5 Best Tools for Instagram Story Download Online – Complete Guide

Couldn’t find a way for your favorite Instagram Story download online on Instagram; you will definitely not find one. It is because Instagram has not given any. But don’t worry you can use various online tools for Instagram Story download. These Tools will let you download Instagram Stories anonymously and free. We have compiled a list of the 5 best tools available online in this guide.

In this guide, you will go to learn about the 5 best tools available online to download Instagram stories. Which include what are these tools, their features, and later step-by-step instructions on how to use these tools?

But, before we begin our complete guide, let’s have a little introduction about Instagram Stories. If you are in a hurry, definitely you can anytime scroll down to our Guide.

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What are Instagram Stories?

Instagram Story is one of the best features of the Instagram App. Instagram first added this feature in August 2016. Instagram Stories become so popular that in mere 4 years more than 500 million users are using this daily now. What is the Reason? One of the biggest reasons is that now with these Stories you can post multiple pictures, video, audio, content in only a single story. And that will remain at the top of your follower’s Instagram feed for 24 hours. Unlike the posts which got piled up by the new ones.

There is a lot of things you can do in Instagram Stories. We have various articles on Instagram Stories features. You will definitely love to read them. But for the sake of being relevant with this topic, we have kept this section for a little introduction only.

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Let’s quickly move into our Complete Guide on the 5 best tools for Instagram Story Download online.

5 Best Tools for Instagram Story Download online:

#1 Story Saver

Story saver is an online web tool you can use for Instagram Stories Downloads. This is a very simple tool, you only need to copy the Instagram account link and paste it on their Instagram Story downloader. And that’s it you can have your Instagram story downloaded.

Using this tool you can easily download any story, highlights. You can easily use this tool on your windows and Mac laptop as well as on your iPhone, Android Smartphones too.

Step-by-Step instructions to download the Instagram Story online

  1. Launch your Internet browser (use chrome for windows, mac desktops and on Androids as well, and Safar on your iPhones)
  2. Enter StorySaver.net on your address bar of the Internet browser and hit enter to launch the Webtool.
  3. Go to the Instagram profile from where you want to download the stories and copy the Instagram Profile Username.
  4. Type in or Paste the Instagram Profile Username in the text box under the Download Instagram Stories and click on Download (a big blue button).
  5. Click on the Captcha to prove that you are a human.
  6. And the Instagram profile will open with the number of stories added in the last 24 hours.
  7. For saving the photo click on Save as Photo button after the Instagram Story Screenshot.
  8. After clicking the button your File Launcher will open, select the location and click on Save to save the Story on your device.

That’s how simple it is for Instagram story download online using the StorySaver.net tool.

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#2 Save-Insta – Instagram Downloader

Save-insta web tool gives you the convenience to download and save Instagram Stories, Profile Photo, Account Photos, Uploaded videos on Instagram Profile, and Reels too in one place. You have just had to go to the relevant tab to download and hit the button to download that’s it.

You can use this tool to download Instagram content on your Desktop, iPhone, or Android Smartphone. This tool also gives you the option to download content from Private Accounts too. You just need to log into your Instagram account to download private videos. Follow this step to download the Instagram stories.

Step-by-Step instructions to download the Instagram Story online

  1. Launch the Internet browser to launch the web tool on your device.
  2. Enter save-insta.com on your address bar of the browser and hit enter to launch the Instagram Story download Webtool.
  3. Click on the Story you want to download on your desktop or Smartphone. For Desktop click on the address bar to copy the link of the Story, and on Smartphone click on Three vertical dots at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. To download the story go to the Story tab on the save-insta web tool, Type in or Paste the Instagram story Link in the text box under the Downloader for Instagram and click on the View button.
  5. All the Instagram Stories of the Instagram profile selected will appear, swipe left or right on your Smartphone or use the arrow key on the desktop to select the story you want to download.
  6. For saving the photo click on the download button (a down arrow key) right in front of the story.
  7. After clicking the button your File Launcher will open, select the location and click on Save to save the Story on your device.

Following the above steps, you can download stories to your device or smartphones.

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#3 ingramer.com – Story Downloader for Instagram

This is another best tool you can use to download stories, photos, videos, etc. This is the only option here that allows you to download IGTV also. As with the above two tools downloading the stories here is also a simple task.

The best part of the tool is you can download content from Facebook and Twitter too. Just copy the Instagram Profile Link whose stories you want to download. Enter the link in the input box and hit enter to download the videos.

Step-by-Step instructions to use ingramer.com web tool for Instagram Story download

  1. Launch the Internet browser on your device.
  2. Enter ingramer.com on your address bar to launch the Instagram Story download Webtool on your device.
  3. Go to the Instagram profile from where you want to download Instagram Story. Copy the Username of the Instagram profile.
  4. To download the story go to the Download Story tab from the menu of the Ingramer web tool, Type in or Paste the Instagram profile username in the input text box hit enter, or click on the Search button.
  5. A list of all the Stories from the Instagram Profile will appear with a Download button at the bottom of the Stories. Click Download to save the stories on your Desktop or Smartphones.
  6. In this web tool, you can also download all the stories in one go, but for that, you have to subscribe to the Premium tool.
  7. After clicking the button your stories will be downloaded to Downloads by default. You can also use the shortcut key Ctr+J to access it right from the browser.

You can follow the above steps to download any of the stories you like using the ingramer.com web tool. Please note that there is a certain limit you can use this web tool in a day. But don’t worry you can come back the next day or you can go for any other tool we listed here in this guide.

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#4 instafollowers.co – Download Instagram Stories

Unlike the other tools, this is one of the most powerful tools you can use for your Instagram. You can use this too for downloading Instagram stories, audios, videos, pictures, etc. To download any story just go to instafollowers.co homepage, enter Instagram Username and hit enter or click download to save your favorite Instagram Stories.

This tool also helps you analyze and count Instagram followers, find Instagram ID, do Instagram audits, or can generate Instagram Hashtags too. And Just like the Ingramer web tool this tool also lets you work on various other social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok) all free tools. To download stories from instafollowers.co web tool follows the below steps.

Step-by-Step instructions for Instagram Story Download online using instafollowers.co web tool

  1. Launch any of the Internet browsers available on your device.
  2. Type in the instafollowers.co website address in the address bar of your internet browser to launch the Webtool on your device.
  3. Copy the Instagram Profile username from the Instagram for which you want to downloads the story.
  4. Come back to your instafollowers.co web tool and enter or paste Instagram Profile Username in the Input Box under the Download Instagram Stories at the Homepage of the instafollowers.co.
  5. After entering the username hit enter or click on Download (a big blue button).
  6. After you click on the button you will be asked for human verification, click on the Captcha and you will automatically be taken to the next screen.
  7. If the Instagram Account for which you need to download the story is private, you will be asked to make it public.
  8. If it’s public a list of all the current stories will appear on the screen with a download button (a big blue button) at the bottom of each story.
  9. To download the story click on the Download button of the selected stories. Your selected story will open in a new window.
  10. Click on the three vertical dots at the bottom right corner of the screen, and clicks on Download.
  11. After clicking the Download button file launcher will open up, select the location you want to save, and clicks on the Save button to save the file on your device.

The process a bit longer in this web tool but definitely but unlike others, it gives you more Story options than the others. This is the must-visit tool if you want to though not recommended but can help boost your Instagram presence fast.

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#5 instadp.com – Instagram Stories and Reels downloader

This is amongst the simplest Instagram Story download online web tools. Very Simple and easy interface, you don’t need to learn rocket science to use it. Just enter your username and hit enter and save the Instagram Story on your device.

This tool also helps you download Full Size-Insta Profile Pictures, and also the Instagram Reels Videos for a particular Instagram Profile username. To download Instagram Stories just follow these simple steps.

Step-by-Step instructions to download Instagram Stories from the instadp.com web tool

  1. Launch an Internet browser on your desktop or Smartphone.
  2. Enter the web tool address instadp.com in the address bar and hit enter to launch the web tool.
  3. Go to Instagram on your desktop and copy the username for whose Stories you want to download.
  4. Return back to your web tool and paste or type in the Instagram username in the search bar at the top of the Webtool Home screen. Either hit enter or click on the Search icon at the end of the search bar.
  5. A Profile snapshot appears just below the search bar, with all the user details like Username, Original Name, Number of followers, Profile Details (no. of followings, posts), Option to download full-size Profile Picture, Stories, and reels downloads too.
  6. To download Instagram’s Current story, Click on the Stories tab (a Little play button).
  7. The current story will appear in the Stories window, Click Download at the end of the Stories tab window.
  8. After clicking the story will open in a new browser window, right-click on the image and click on Save image as, and select the location, and hit the Save button on file launcher.

That’s how you can simply download the current Instagram Story using the instadp.com web tool.

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Thanks for coming this far, we hope now you will easily download and collect your favorite Instagram Stories. We recommend to uses all of the software once for Instagram story download online. This will help you find the one best suits your requirements.

We know that there are some other tools out there in the market, but we have tried to put the tools on basis of their easy, simple usage. You don’t need to be a programmer or an expert to work with these tools.

We love when our subscribers or readers suggest us some new tools or want us to write on some topics. You can also do that, just leave a comment for us and we will be coming back to it

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