5 Great Tips to Make Your Profile Pic Stand Out

If you’re tired of your old and boring profile pic, it’s time for an update. Keep reading for five great tips to make your new profile pic stand out.

Are you unsure of how to make your profile work for you? Do you wonder how you can make your social media profile more appealing?

If so, you need to learn how to make your profile picture stand out. Otherwise, you run the risk of turning people off to your page or profile and losing views and engagement.

Before you go and update your profile, here are 5 tips on how to make your profile pic stand out.

1. Make Sure Your Face is the Focus of the Photo

Your profile picture is one of the first impressions you make on potential employers or schools. It is important to present a clear, focused picture of yourself.

The background should be clean and unobstructed. You want the viewer’s attention to be on your face, so make sure your face is the focus of the photo. Look into the camera and smile confidently to make a great first impression.

2. Use Bright, Natural Lighting

One of the most important parts of taking a good profile picture is the lighting. Make sure to use bright, natural lighting when taking your profile image.

This will ensure that your face is well-lit and that the picture looks natural. Avoid using flash photography, as this can often wash out your features. Instead, try to take your picture in a well-lit room or outdoors.

3. Pick a Flattering Angle

One way to make sure your new profile pic stands out is to pick a flattering angle. Avoid taking a photo from below, as this can make you look larger than you are.

Instead, try to take the photo from slightly above. This will give you a slimming look. Remember to smile and relax your shoulders for a more natural and approachable picture.

4. Wear Something That Compliments Your Coloring

When choosing a profile pic, or any pic for that matter, you should always choose something that compliments your coloring. If you have a light complexion, choose something that is also light in color.

If you have a dark complexion, choose something dark in color. This will ensure that your pic pops and that you look your best.

5. Keep it Simple

When it comes to choosing a profile pic, it’s best to keep it simple. A simple profile pic is easy to recognize, it won’t be overwhelming to others, and it will show that you’re not trying to hide anything.

A complex or busy profile pic can be confusing and make you seem unapproachable. You can still mix things up by using a picture collage app. Just remember to avoid making it look too complicated. 

Why Your Profile Pic Should Stand Out 

Your profile picture should stand out because it is the first thing people see when they visit your profile. A good profile pic can make a positive impression and attract new friends and followers.

A bad profile picture can turn people away. So make sure your picture is the best it can be!

For more juicy tips, check out the rest of our blog. And in the meantime, show your followers what you learned by taking a test drive today.

Feature image source: Pixabay.com

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