Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription and Free Trial: How to

When it comes to living streaming gaming videos, Twitch is a powerful entertainment tool. This site allows viewers to watch gamers play popular games such as PUBG, Minecraft, FIFA 18, and others.

It brings people together, allowing them to live chat, communicate, and be delighted. Twitch is also accessible as a premium tool in addition to the standard version.

Twitch Prime will be available to those who have an Amazon Prime Video membership. Bonus games, channel subscriptions, loot gifting, and in-game content are all available with Twitch Prime.

Despite these benefits, you may find Twitch Prime to be ineffective at times. In this case, you can choose to cancel Twitch Prime.

You will lose access to ad-free content, free gaming content, emoticons, exclusive saving, condensed chat settings, and more if you cancel Twitch Prime.

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Overview Twitch Prime Subscription

Twitch Prime was designed in order to integrate Twitch’s large market with Amazon’s offerings. It’s a paid feature that gives users of the Twitch and Amazon streaming platforms a variety of advantages.

These applications include the option to subscribe to any of your favorite Twitch streams at no additional cost, as well as up to two months of stream storage and free Prime Video access.

This repository has a large number of game collections. Fortnite, Teamfight Tactics, and other games are among the most popular.

Streamers now have the opportunity to earn additional money from their subscriptions. It also features esports tournament broadcasts, music broadcasts, original content, and more.

This is an example of a subsidiary company. The site is live streaming and video streaming portal. It’s a global source.

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The Reason you Want to Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription and Free Trial

Perhaps you became dissatisfied with the service, perhaps you simply wanted to try it out, or perhaps it wasn’t exactly what you required. Whatever reason you have for cancelling Twitch on Prime, you have the freedom to do so.

Activating the 7-day free trial of a Twitch Prime subscription likely reached you because, like most others, you wanted to receive those free video games.

That’s not a problem. One of the biggest reasons individuals want to cancel is because of this. And, yeah, despite that, you can still accomplish this.

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Procedure Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription

You can cancel your Twitch Prime subscription in two ways. Take the actions outlined below:-

Method 1: Cancel Twitch Prime from Amazon

The technique for cancelling an Amazon account is pretty simple. Here are a few steps to follow: –


  • To begin, log in to your Amazon account and then launch the app.
  • Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Select “Manage Prime Membership” from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, select Cancel Twitch Prime to end your membership.
  • The ways to cancel your Twitch Prime subscription are as follows.

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Method 2: Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription from Website/App

The majority of them utilize the account on Android, the internet, and other platforms. Follow the instructions below to do so.


  • To begin, go to the twitch office website or app and log in.
  • Find the website where you may manage your subscriptions.
  • Click the Gear icon in the upper right corner to get started.
  • Select “Do Not Renew Subscription” from the drop-down menu.
  • Finally, your account will be shut down.

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Procedure Cancel Twitch Prime 30 Days Free Trial

You have the option to cancel your free trial if you are not charged for the service within 30 days. The procedures to cancel the twitch prime 30-day free trial using a mobile app are provided in the following instructions.


  • Log in to your Amazon account first.
  • Select your account from the Main Menu.
  • To manage your Prime membership, go to “Account Settings” and then “Manage Prime Membership”.
  • Click on End trial and benefits to continue.
  • To confirm the cancellation of your process, click the “Do not continue” tab.
  • Now, follow the on-screen instructions and choose the option to confirm your cancellation.
  • Finally, your trial account has been successfully deactivated.

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Procedure Cancel Twitch Prime Subscription to Steamer

Every month, your Twitch Prime subscription will expire. You must re-subscribe if you wish to stream or continue to support the parallel one.

You can cancel your Twitch Prime subscription during this time. To cancel your Twitch subscription, follow the steps below:-


  • To begin, sign in to your Amazon account.
  • On the right, click the “Accounts and Lists” button.
  • Select “Twitch Settings” from the drop-down menu.
  • Unlink the account by clicking the Unlink Account button.
  • The account has been successfully deleted.


After you use your Twitch Prime subscription to subscribe to a streamer, it will expire at the end of the month. You can resubscribe a few days before it expires or use it on a different streamer.

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Q:- Is Twitch Prime included in Amazon Prime for free?

Ans:- Yes. With Amazon Prime, you can get Twitch Prime for free. Because Twitch Prime is a streaming service that includes an Amazon membership. Every month, the user can sign up for this account for free. This is available as long as your twitch prime account is linked to an active Amazon Prime subscription.

Q:- Is it possible to discontinue Twitch Prime at any point?

Ans:- The subscription to Twitch Prime will be renewed. Yes. A subscription can be cancelled at any time. Navigate to your subscription control page and then cancel your account at any time to complete the procedure.

Q:- How do I cancel my Twitch Prime membership?

Log in to Amazon and select Your Account from the drop-down menu. Scroll down to the Settings section. Select Manage Prime Membership from the drop-down menu. To cancel your membership, click the ‘Cancel’ button.

Q:- Is it possible to end my Twitch Prime free trial?

Simply select Your Prime Membership Account from the drop-down menu. Hit the bottom-left buttons for The End Trial and Advantages. Option 1 is the most popular. End My Benefits and choose Cancel or Keep My Twitch Membership from the drop-down menu.

Q:- What is the duration of the Twitch Prime free trial?

Receive special in-game loot, free games, a free Twitch subscription, and everything else that comes with Amazon Prime every month. A 30-day trial is available for free. After the trial, it’s only $12.99 per month. You have the option to cancel at any time.

Q:- What is the procedure for deleting your Twitch account?

To deactivate your Twitch account, first sign in to the Twitch website. Because you won’t be able to disable your account using the Twitch app on the desktop, iPhone, or Android, you’ll have to do it through a web browser. Choose your account symbol in the top-right corner once you’ve signed in.

Q:- Twitch Prime is accessible in which countries?

Twitch Prime is available in practically every country on the planet, with the exception of China, which prohibited the service in 2018.

Q:- Is it possible to get a Twitch Prime membership through Prime Video?

Yes, you can acquire Twitch Prime through Prime Video because it’s available in over 200 countries, but you’ll require a Prime membership in places where Prime is offered.

Q:- How many Twitch accounts can Amazon Prime be linked to?

You can like up to four Twitch accounts with Amazon Prime. However, there is a catch: if you subscribe through a linked twitch account, you must wait for all of your subscriptions to renew.

Q:- Is it possible to subscribe to Twitch Prime using Amazon Prime and a VPN?

No, you should not use proxies to modify your IP address; they are not encouraged. Please do not do this to avoid any subscription issues.


The article discusses a variety of options for cancelling your Twitch Prime membership. You can put this article to good use. Check out this message for the best instructions on how to terminate your Twitch account. I hope this section has provided you with the information you need to cancel your Twitch Prime subscription.

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