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Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone: How to 

Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone How to

The SafeSearch function protects users’ access to pornographic websites and material. This function is crucial for preventing children from visiting specific web pages and websites that advertise explicit content. Read this article and know about it how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone.

It’s crucial to remember that the SafeSearch function only works with Google search results. Should you attempt to log into explicit websites from any other search engine, this feature won’t function on those also.

After all, is said and done, if you are sick of Google not displaying you all the results, heed my advice. Consequently, this is how to turn off SafeSearch on iPhone.

Procedure to Turn Off SafeSearch on iPhone

Method 1: Turning Off SafeSearch on Safari

The majority of Safari’s setup may be accessible through the Phone settings since it is the default browser for iOS. 

However, because it is absent from the Safari Settings, it can be very difficult to locate the SafeSearch option on your iPhone. You can use Safari’s SafeSearch option by following these easy steps:

Step 1:

Navigate to the iPhone’s settings.

Step 2:

Select Screen Time, and then click on Content & Privacy Restriction from the menu.

Step 3:

Simply touch on Content Restrictions after turning on the Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Step 4:

Scroll down until you see Web Content in Content Restriction.

Make sure to choose Unrestricted Access after you have reached the Web Content tab so that SafeSearch is disabled. However, if Safari isn’t your preferred browser, this approach isn’t for you.

Method 2: Turning Off SafeSearch on Non-Safari Browsers

If you use an iPhone but don’t particularly like using Safari as your default web browser, we’ve got you covered. 

As one of the most widely used Safari alternatives available, we will be using Google’s Chrome browser for the sake of this guide. As a result, to disable SafeSearch in Chrome:

Step 1:

Activate the Chrome App.

Step 2:

On your screen’s bottom right, click the three dots.

Step 3:

Tap on Sync and Google Services in the settings.

Look for the Safe Browsing option once you are inside. You’re done with turning off SafeSearch once you make sure it is turned off. 

If you find it difficult to use this method, you may just open Chrome and use the search bar to enable explicit search.

Type into your search bar to enable explicit search. Chrome will direct you to the Explicit Search Filter once you press the enter key. When you toggle the Filter off, your SafeSearch will do the same.


Why unable to disable SafeSearch?

Due to your linked network, you probably can’t off SafeSearch on your phone. There is a very high likelihood that the network administrator will impose restrictions on the websites you are attempting to access if you are utilizing a public network in a library or school.

Exactly how do I disable SafeSearch on my MacBook?

You must access your browser if you wish to disable SafeSearch on your Mac. Click the settings button in your browser’s bottom right corner. Select search options from the setting dropdown after it has opened, then uncheck the SafeSearch box.

Final Thoughts

SafeSearch aims to enhance your surfing experience, yet it may wind up hiding many useful queries from you. 

However, since turning off SafeSearch will solve the problem, you no longer need to be concerned about the accuracy of your search results.

In conclusion, we hope that this article helped you complete all the steps required to turn off SafeSearch on your iPhone.

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