Things That you Should Consider Before Buying A Gaming Mouse

All Gamers are always in search of a better compatible device to enhance a better user experience. Because it is not possible for everyone to buy a gaming PC or changing their regular PC. But there are some devices that can be used to give the best user experience. And today we talk about some important tips for buying a gaming Mouse.

A Gaming Mouse is a device specially designed for gamers; it has all the controllers required for perfect gaming. So, this blog is going to help you for selecting a gaming mouse and what things to consider before buying a Gaming Mouse.

As there are so many different mice available in the market and no one is absolutely considering them as best at every point. So, what should you have in your mind and how to pick the right one which is best suitable for you? Before we go to discuss what are the things to consider while buying a Gaming Mouse. First, we know about the types of mice.

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Select One Of These Types of Mouse As Per Your Requirements

Look at these different types of Mouse to choose according to your requirements

1. All-purpose Mouse

These are the most common kind of gaming Mouse available in the market. As they are all-purpose Mouse, it enables it to control everything from FPS to action/adventure to MMO. For playing a variety of games it is the best for you due to its versatility.

2. FPS Mouse

An FPS mouse has a distinctive “sniper button” below the thumb that slows down DPI (DOT PER INCH). With this mouse, you are able to experience better gaming for shooting games. Many games like Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, Quake, Counter-Strike, or the other games which puts you against an enemy, FPS mouse is best for this. As FPS muse has a snipper button that helps for difficult shots.

3. MMO Mouse

MMO mouse has buttons upon buttons which is perfect for firing off complex skill rotations with down to second precision. For fans of World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Star Wars: The Old Republic, and whatever is the next big massively multiplayer title that definitely won’t fail in its first year, an MMO mouse is a way to go.

4. RTS Mouse

While some users will regularly read this story in search of an RTS mouse, I’ve never found a mouse optimized for real-time strategy games. (Moreover, go on and name an RTS title different than StarCraft that’s earned a splash in the last 10 years.) If you’re looking for a perfect associate to StarCraft II, your best chance is to purchase an all-purpose mouse that’s slight on additional buttons. MOBA mouse, on the other hand, is beginning to come with their it’s for games like League of Legends.

5. Customizable Mouse

The customizable mouse is known as the topmost of the gaming-peripheral world. They’re flashy and expensive, but save where it counts. If you’ve got money to burn and a competing scene to succeed, as the mouse is highly customizable. with the help of this mouse, players can customize almost everything about them, from the angle of the palm rest to the feel of the buttons.

As said above, what works for one player won’t necessarily work for every single fan of a kind. Even so, use these suggestions as a starting point, and you’ll be great on your way to taking the right mouse.

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Let we discuss the things to consider before buying a Gaming Mouse

1. Playstyle

The gaming mouse is mostly depending on what type of game we want to play. It is because there are varieties of games like adventure, racing, survival, battle, and many more, so users get different types of controllers according to the game.

So, the game that you want to play will determine the features that you analyze as the most important for your gaming mouse. For example, RTS and MMO gamers will require extra buttons that can be assigned to different functions and macros linked to FPS gamers who focus on efficiency and quick tracking.

2. Sensor

Most gaming mouse launching nowadays has great sensors, if you go get a reliable mouse, you’re likely getting a perfect sensor, the best sensors excel at the many key things. A good sensor would have many qualities like accurate tracking across a large DPI range, no jitter, no acceleration, no prediction and angle snapping, a fast poll rate, and low lift-off distance.

There are a few sensors that have all the above and can be essentially called perfect sensors. Here’s what all those mouse sensor terms mean. Defining the best sensor for your gaming experience will depend on your preference.

3. Sensitivity – DPI (Dots per inch) or CPI (Counts per inch)

DPI is a test of how sensitive a mouse is to movement. The higher the DPI the further your cursor will move per inch you move the mouse. While the level of ideal DPI for performance comes down to particular preference, most pros favor a low DPI to be able to micro-adjust aim without having to move the mouse a few millimeters.

Most new mice will able to trace accurately at low DPI, but the issue with some mice at high DPI is that the sensor is no higher tracking one to one to real movement and uses software to increase sensitivity, this will lead to inaccuracies.

While CPI is the actual resolution of the camera that is used in the mouse sensors. CPI describes the sampling per inch. Both the CPI and DPI can determine your mouse responsiveness. Your gaming mouse should have a broad range of sensitivity to enhance your gaming experience.

4. Physical appearance

There are many physical factors of a gaming mouse responsible for a better user experience.

  1. The very first of all is what type of material is used in the building of Mouse. As it plays a very important role. The mouse should not be made heavy or not very light, it totally depends on the material of the mouse.
  2. The second most important thing is the shape of the mouse. The shape of the mouse is just designed in such a way that it is just very easy to use by the user and easy to fix in the palm of the user.
  3. The third thing we have to consider is the grip of the mouse. There are three types of grips in the mouse which are palm, claw, and fingertip. Moreover, it depends that how easily it fits in your hand size.

5. Wired or Wireless

A wired mouse is popular among all whether you are a gamer or a regular user. They are generally cheaper and provides a stable connection. There is no worry about whether charged or not. The only thing you have to just do is manage the cable.

Wireless mouse has its own benefit. No managing of cables and anything else. But for this, we have to think of its charging and place it properly after using. It is costlier than a wired mouse. Sometimes the batteries also create problems for us, so we have to charge or replace them.

6. Warranty and Price

Having an electronic device has these two things and warranty and price are interrelated also. The more you play, the better product will you get. Consequently, whenever we go for the best product its cost is high. This is because costlier products are prepared with good quality materials, extra features. When the quality of the product is good so will be the life of the product.

7. Features

This plays a very important role while buying a gaming mouse. Always check the features of the product before buying it. It actually plays an important role than its physical appearance. You always have to check the features on the packaging box or online. You can also know about the product by viewing the product reviews. It is most suitable at this time. Whether it’s a gaming mouse or anything reviews help us a lot for choosing any product.

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So, this is the all information you should keep in your mind before buying a gaming mouse, even under the best circumstances, is going to be a bit of a process. There is no “best mouse” of any kind because there aren’t any hard-and-fast “categories” at all. Still, if you can narrow down your search by class, price, grip, and extra features, you can easily go from having a number of choices to having only a few.

Finally, the best gaming mouse is the one that appears the best in your hand. If you can get one that’s comfortable to carry for hours at a time, you’re already more than nearly there.

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