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How to Share Facebook Post to Instagram?

How to Share Facebook Post to Instagram

How to Share Facebook Post to Instagram

It is very frustrating to create and post the same exact post twice each for both Facebook and Instagram, especially if you are running your digital marketing campaigns. The time lost on creating the same post on two different platforms cannot be compensated.

What will increase your frustration when you have to switch between desktop and mobile to create the same posts for Instagram.

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We were also on the same page facing the same issues until facebook in 2019 introduced its new feature to connect Instagram accounts for sharing the content.

Yes, you heard it right Facebook has the option of Post sharing directly to Instagram feeds.

Excited!  Wait, before you know how we can share Facebook posts to Instagram, you must know the limitations of this option given by Facebook.

It is kind of like hearing Bad news before Good news right!

Nonetheless, we have to share this, so you do not feel cheated at the end of this article.

Limitations of Facebook Post sharing

  1. One of the biggest limitations of this option is that this option is only available to Instagram business accounts.  This means that no posts can be shared from a Facebook to Instagram Personal account, only businesses can enjoy this option.
  2. Another limitation is that Posts published through Facebook pages can only be shared directly to Instagram feeds. Again, you will not be able to share posts from your personal Facebook wall.

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So, we have seen the limitations above and if you are still here, following our guide as below you will be able to share your posts automatically to your Instagram account feeds directly from Facebook.

Step-by-Guide on How to share Facebook Post to Instagram;

1. Connect your Instagram Business Account with Facebook page

To utilize this sharing option in Facebook you need to first connect your Instagram account with your Facebook Page. Just follow these simple steps to connect:

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2. Create a Post to share it to Instagram:

Yup, do you think without creating a Post you will be able to learn How to use the Share option? But before you start creating a Post, there are some points you should keep in mind as below:

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3. Share your story instantly on both the platform simultaneously

Now comes the most interesting part for which we are preparing you since our first letter of this article. No rocket science here! Just tick the Instagram option below the post and click on Share Now.

Only one thing here to keep in mind Instagram doesn’t support scheduling features, so always Use the Share now option under News Feed otherwise your post will not be shared on Instagram.

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That’s it! Congratulations, you have now successfully learned how to share Facebook posts on Instagram.


We have tried to keep the language simple for a better understanding of the process involved.

This option provided by Facebook is not very old still after following up with the above steps you may find some errors and issues.

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In some cases, there may be some delays in connecting the Instagram accounts with certain pages.   Though it will not always, coming back in two-three days will generally have resolved the issues.

Hoping you have got the answers that you are looking for from this article. In case there are still some doubts we are really open to clears the same.

Comments your doubt down below!

Wishing you all the very best for creating some awesome posts and sharing them on both platforms!

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