Text Someone Who Blocked Your iPhone: How to

Through the technology of texting, people can connect with others without having to meet them in person. One benefit of technology is that. Here you can see how to Text Someone Who Blocked Your iPhone.

Even though texting can be used to communicate, there are times when you cannot text a specific person, most likely because you have been blocked. Learn how to Text Someone Who Blocked your iPhone in this tutorial.

Procedure to Text Someone Who Blocked Your iPhone

You can SMS someone who has blocked you using the iMessage app on an iPhone. It merely takes a few clicks in the iPhone’s Settings to modify the caller ID. Follow these procedures to change your caller ID:

Step 1: 

Use the iPhone’s Settings app to view a complete list of configuration options.

Step 2: 

Click Open to confirm that you are on the Messages tab.

Step 3: 

By choosing “Send and Receive,” messages can be sent and received.

Step 4: 

Next, select “Add another email option” and complete the fields.

Step 5: 

Please verify your email address’ correctness straight away.

Step 6: 

Next, enter the freshly verified email address and choose “Start New Conversations from.”

The sole email address that was previously disallowed has been unblocked, so you can send an iMessage to it.

How to Know if You Have Been Blocked on iPhone?

It’s crucial to establish whether a person has actually blocked you before learning how to SMS someone they’ve stopped on an iPhone.

Being blocked on an iPhone has some drawbacks, one of which is that you are not notified of the activity. This indicates that someone may block and unblock you secretly.

To find out if you are banned or not, there are a few things you need to watch out for or be aware of.

Please be aware that these techniques are not infallible because it is possible for the individual to appear to be blocking you if they are out of coverage, unreachable, or have Do Not Disturb switched on.

You Receive an Automated Message

The first indication that you may have been blocked on an iPhone is this one. Every time you send a message, an automatic message is sent back to you.

Given that these automatic notifications are frequently sent while the Do Not Disturb mode is activated, receiving one shows that you are not prohibited.

Only numbers that are not blacklisted can receive automated messages.

On the other side, it may indicate that you have been blocked if you send a message but do not receive an automatic reply back. See the following sign below to further confirm if you have been blocked.

Your iPhone Message is Not Delivered

The next indicator to watch for will help you determine whether or not you have been blocked by checking to see if your message has been sent.

If you use iMessage to send a message and Delivered does not appear beneath the text bubble, this may indicate that the recipient has blocked you.

Also, keep in mind that you can only view the delivery notification for your most recently delivered iMessages, however, if a conversation’s most recent text hasn’t been delivered, you won’t be able to see Delivered.

Therefore, if all of your communications up to and including the most recent ones have been delivered, you may have been blocked.

iMessage Not Delivered Error

This is another excellent indicator that your ability to send text messages has been disabled. Here, when you send a message, you will get an error notice with the text “iMessage Not Delivered Error” underneath the text bubble.

Enable SMS texts on your smartphone in this case. Once SMS messages are enabled, your iPhone will try to send the text using your cellular plan each time you get the iMessage Not Delivered Error.

Instead of utilizing iMessage, you might also manually send the message. The real kicker is that if you manually send a text and don’t get delivery confirmation, it’s possible that your iPhone has blacklisted you. Follow the guidelines listed below to send the SMS by hand:

  • Take a look at the text that contains the Not Delivered problem and click the red info icon.
  • “Try Again,” “Send as Text Message,” and “Cancel” are the three choices that will be presented. Select Send as Text Message.
  • Your device will then try to send the message again after you do this.
  • Now, if you have examined all of the aforementioned indicators and you are certain that you have been blocked, it is typically preferable to respect the person’s choice.

To understand how to text someone you’ve blocked on an iPhone’s iMessage, keep reading if the information being sent along will be essential to the recipient.


You can send and receive messages online using iMessage. To use iMessage, you must have a data plan or be connected to Wi-Fi.

That is how you text Someone Who Blocked Your iPhone. Congratulations if you followed the instructions and were able to effectively communicate.

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