Can You Use Roku On a Non-Smart TV? How to Get It?

This article will answer the question of whether one can use Roku on a Non-Smart TV. Roku is a streaming device that lets you view Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Go, and other providers’ movies and shows. 

Roku devices use Wi-Fi to connect to TVs, game consoles, PCs, and mobile phones. You can also use the built-in App Store on your Roku device to download apps. You may add a Roku Streaming Stick to your existing TV to broadcast video to many displays at once.

To control your Roku device, download the Roku app for iOS or Android smartphones and tablets.

Can You Use Roku on a Non-Smart TV?

Yes. It was created to work with non-smart televisions. Roku Sticks and similar media players were created to transform your HDTV into a smart TV. 

In fact, putting the Roku into a smart TV is kind of pointless because a smart TV should already have Internet access and app-running capabilities.

Your Roku Stick or device will work with any TV that has an HDMI cable. Even older CRT TVs with analog A/V connections can be turned into smart Roku TVs with the correct HDMI to AV adapter.

If the TV is a lower-resolution model that primarily receives 480i or 576i signals from the antenna, HD or approaching HD broadcasts will be converted to a lower downscaled resolution.

Procedure to Connect Roku to a Non-Smart TV

Connecting a Roku streaming device to a non-smart TV is simple; simply follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you have all of the necessary equipment before connecting your Roku to your television. 
  2. The Roku streaming device and its remote, as well as a pair of batteries, an HDMI cable, an AC charger, and the user handbook, are all included.
  3. Turn on the television. While you can connect your Roku to your TV while it is turned off, it is preferable to leave it turned on so you can see if your TV detects the Roku device right away.
  4. Insert the batteries into the remote control. When entering the batteries into the remote, make sure they are in the right place.
  5. On your television, look for the HDMI port. It’s normally found on the back of your TV and is noticeably larger than a standard USB connector.
  6. Connect the HDMI cable to your Roku device once you’ve found the HDMI port. You don’t need an HDMI cable with a Roku streaming stick because it may be plugged directly into the port.
  7. Connect your Roku to an AC power source and turn it on. You won’t need to worry about this step if you are using a streaming stick.
  8. Make sure you choose the correct HDMI input if your TV has more than one. The Roku welcome screen will appear after you select the right input.

You have successfully connected your Roku device to your TV if you view the welcome screen.

Procedure to Connect Roku to TV without HDMI

The important thing to remember is that there are several different varieties of Roku devices, some of which work with older composite video cables. 

Assume, however, that your Roku device does not support composite video cables. In that situation, a composite to HDMI converter or a Roku converter for old TV will suffice. 

To connect all of the devices, simply follow the previously specified instructions. Then, to set up Roku on your non-smart TV, follow these steps:

  1. Connect the Roku remote to your TV by following the instructions on your screen.
  2. You will now need to provide an Internet connection, which can be wired or wireless. 
  3. If you are using a wireless connection, you will be sent to a screen where you may choose your Wi-Fi network and enter the password. 
  4. You must connect the ethernet cable to the Roku if you want to establish a wired connection. 
  5. If you are using a Roku stick, you’ll need to purchase an Ethernet adaptor separately.
  6. It’s possible that you will need to restart your device at this point.
  7. Simply log in to your Roku account and start watching.

Steps to Setting Up Roku After Connection

After you have successfully connected your Roku device to your television, you’ll need to set it up before you can use it. Follow these steps to set up your Roku device:

  1. The Roku control must then be connected to your television. All you have to do is follow the directions on your screen to accomplish this.
  2. You will be asked to set up your internet connection throughout the setup procedure. Roku has two types of connections: wireless and wired. 
  3. If you pick Wireless, you will be sent to a screen where you must select and enter the password for your home WiFi network. 
  4. All you have to do in the case of Wired is connect your Ethernet wire directly to your Roku. 
  5. If you want to use a connected connection with your Roku streaming stick, you will need to buy an Ethernet adapter separately.
  6. If your Roku needs to update something, it will do it automatically. It’s possible that you’ll have to restart your device when the update is finished. 
  7. You will also be asked to recognize your TV’s display. In this situation, all you have to do is use your remote to identify the display on your television.
  8. All that’s left is to log into your Roku account once you’ve finished everything. If you don’t already have one, you can create one on the Roku website or through the Roku app on your smartphone.

You may start streaming your favorite entertainment after logging into your Roku account.


Q:- Why won’t my Roku connect to my TV?

Ans:- A problem with the HDMI connection is the most common cause of your Roku not connecting to your TV. This can be caused by either defective wiring or inappropriate device connections.

Q:- Which Roku device is the best to buy?

Ans:- The Roku Streaming Stick Plus is the greatest Roku gadget available right now. It has voice search, TV power and volume control, and dual-band WiFi compatibility, and it works with both HD and 4K HDR TVs.

Q:- Is Roku compatible with standard televisions?

Ans:- Roku may be used on regular television. Only an HDMI cable is required.

Q:- How can I get the Roku app on my Android phone?

Ans:- To install the Roku app on an Android phone, go to the settings menu and enable Unknown Sources. Then go to the Google Play Store and type in “Roku.” Open the program after it has been downloaded and click the “Install” button.

Q:- What Is Roku Channel and How Does It Work?

Ans:- Roku channel is a type of application that allows you to stream material from many sources such as Netflix, Hulu, and other similar services.

Final Thought

When it comes to streaming entertainment from Netflix, Hulu Plus, Pandora, Amazon Prime Video, and other services, Roku is an excellent choice. 

Local networks, on the other hand, can only be streamed if you have a smart TV. If you have any questions about Roku’s compatibility with different television brands, you can always verify before you buy.

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