Types Of Web Traffic Every Small Business Needs

With the advancement of technology and a gradual shift to the virtual world, most businesses operate in online mode. This helps the business to get a higher reach and helps them to grow globally.

This article aims to describe in detail the various types of site traffic every business need and the various ways to increase site traffic

What is web traffic?

Any business which needs to be launched virtually or wants to step into an online platform needs to have a website. The website helps the customers to know about the business, its prospects, and what that particular business wants to provide. The amount of people visiting the website is called web traffic or site traffic. Site traffic is a very crucial criterion that affects an online business. 

What are the types of web traffic?

There are various ways by which people visit a particular website. Following are some different types of web traffic that every small business must need – 

  • Social media – Social Media is a great platform for any kind of business. Businesses can use social media not just to promote themselves but also to build trust among the audience. This will help the business to gain loyal customers. Social media can also be a great medium to increase web traffic. 
  • Affiliate ads – Affiliate ads are the best ways to increase traffic to the website. They can be used to land the customers directly on the page and this helps to increase web traffic. This is the best way to make individual customers shift to the original website.
  • Traffic using SEO – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique by which customers can be attracted to the website. There are a lot of websites available on the internet, to make sure that the customer clicks the particular website, Search Engine Optimisation is used. Here the use of particular keywords may make the website rank on the internet and attract the customer. 
  • Generic ADs- Apart from affiliate ads, generic ads may also bring positive results at times. These ads promote the business across all platforms and help the costumes get information about the business. 

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How to increase web traffic? 

Following are some of the ways to increase site traffic – 

  • Blogs can be one of the best ways to communicate with the audience and increase site traffic. 
  • Making attractive content can make customers visit the website and this increases traffic. 
  • Posting video content can be one of the smartest ways to attract an audience to the website. 
  • Using long tail keywords can help to increase traffic to the website. 
  • Email marketing is something that helps to create a bond with potential customers and helps the business grow efficiently. 


In a nutshell, to make a remarkable mark in the virtual world, a business must be efficient enough to increase its site traffic. There are various ways by which a business can increase traffic. But the most useful method is to stay consistent. To make an online business grow and to increase traffic to a website, consistency is the key. 

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