12 Best LiveTV app for Amazon Fire Stick

In today’s growing digital era, even our sources of entertainment have evolved. Gradually our main interests of Entertainment have been switched from the traditional TV channels to Netflix, Prime, Etc.

But in today’s routine of Netflix and Prime people still crave live cricket, football matches, or watching Live local/National News. Because of which spectators end up paying a whooping cable bill at the end of every single month or else the streaming would get all shut in the middle of the match or movie. It causes you unsolvable frustration but not anymore!

With the growing advancement in tech and research, Amazon has come up with one such easiest cost-free solution for their users.

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Benefits Of Using Live Firestick Apps

Now if you look at the options available in Firestick, it is much beyond just NetFlix and prime. There are tons of apps available in the store for you with all different offerings.

Some of the apps are just for beautification purposes and they are not even necessary to have.

Herein, we will be discussing the top-12 must-have apps in the device that shall easily suffice all your demands.

You will be able to stream all kinds of content – be it movies, sports, web series. These 12 curated apps here will help you access all that you are seeking to have to provide the best user entertainment experience.

P.S It might be the case that some of the apps listed below won’t be available directly in the store. So you will have to download and install APK files of the same.

Note – Streaming only those content is ethical which is available for public access and that where there are no legal or lawful restrictions. Please never go for such unlawful content as that can put you in trouble.

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Best Live Apps for  FireTV:

1. Express VPN

There are certain apps or say geo-blocked sites which are restricted in certain areas. With the help of a VPN (Virtual Private Network), it will help you access all such content by legal means.

Express VPN even offers its users tons of bandwidth which give us an added advantage of high speed that helps you access the content in 4K, HD mode seamlessly without any buffering situation.

Also, Expressvpn does not keep any logs for identifying the user – it doesn’t use any IP addresses or Traffic logs. Using Express VPN you can access the content available across 93 countries.

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2. Cinema HD

Earlier there was an app called Terrarium TV which used to provide unlimited access to movie streaming but it got shut down and posted that Cinema HD is considered to be the best alternative to terrarium TV.

Using Cinema HD you can get unlimited access to movies and they have tons of movies so you never run out of options.

Their library gets updated very frequently as they have an active set of developers working on it. Cinema HD works as an accelerator that fetches movies in the best quality from the links online and provides you with a seamless compilation of all the movies on one platform.

It does not create its content. The user interface of APP is quite simple, plain, and not involving any promotional ads which makes it easier to use.

This app is also very much compatible with the firestick model. You can easily navigate the menu, select, and stream using firestick even with a voice remote control. Apk file for this app is available for free.

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3. Cat Mouse

Cat Mouse again is considered a ditto replica of Terrarium TV, users even call it a clone of Terrarium TV.

Using this you can stream unlimited Movies, episodes, or Web series from any nook and carry of the world that took 4K/HD versions. The fact of it is available for free which such impeccable service and options have made it go viral overnight.

At present it holds a very good value in the market and that you can seamlessly access hundreds of HD videos in this third party app.

4. BBC i-player

The BBC is a popular channel across the globe and is considered to be one of the oldest based in the United Kingdom.

Be it movies/episodes/news/documentary it has it all. With the growing digitization, they have even now launched their Iplayer app for their users which is very much compatible with a firestick.

Although it is a restricted app and can be streamed only in the U.K mostly one can access it through VPN but anyways there are other shortcuts too. This app is available free of cost.

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5. Kodi

Kodi is more of a one-stop platform for all your needs. It is an open-source platform for all your needs. Kodi can give you access to countless music, movies, tv shows and you can even share your library of photos/pictures through Kodi.

It has very unique features that let you share your pictures either directly on an album or you can share them in a slide show manner. It was advisable to use Kodi using VPN due to global surveillance issues.

You can even record videos using Kodi, for that you will just have to download the PVR add-on. It is available for free and a major feature of Kodi is the easy and plain user interface.

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6. Stremio

Stremio is very much similar to Kodi, it is a third-party streaming app with all sorts of content like movies, episodes, etc.

Because there are some key differences due to which it is very much popular. The UI of the stream is very easy to use and accurate.

The second biggest difference and benefit are that it installs add-ons on its own; you don’t have to go and search for the add-on in particular, which makes it easy to use and enables us to run it even on low storage space.

It also has pre-made listed-on ones you can go into and install in one click! It is partly free.

7. Netflix

Netflix=Entertainment is what it has become now. Be it any classic movie or an old American documentary or any Korean – Asian movie you can find it all on this one platform.

They are said to have one of the best collections in various genres and that it keeps upgrading on a daily basis.

Netflix is one of the must-haves when anything comes to entertainment. Although it is not available for free it has the features of using it across 4 screens at a time with just one subscription.

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8. Vudu

Vudu is an American broadcasting app just like NetFlix providing high-quality shows/movies and episodes in different genres like stand-up comedy, romance, Western, black cinema, etc.

It is 100% legal and also allows you to rent and buy shows. Lately, Vudu has been gaining much popularity in the American market.

9. Discovery+

Discovery has been gaining its amazon popularity for the last 20 years. Now they have altogether a set of different channels to cater to their user’s needs right from Wildlife, sci-FI to astronomy, documentary, etc through their different channels like TLC, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery channel, etc.

Discovery eventually has become a part of classics now. However, this is a paid service, you need to have a subscription which is comparatively very cheaper.

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10. Crunchyroll

If you’re into Anime series streaming then Crunchyroll is the perfect platform for you. It offers various Japanese-based anime series and Asian series with more than 25000+ episodes and 15000+ hrs of non-stop streaming.

The best part is that even the shows are mainly in the Japanese language. It translates it into different languages before streaming. Also, Crunchyroll is licensed and 100% authentic in broadcasting Japanese anime all over the world.

11. Redbox TV

With Red TV, you can get the exact live TV experience. Redbox TV is easy to use and it doesn’t even require signing up or anything.

You can straightway install and start using it. It offers more than 2500 channels to stream in different 22 categories. sports/news/music/documentaries/cartoons/wildlife/SciFi you name it and you have it in the Red box.

Because of such a wide range of offerings and variety. Redbox becomes a must to have an app in the firestick. However it is not available for free, you need to pay certain subscription charges for the same.

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12. Sports TV (IPTV)

This app enables live on-demand shows and sports matches along with Live TV channels all in one place.

It is a paid app with tariffs starting at $14.5/month but it is worth it because of its features. It gives you channel options with around 8000+ to choose from across the globe.

You can stream any live sport at any given time for a number of times. It offers very high-quality streaming with up to 1080p.


With Amazon’s launch of the Firestick product, it has completely revolutionized the way of seeing and accessing entertainment from around the world.

It is much more than what we used to get to see using the local cable TV method. Now, you can watch tons of movies/ live sports/ news/Web-series or an A-Z source with this without paying anything extra as you used to in Cable TV.

And It can lead you to save hundreds of dollars over a year. So basically, the entertainment experience now has become cheaper, easier, convenient, and better than any satellite or Cable TV!

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