Watch YouTube Kids on Roku Streaming Device

YouTube Kids is an excellent place for children to discover age-appropriate video material. You can choose which movies, channels, and video collections they view as a parent.

You can also limit their screen time, block inappropriate channels, and do a lot more with the parental control function.

YouTube Kids is compatible with all platforms except Roku in terms of compatibility. The sections that follow will show you how to watch YouTube Kids on Roku.

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Procedure to Watch YouTube Kids on Roku Streaming Device

Despite the fact that YouTube Kids is not available in the Roku Channel Store, you may still watch the videos using screen mirroring. To mirror the Smartphone screen on Roku, you must first enable Screen Mirroring.

You may also project content from YouTube Kids to your Roku-connected TV using the cast icon. If the cast icon does not display, use the screen mirroring method instead.

Watch YouTube Kids on Roku Streaming Device Using Android


  • On your Android device, download the YouTube Kids app.
  • Start the app and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  • Ensure that both the Roku and the Android device are on the same WiFi network.
  • Minimize your app to access your device settings.
  • Search for and pick the Cast menu from the settings menu.
  • The device will look for other devices in the area. Choose your Roku device from the drop-down menu.
  • On your Android smartphone, open the YouTube Kids app.
  • Now you can watch your favorite YouTube Kids video on your TV.

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Watch YouTube Kids on Roku Streaming Device Using iPhone

Before mirroring the screen, you must first install the YouTube Kids app on your iPhone. You’ll need to install a third-party app on your iPhone and Roku to mirror the screen.


  • Join the same WiFi network as your Roku and iOS devices.
  • On your Roku device, install and open Mirror for Roku.
  • Install Mirror for Roku on your iPhone at the same time.
  • On both smartphones, open the app.
  • Select the Roku device from the list of nearby devices on your iPhone.
  • Allow notifications to be mirrored on your Roku device.
  • After that, choose Start Broadcast and then Start Mirroring.
  • Log in to the YouTube Kids app using your Google account information.
  • Now you may watch the stuff you want on the bigger screen by playing it.

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Watch YouTube Kids on Roku Streaming Device Using Windows PC


  • On a Windows PC, open a browser and go to
  • Use your Google account to log in.
  • On your PC keyboard, press the Windows + P keys.
  • Select the Connect to a wireless display menu from the project tab.
  • Mirror the PC screen using your Roku device.
  • Finally, turn on your Roku-connected TV and enjoy your favorite YouTube kids video.

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Your children can effortlessly view their favorite shows on the television displays by employing these various methods.

Using YouTube is the best way to access YouTube Kids out of all of these options. You may also use the app to flag videos that are inappropriate for children and to keep track of what they are seeing. If you have any questions or recommendations, please post them in the comments area.

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