The Impact of Social Media Trends on Your Business Google Rankings in 2023

SEO and social media marketing always walk hand-by-hand in most businesses. It is very common to evidence the signs of social media in SEO and observe how it impacts the overall marketing strategy. As online social media trends tend to variate, noticeable changes could also be seen in business website rankings on Google. That is why, this article explores how social media trends affect the marketing strategy and website positions on Google. Also, we will dive into current trends in social media to analyze them and predict how they might impact SEO strategy.

What Is Social Media in SEO?

Social Media Trends on Your Business Google Rankings

Before we go to the current trends in social media, we need to better investigate its role in SEO. It will help us to understand the role of SEO and social media marketing and define how to shape future SEO strategies.

To start with, social media plays a great role in brand promotion and business reputation enhancement. Regular posting on various social media platforms also increases user engagement and attracts new potential customers. That is why a greater majority of businesses prefer social media for business promotion along with SEO efforts.

Let’s also look at the impact of SEO and social media marketing on business Google rankings. Even though social media does not have a direct impact on how a website’s ranking changes on Google, it influences some of the important SEO indices. Let’s outline several examples to better understand how this invisible but very important power of social media acts.

When a business publishes a post with a link to a proper blog, this generates traffic flow. In fact, such an approach acts in a similar way when you buy backlinks from an SEO company to increase the visibility and credibility of your website. The only difference from backlinks originating in domains for link building is that social media links are not that strong in increasing a website’s domain authority.

Another crucial task of social media for the purposes of SEO is the identification of the target audience. Statistical data on your social media profiles can tell much about the people interacting with your brand. This information could be further used for selecting keywords, picking up the website design patterns, and accomplishing other SEO activities.

Social Media Trends in 2023

Understanding the current tendencies within social media platforms might provide you with key solutions to crafting your entire marketing strategy. Social media trends reflect changes and new features adopted on social media platforms as well as social tendencies. Below are provided the most recent trends in social media that are already evident in 2023.

Social Media Engagement Statistics

While Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok remain the most popular social media platforms, the leader in the number of active users is constantly changing. Thus, TikTok remains the fastest-growing social media platform with high user engagement. Meanwhile, Instagram has been continuously experiencing a drop in user engagement and posting frequency. The same goes for Twitter and Facebook as the posting frequency has dropped by 20 percent in 2023. Given that fact, read  to reconsider your social media marketing strategy.

Make Intentional Mistakes

Another social media trend that is often noticed on various platforms is that businesses make intentional errors in posts. This tends to boost user involvement and interest in a brand and the activities it carries out. Try experimenting with various kinds of errors such as misprints, erroneous details of well-known facts, variated brand names, etc. When doing that, always keep the edges and limits to respect while experimenting on social media.


The power of influencer marketing is widely discussed worldwide, but there is always a reverse side of the coin. Everyone knows that influencers are credible people in their niche industries that companies are happy to collaborate with for product promotion. However, the current social preference for minimalism and consumer culture dictates new trends on social media.

De-influencing is the current approach that confronts the consumption habits of people in 2023. According to the de-influencing concept, the amount of worldwide production is excessive, which is not good for nature and the environment. People do not need to buy and consume all those products imposed by advertisements. When crafting your marketing campaign, keep this trend in mind and postpone some influencer marketing activities for later.

Product-In-Hand Photos

Trends in photography and design make up an integral part of the media environment. As social media heavily relies on images, those photography and design trends also shape social media trends. Thus, the way of taking photos, the style of retouching, and other minor details determine how people would react to your post.

In 2023, an interesting trend in photos for product promotion was noticed – product-in-hand images make the goods marketable. Consider this current social media trend for your product photos.

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