Best Free Anime Site with No Ads| What Site to Watch Anime Online Free?

Due to the large demand for anime recently, there is now a huge number of free anime sites for us to choose from. However, not all of them are safe, and no one can afford to check them all out. We know your struggle and decide to do extensive research to find you the best site to watch anime online for free with no ads.

For complete safety and a seamless streaming experience, a subscription is normally needed. However, these subscriptions are so expensive that many of us opt for ad-supported anime streaming sites instead. But do you believe that you can get those benefits at no cost on Just days ago, we couldn’t believe it either. And we decided to introduce this amazing gem to our readers as soon as possible with this review.

What is Free Anime Site is a new free anime streaming site that allows us to stream and download up to thousands of English Subbed and Dubbed anime shows, including the latest releases, at no cost. Zoro has learnt from other sites’ mistakes to create the best anime-streaming site ever with zero ads, ultra HD quality, seamless streaming capabilities, great customer services, fast updates, and many more superb features. 

Is Safe?

Everyone who has been on the Internet long enough knows how important a site’s safety is. A wrong click might bring you endless headaches as a click on unwanted ads can fill your device with spyware, viruses, trojans or other types of malware. But as we stated above, is ad-free, meaning that there is no risk of you harming your device, as well as identity, while streaming at 

If you don’t want to share any of your private information online, then Zoro can again help you with that. As there is no registration or signup needed on the site, you can stay completely anonymous. No information shared, no information hacked. 

Can I download it from

Downloading on is as easy as streaming the content online. All you need to do is click on the Download button and your video of interest will soon be available to watch offline later. However, Illegal downloading of copyrighted content is considered a more serious act than pirated streaming. Therefore, don’t forget to turn on a reliable VPN before doing it on 

Is Using Legal?

Unfortunately, doesn’t pay for its content so it is not considered legal to watch anime online here. But which legal sites let us watch its full content library without ads anyway? If we want to watch current titles with no ads on CrunchyRoll and Funimation, we will have to pay about $10 a month. We know not everyone is willing to do something illegal but don’t sweat it, with a VPN, you can stay anonymous to avoid any possible issues. Alternatives – Sites like

We don’t know any site that gives us the features that has to offer. Even illegal streaming sites ask for a subscription in case you want 1080p quality or no ads. We don’t know exactly what you prioritize but if you are into ultra HD resolution, you can check out CrunchyRoll, Funimation, and AnimeDao. If you want zero ads for a better streaming experience, you can go for paid tiers at CrunchyRoll, Funimation, VRV, and Netflix. If you want a site with a huge collection of anime shows, check out Gogoanime, 9anime, and AnimeFreak. 

Is Zoro App Available?

Currently doesn’t have any official app for iOS or Android. However, as the site is mobile-friendly and Chromecast supported, your user experience will be so excellent that you barely feel the need for the app. 

How to Navigate Through

Zoro boasts a premium looking design and extremely simple user interface. All it takes you is 30 seconds to realize how to navigate and browse through the site. If you already have a specific title in mind, you can type it in the search box placed in the center of the homepage. If you want to use the site’s filter for Movies, TV Series, Most Popular, and Top Airing, check out the horizontal navigation bar. Or if you want more suggestions such as Latest Releases, Anime News, etc, you can also click on “View Full Site”. 

Do I Need to Make an Account for doesn’t require any signup or registration. The site is completely commitment-free. You can come and go as you please, without having to provide any information. However, if you want to be kept updated about new shows, latest episodes, as well as anime-related news, you can make an account to get the notifications.

Zoro’s Features

Have you ever pictured a perfect free anime-streaming site? If yes, make the list of all the features you’ve dreamt of and check how many boxes Zoro ticks. By doing so, you will realize that it is not exaggerating to say is the best site to watch anime online for free with no ads. 

  • Adjustments: Every site has its strengths and weaknesses, but not many of them are willing to adjust for a better version of themselves. Maybe the cons are unavoidable (rampant ads ~ huge income) or the teams don’t feel the need to work harder to satisfy their users. But as Zoro aims to be the best place for anime lovers to watch free anime online, they have always been willing to improve their quality. To create the site, the Zoro team learnt from other sites’ mistakes to retain all the good things and get rid of the bad ones. Adjustments will always be made to provide us with the best overall experience possible. 
  • Safety: As stated above, because Zoro is completely ad-free, there is no risk of us being attacked by viruses and malware while streaming here. No ads equals to no risk of malicious computer programs. In addition, as we are not required to make an account, our identity is also kept safe.
  • Content Library: boasts a huge collection of English Subbed and Dubbed anime shows. You are highly likely to find your title of interest on the site as there are up to thousands of titles from all genres such as action, drama, kids, fantasy, horror, mystery, police, romance, school, comedy, music, game and many more. The site also has some specific sections for reviews, news about upcoming shows, or facts that you might want to know. 
  • Quality/Resolution: If you have been on the Internet looking for free anime streaming sites for long, you surely know there are only a few sites that let us stream in Ultra HD quality (1080p) for free. It proves that provides us with the best. With stable Internet connection, your watching experience will be dramatically enhanced in 1080p. The site also offers us the option to adjust the image quality in case our connection gets weak. You can set the quality as 360p if your Internet is being ridiculous, and get back to 720p or even 1080p anime when it gets better. 
  • Streaming Experience: When compared with leading anime sites, loading speed at is on the same par, or even faster. Thanks to the site’s seamless streaming feature, our watching experience is totally smooth without any buffering, lagging., or interruptions from redirects, ads, and popups. 
  • Updates: is one of the fastest to update the latest releases and new episodes. Requested titles are also uploaded on a daily basis. By doing so, wants us to know that fin never ends on the site, and that they won’t let us leave without finding something new and interesting to watch. You can come to the full site to check out new updates everyday or get notifications from the site with a signup. 
  • User interface: To many of us, a simple user interface is a must. Not everyone is fond of learning how to navigate and browse through a site, given that we always feel a lack of time for anime. No matter how familiar you are with streaming sites, or even that is your first site ever, you can easily figure out how to use it after a quick look. If you already know what you want to watch, type the title in the search box placed in the center of the homepage. If you want more suggestions, you can also use the site’s filter on the horizontal navigation bar or simply go View Full Site.
  • Device Compatibility: Zoro is compatible with most devices as it is mobile friendly and Chromecast-supported. However, as the site recommends, for a smoother and overall better streaming experience, you should use your desktop/laptop to stream anime online here. 
  • Customer Care: Although is already better than we expected, it still has a lot to improve. And it’s a great sign that the team welcomes our feedback in an attempt to be a better version of itself constantly. By doing so, we know that the site will keep reaching higher. The Zoro team is committed to being on active mode 24/7 to fix broken links, upload requested content, and help us with any query/inquiry. 

Of course, there is no perfect site. But isn’t it already impressive that Zoro is almost as perfect as the site you’ve pictured? Don’t forget that the site listens to us, if you have any feedback that you think can help the site become better, feel free to send them a message or two. And if you want them to grow faster, share the site with your friends, they surely need our support the most at the moment.

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