App development in healthcare: 4 types of applications to be built in 2023

Mhealth is really popular right now. Wearable technology like smartwatches and cellphones enable us to track our health remotely and share the information with our doctors, wherever we are. If you have a mobile healthcare app development company, you should follow the app trends that are likely to take the healthcare industry by storm in the next few years. 

mHealth or mobile health combines technology with the healthcare sector to build healthcare apps that improve the wellbeing of people all around the world. 

In this article, we’ll look at some of the most promising healthcare mobile app development services on the market right now. 

The Top Apps a Mobile Healthcare App Development Company Should Invest in In 2023

If you are a healthcare mobile app development company, these are some of the trendiest apps launching in 2022 and beyond:

Diagnostic Apps

There are so many apps on the market that focus on diagnostics, but the market isn’t exhausted yet. Diagnostic apps allow practitioners and fitness professionals to gather, evaluate, and review data about their patients. This can include using mobile devices like smartwatches to monitor heart rates, fitness levels, and sleep for review; access to electronic health records on the go; or even digital imaging apps. 

Other popular apps include built-in symptom checkers to diagnose illnesses and injuries quickly. These types of apps were very popular during the pandemic but can be used for virtually anything. 

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Remote Monitoring Apps

Another innovation that came from the 2020 pandemic is remote monitoring. Hospitals tried to keep as many patients home as possible to avoid spreading the COVID-19 virus, and that principle is still sound and appropriate. Patients need to be monitored, but they don’t need to be monitored in the hospital itself. Remote monitoring apps built by a mobile medical app development company can mean that patients can stay home but that their doctors can receive vital information about their health via the app. This can include heart rate, oxygen levels, glucose readings for diabetics, blood pressure information and more. Doctors will be able to pick up if a patient is in trouble or needs their medication adjusted. These apps can also include logs of visits to other doctors or care providers so that the patient’s information can easily be transferred between physicians as required, without relying on the patient’s knowledge or memory. 

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Clinical Reference and Research Apps

Doctors have to do a lot of research to find the right diagnosis. Custom healthcare app development services can create research apps that make it easy for physicians to log and share information, without carrying heavy reference journals around. A research app offers digital access to reference materials at all times. 

Healthy Living Apps

We’ve already mentioned mobile health tracking apps, but these aren’t limited to patients with underlying existing medical conditions. You can hire dedicated healthcare app developers to build healthy living apps that track behaviors like diet, exercise and sleep. There are also apps that help pregnant women track their baby’s development from the womb all the way through to the toddler years. Whether you need advice or just want to get beach body ready, these apps can help transform your health. 


The pandemic accelerated the need for healthcare apps, and the need won’t diminish in 2022. These mobile apps will improve patient care, and the level of service healthcare professionals can provide. Moreover, the mHealth industry keeps growing and becoming more profitable. 2022 will be an excellent time to hire a mobile healthcare app development company to build your own mobile healthcare app.

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