solution for your problem.


Q:- Why is my Ring Doorbell’s live view not working?

Ans:- The Ring Doorbell’s Live View feature uses extra battery power. You won’t be able to use the Live View feature if your device’s battery is running low. However, you can access the feature by keeping it charged via cable charging.

Q:- On Ring Doorbells, where is the reset button?

Ans:- The reset button on the Ring Doorbell is positioned beneath the faceplate. To discover the reset button, first, disconnect the device from the power outlet and then remove the faceplate.

Q:- How do I keep Ring live view on?

Ans:- You can’t keep Live View on all the time. A live stream, often known as a live view, is only available for 10 minutes at a time.

Final Thought

A poor internet connection, Wi-Fi connectivity loss, outdated firmware, or bad wiring could all be contributing factors to the ring doorbell live view not working issue. 

Follow the troubleshooting procedures indicated above to reactivate and make the Live View function work.

We hope this advice was helpful in fixing Ring Doorbell Live View Not Working. Please tell us in the comments.

If the methods in this post do not help you resolve the Live View issue on your Ring Doorbell, please contact the Ring Support Team for additional help.

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