10 Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS

We often wonder how we will appear in old age. We can approximate our old age by looking at our grandparents.

You should download age progression apps if you want a more accurate result. They make use of cutting-edge aging simulation software.

It’s amusing to observe how you look in your later years. Thankfully, a slew of organizations and startups have been working on age progression apps to assist you to figure out how you’ll look in the future.

Because the App Store and Play Store are inundated with them, you may have to work harder to locate the finest age progression app.

The majority of age progression applications allow you to change your face from young to old or vice versa.

The apps also allow you to share on various social networking channels, which adds to the pleasure. The most highly regarded age progression apps for Android and iOS can be found here.

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List of Best Age Progression Apps for Android and iOS

Here are the top 10 most recommended age progression apps to download on your mobile device based on those criteria:-

1. FaceApp

FaceApp is one of the most popular age progression apps ever built, with over 100 million downloads on the Google Play Store.

This free app uses artificial intelligence to create selfies that look like they belong on the cover of a magazine.

Enjoy incredible transformations such as gender-swapping, hair styling, and, most significantly, changing your age.

FaceApp includes a plethora of enhancements and features, such as impression filters, makeups, tattoos, and other changes.

You can also use grins and effects such as color filters, lens blurring, and others. Simply tap on the background if you wish to change it.

2. AgingBooth

AgingBooth is one of the most popular PiVi & Co. apps in the world. In a matter of seconds after opening the app, you’ll have a vintage snapshot of yourself at your fingertips.

It has a one-of-a-kind technique that may make a person in a photograph appear much older. There is no need for an Internet connection.

Apart from that, the app features a slew of other benefits. You’ll be able to add your photo instantly by uploading it from a gadget library or a camera.

Furthermore, the software will automatically scan your face and clip off any unwanted elements.

You may also view the original photo by shaking your phone after putting wrinkles and grey hair to your shot.

The same procedure may be used to see the ultimate result of a photo that has all traces of aging removed.

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3. Make Me Old

Make Me Old is a good choice if you’re looking for simple age progression software. Despite the fact that it lacks artificial intelligence, it is equipped with advanced representation technology that gives the outcome a realistic appearance.

Make Me Old uses a face scanner to help recognize and convert your face. You can also include amusing stickers and a position marker for more precise results.

When you’re finished, post it on social media. You may scan any face with this app, including family members, friends, and even your favorite musicians.

This program is really simple to use. Simply open the camera, scan your face with the app, and the app will display your future face.

Make Me Old helps you to strengthen and thin your eyes for the greatest results. Enjoy your images by downloading the app for free on your Android device.

4. Fantastic Face

It may examine your facial traits and generate a report based on them. You will learn the secrets of your face from this report.

Daily face analysis, age prediction, baby prediction, and emotion analysis are among its key tasks. You can also have fun with this app’s grin competition and beauty competition.

Alternatively, use the Celebrity Match function to identify celebrities with similar facial features to you.

Other features of this multipurpose software include love pairing, which helps you figure out your chances of falling in love, and a palmistry predictor, which forecasts your future job and riches. Enjoy the app and get to know yourself better.

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5. Age Recognition App

A face scanner in the Age Recognition App can detect not only age but also emotion and ethnicity.

If you need to find out someone’s age, the Age Recognition app comes in handy. Simply upload or take a snapshot of a friend, family member, or crush, and this software will take care of the rest.

You’ll know their estimated age, status, feelings, ethnicity, and much more in a matter of seconds.

This greatest age progression software includes a camera button, scanning apparatus, user-friendly design, and brain analysis, among other things. All of this is included within a flexible app that can be downloaded for free.

6. Oldify

It is straightforward to use, with a basic and clear layout that allows users to easily discover their old faces.

This interesting age progression tool comes with a number of crucial features. It has an automatic face detection feature that scans your face and converts your age to that of an older person.

You can alter the actual position of the face using the provided marker with face adjustment. Once everything is in place, a single tap will age your face.

To swap back and forth, simply shake the gadget. Save your photo to your smartphone or SD card once it has been transformed.

Alternatively, you can share old images with pals via other social media channels.

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7. What Will I Look Like Old Face

You don’t have to wait until you’re 80 years old to see your old face. This face program was created to assist you in determining how you will appear at a specific age.

This program will transform your photo to the age you choose to be. It works with any photo from the gallery or camera, so you can instantly age anyone.

This program analyses face traits and make a snapshot that appears to be older. It can handle the majority of your photos thanks to artificial intelligence.

Choose how old you want to be by trying it on friends, family, and yourself. It is incredibly basic and straightforward to use, just as other similar apps.

Tap to convert your photo after you’ve uploaded it. It will give you the result in a matter of seconds.

8. Face Cam

This app allows iPhone and iPad users to have fun with front-facing images. Face Cam touts artificial intelligence technology for more precise face swaps, with a 4.0 rating on the App Store.

It also has art filters that allow you to add a range of effects to your images, like watercolor paintings, sketches, oil paintings, and more.

You must import two photographs from the gallery or snap them directly from the camera to use the face swap feature.

After you’ve imported your face, use old face filters to see how you’ll look in a few decades. Surprisingly, you may apply a number of stickers to enhance the look of your pictures.

You must import two photographs from the gallery or snap them directly from the camera to use the face swap feature.

Face Cam allows you to add wrinkles and grey hair to your images to make them look more realistic.

All of these tasks can be completed without the use of an internet connection. Furthermore, this software does not save your images, ensuring that your privacy is safeguarded.

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9. Face Story

This is a popular face swapping and aging software for iOS users. It has a plethora of tools that allow you to use photographs in new ways. Face Story contains all you need, whether you want to see how you’d look in a different gender or when you’re older.

To make your face look a few decades older, add wrinkles and modify your hair color. Alternatively, find your celebrity twin and tell your family and friends about it. After you’ve got the result, you can improve it by modifying the layer, filter, brightness, and other settings.

Everything can be dealt with in a matter of seconds. Not only can you change the gender and age of your images, but you can also use facial detection to crop them.

It also makes it simple to carry out the modification. Face Story is really simple to use, so even someone with little experience with editing will be able to complete the project.

10. Make Me Old Photo Montage Editor

You may make a montage with attractive face stickers and edit photos with a face changer with the aid of this app.

You can modify a photo and make it awesome by using cool camera stickers. To begin, simply upload an image from your smartphone and you’re all set!

In addition to features, this app adds unique picture effects to selfies and images to make them look more realistic.

Share each altered photo on social networking channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The software is free to download, but you may upgrade your content with in-app purchases.

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Final Words

If you need any help regarding this topic please share your query in the comment section. We will solve it as soon as possible.

Or also you can tell us that which of the finest age progression apps do you prefer? These face applications are great for pranking pals or if you’re bored with standard picture editors. With the age progression app, you can see how your face will look in the future and share it with others.

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