10 Sites you should know to improve your online search

Google is the industry standard web search engine, with a market share of around 90%. Despite this dominance of Google, many users prefer to go to other alternative internet search engines, even if occasionally.

In this guide, we have covered different platforms to search for particular areas of interest so that you can improve your online search skills.

Top sites to improve your online search:

1. Yahoo! Search:

If you only use Google to search for anything on the internet, then you should know that Yahoo’s Search engine is also one of the leading platforms. In addition to offering results for your searches, this search engine also offers 2 extra services:

– Direct access to popular Yahoo! questions, and answers: a forum where users share relevant information and where you can ask questions that others will answer.

– Access to Flickr images: an online community where users share royalty-free photos and videos.

The great advantage of this search engine is that it is especially useful when you need to find very specific information about something very particular. As it puts in its slogan, “If you can’t find something, look it up on Yahoo!”.

2. LinkedIn:

Once you have everything prepared and you are ready to look for a job, it is common to ask yourself, where do I start? Well, the truth is that the answer to this question depends greatly on the sector to which you dedicate yourself. However, the most common is that the best offers are found on the job search platforms available on the internet.

LinkedIn is the best employment page where you can search for offers related to your profession. The website has a search engine in which you can filter the offers by keyword, type of work, or company. And you can specify the location of the position so that only the offers of a location are shown to you. On this site, you can easily post a job for free or you can also target the best candidates.

3. AliExpress:

The AliExpress marketplace was opened in 2010 by the Chinese eCommerce giant Alibaba with the aim of expanding internationally. AliExpress offers around 50 million products at very competitive prices all over the world. With 150 million customers worldwide, the platform has been opened up to foreign sellers.

Entrepreneurs can also take advantage of the huge market and its millions of customers around the world to develop their dropshipping activity. Because let’s remember: Aliexpress is not only one of the most popular shopping websites but also allows us to resell products.

The dropshipping business model has the advantage of eliminating inventory and shipping issues. As a reseller, you order the products on demand and it is your supplier who is in charge of sending them to your client.

4. PhoneHistory:

PhoneHistory is something that you will keep using frequently from today. It uncovers unknown callers and all their basic details such as an address, phone history, city, state, area code, and many other things. So, simply use this site and identify who is calling or teasing you through calls or texts.

5. Grooveshark:

If you are in search of particular music or you want to explore the world of music, then check out Grooveshark. This site is one of the most powerful services, with more than 22 million songs. With a single click, you can go to the music and from the search engine access the extensive catalog, which includes many songs. With a simple interface, just a few clicks are enough to create playlists where you can save your favorite songs.

The system also has a section called ‘Popular’ where you can see the community’s favorite trendy songs. The radio that it offers works through an advanced system of recommendations so that once the system knows which songs we like, it will offer similar ones that people with the same tastes have listened to.

6. Kiddle:

Kiddle is a great visual search engine site specially designed for kids. This tool offers kids image, web, and video searches. So, Kiddle is designed directly for the little ones in the house. When displaying content, this search engine filters: misleading pages, those with content not suitable for minors, advertising, and social networks. So, you can rest easy knowing that your children navigate safely.

7. MedNet:

MedNet is a WHO collaborative website for scientific information sharing and exchange. Medical students can try this tool for its usefulness when searching databases, journals, books, jobs, and social and medical groups. The search engine can be customized by fields: internal medicine, dentistry, family medicine, nursing, pulmonary, and others.

8. Doofinder: 

Doofinder is an intelligent search engine for online stores. This site allows you to create custom results to exclude or include particular items from search results for particular terms.

Web search engines respond to the searches made by users but within a page, you can also search for results. If a website has a professional internal search engine, it will be able to offer its users just what they need. Your customers find what they want instantly: forget about losing customers because they get lost searching.

9. Quora:

Quora is a great platform to share and gain knowledge. It is a unique platform to ask different questions and connect with other people around the world.

Basically, Quora is one of the widely used community-based question and answers websites and apps. On this site, users can post any questions on any given topic and other readers/users respond to them. You can sign up on this site using Google, Twitter, Facebook, or email.

10. Meetup:

It’s been 20 years since Meetup was first introduced. This is one of the best websites to meet people, find support, make new friends, grow your business, and explore your interests. Thousands of events happen on this site daily. If you are looking for fun in your life, then don’t miss to join Meetup.

We hope after going through this guide, you will improve your online search with the mentioned unusual resources.