Top 10 best iPhone Apps forever

best iPhone Apps ever

Apple vs. Android debates are a never-ending one. Some prefer iOS while others swear by their Android. However, both the operating platforms have their gimmicks. So, whatever phone you choose, you’d be in for some great features and app store that offers you many user-friendly apps. Speaking of which, some apps will forever prove out to be very handy for you.

People usually rely on apps that are recommended by others or have a good rating. The reason being; some of the apps that you download have a lot of buys and lags, and some come with a lot of advertisements. You might even end up paying for an app, and you might never know that there is an alternative one that’s available for free. Hence, sometimes app reviews come in quite handy.

For example, since Airg reviews are positive for AirG apps, people will be influenced to download their social and gaming apps.

1. Facebook Messenger

The chances are you already have this app on your phone. After all, social media and Facebook are often considered to be synonymous to one another. The Facebook app works quite similarly to the desktop website. The major difference is in the interface, which has been altered to deliver a smooth experience on an iPhone. It lets you share your activities and what’s happening in your life. You can like posts, watch videos, share content on your friend’s timelines, and scroll through your newsfeed.

It helps you stay connected with your friends and family on the go. With companies and colleagues more interested in reviewing what you post and see on Facebook to understand you better, having a social media presence is crucial. Always having access to it via the app can come in handy and so can this app.

2. Google Maps

There is one thing that is common among millennials. And that is how bad we are at remembering routes and addresses. Due to navigation apps, we don’t need to work on the issue either!

With many other navigation apps like Ways etc. Google Maps has succeeded in being a favorite of a lot of people.  This is mainly due to the accuracy and usability delivered by the app. Google maps are one of the most used apps for navigation services.

It gets such a reputation because it entails the most up-to-date and detailed geographical information. Google apps offer quick access by features where you set your home and office. It also shows you estimated travel times, traffic update and the alternative ways to your destination. With such features, Google Maps can be a great addition for those who aren’t good with directions.

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3. Gmail

If you only use Google’s mail service as your primary email tool, this app would handle all the tasks. Unlike Outlook, it doesn’t handle any accounts from any provider. Instead, Google is more concerned with making the user experience very fast and easier than another pre-installed app. The app delivers periodic updates which can be very useful for ensuring that bugs and lags are fixed. These updates are sent continuously over a period to ensure the usability is smooth.

4. Tab

If you are an outgoing person and tend to eat or hang out more often than not with friends, this app might be your cup of tea.

What is one of the biggest problems of eating out? For most people, it is about deciding how much you have to pay. When the bill arrives, some of you either end up paying more than your share, or someone opens the calculator to see what everyone’s share is. When you are out having fun, both these situations aren’t exactly ideal.

The tab allows you to avoid these situations. It helps you easily figure out the who owes what. After a meal, just take a picture of the receipt. Then, assign items to each person as per their order. After doing that, the app gives you an equal share of what every person has to pay. You can also add the tip, and it will get divided evenly. You are bound to find this much more convenient than arguing who owes what.

5. Evernote

Have you ever found yourself in situations where you needed to note down something and didn’t have the required tools to do it? Or maybe you typed it in your smartphone but now need it and don’t have it accessible on your laptop?

Evernote helps in combatting these issues. This app can be viewed as a digital solution to note taking. With the help of Evernote, you can jot down important notes on your smartphone rather than scrambling to find a pen and paper. For example, if you are working and away from your desk, this app would make sure that you don’t miss out on important information to keep.

The application has an automatic synchronization feature that allows syncing all your notes to your cloud drive, so it also saves you the hassle of saving notes manually if you are running short of time. The synchronization feature makes sure you never lose your data, even if you lose your iPhone. How so? Well, when you open your Evernote application in any other iPhone, you’ get to find all the files that you noted on your previous phone.

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6. Flipboard

You might be aware of Flipboard if you have used an iPad. This is because Flipboard was initially available on iPads. However, now the app is available for download on iPhone too. It configures all the data from your social media networks and other network partners, based on your interests and turns them into a stunning magazine. It has pages that would show your interests, and you can communicate easily with your friends and family.

7. Netflix

If you love watching movies and shows, it is a great time for you to be alive. Rather than watching episodes weekly or sitting through long ad breaks, now streaming services allow you to watch it all at your own convenience. Netflix can be considered to be the pioneer of this change. It has more become a cultural phenomenon. It has millions of new subscriptions every month. You can watch Netflix on your iPhone as well if you download its app. Having the app allows you to fully benefit from your Netflix subscription. Everyone wants to access a service if they pay for it, with monthly paid subscriptions for a Netflix package, the Netflix app is a must-have as people can continue to watch their favorite shows without limiting themselves to laptops and television sets.

8. Enlight

iPhones come with amazing camera specifications. However, if you want to modify further or enhance your pictures and you like editing them; you can use the Enlight app to do it all. Many compare the results of this app to that of Adobe Photoshop. While Adobe Photoshop would have been a great app to have in iPhones, sadly it is only limited to computers. This photo editor might be one of the best alternatives available.

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9. Skiplagged

Skiplagged is a travel app that lets you find the cheapest airline tickets. It searches the internet thoroughly and then lets you know the entire traveling plan that would be suitable for you. It helps you find destinations within your travel plan which effectively lower your traveling costs. This aspect makes it a useful app for travel enthusiasts.

10. Sweatcoin

Individuals who care about their fitness might find Sweatcoin to be helpful. Sweatcoin is an app that is designed to motivate you to work out. Your progress is marked as sweat coins in the app. The more you work out, the more coins you get. And when we say workout, we don’t necessarily mean indulging in rigorous exercise (Although we would recommend you do those too if you want to be fit). Instead, something as simple as walking is defined as working out in Sweatcoin.

Therefore, you will be getting coins by just doing what you normally do. However, the more you do it, the more rewards you will get. What would you do with these coins?  These coins can later be redeemed. You can use them to collect rewards such as fitness gear. If you have been working out enough, you might even accumulate enough to get an iPhone!

Therefore, for anyone who is looking to stay fit, this app might prove to be an excellent source of motivation. Even if you are already motivated, using this app can allow you to earn some free rewards as you continue with your normal workout routine. It surely is a win-win situation.


These are just some of the many great apps available for iPhone users via the Apple Store. Depending on what your interests are, you will find each of them handy in one way or another. Whether or not you find them to be worthy of being in your smartphone is something you will have to decide on your own. Go ahead and download those apps that interest you. See whether they live up to the hype created around them. Come up with your own Top 10 list!

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