Top 10 Easy and Simple Ways To Make Money Online

This is my first post about making money and I’m writing this article because I’ve own Ideas about making money online easily and without investment. and yes I’ve also explained some paid methods but you can manage easily.

There are tons of work available online that you can do from home. In this post, I’ll show you the top 10 ways to make money online from your home. the first 3 methods will be very simple and easy that anyone can do without any investment.

I haven’t tried all of these ways to earn money, I’ve tried only the first 5 ways and getting good income but I must tell you that, all of these methods are genuine and the good fit for “how to make money fast online”

And I also want to tell you that, to earning such types of income, you must need some requirements…

  1. A laptop or Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Bank account
  4. Email ID (You can create from Google Gmail)
  5. PayPal account

Okay, now we start the points…

Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online

Make Money with Article Writing

I think article writing is the best choice for any beginners because writing any about the topic also help you to gain your knowledge. There are lots of websites online who pay you writing the article for their site or blog, you just need to write an effective and quality article according to their niche.

Here is some sites name who paid for article…


Topic: Entrepreneur, WordPress, HTML & CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT, RUBY, Mobile, Web, Design & UX etc.

Article Rate: USD 100 to USD 250


Topic: Email Marketing, Web design & development, Javascript,  WordPress etc.

Article Rate: According to the length of the article

TutsPlus NetWork

Topic: WordPress, Photoshop, Web design and development, Business, Video etc.

Article rate:  USD 150 to USD 200

SEO Link building

Very and a very easy way to make money online but for this, you need some knowledge about off-page SEO, you can easily learn online and if you already know about off-page SEO, it’s too good.

Here are some links where you can build the backlinks

Business Listing Sites List

PPT Submission Sites List

Press Release Submission Sites List

How to find the clients

You can use social media to find your client, for example…

Visit Google+

And search Link building and join all the link-building communities

Then write about your link-building service like blog commenting, Bookmarking, Article sub, Profile creation, etc., and publish it in the link-building communities. Sometimes after you’ll get some mail from those who need backlinks for their sites

Similarly, you can use other social media

Make money with Guest Posting

Guest posting is also part of link building or off-page SEO, but according to me this is one of the great ways to earn money online, but for this, you must have some experience in article writing and if you have, then you can easily earn $300 to $1000+ monthly.

How to find clients for guest posts?

Make a list of guest posting sites

Use Google to find guest posting sites (Use these keywords to find guest posting sites: Write for us + Niche, Niche “Write for us”, Niche +”Write for us”)

Here are some guest posting sites:








After collecting the list of guest post sites then contact them one by one.

For example

Guest Post mail example
Guest Post mail for clients

After completing the above task, then you just need to mail any sites owner and tell them “We are providing guest post services at a very affordable price” (Please send the mail properly) or you may use social media to promote your guest post services just like we explained above in link building process.

I’ve tried all the above methods and got $95 to $193 each day

Start a blog

3rd March 2017, is the date when I purchased my domain but start working on my site from 3rd, February 2019 that time I have got a good knowledge about SEO because I was working in a company as an SEO executive so my blog growth is good and getting organic traffic fastly.

If you want to earn money from your own blog then you need two compulsory things and those things are patience and honest work on your blog if you have these two things I’m sure 100% you will definitely get succeed as a blogger and earn money unlimited. or according to your wish.

So how to start a blog?

Here you need some investment for purchasing Domain and hosting which is paid and necessary for starting any blog.

You can purchase the domain from GoDaddy (You’ve to pay around $3 yearly) and hosting from HostGator (you’ve to pay for this around $20)

After purchasing Domain and hosting you need to install WordPress

You can watch this video for a complete guide

Affiliate Marketing

If you have a blog or just thinking about starting a blog then Affiliate marketing is a great option to make income online but for this, you must have huge numbers of traffic on your blog.

If you getting huge numbers of traffic on your blog then you just need to go to some popular and trustworthy sites whois providing affiliate programs, just signed up their and then you got a special code or affiliate link, and then insert this link into your blog post if anyone purchases any product through this link, you’ll get some commission. Many bloggers use affiliate programs and earn around $1000 each day.

In addition to sign-up for an individual program, you may also sign-up for the affiliate ad network that provides lots of different affiliate programs in one place. And you can see there what does work and what does not work over time.

Earn Money From Sponsored Post

A sponsored post is also a good option to earn money through your blog, if you’ve got a good number of daily traffic on your blog then many companies contact you for the sponsored post on your site and then you can charge a post according to your site traffic. These days I’m charging $50 to $80 for each post and earn money around $1500 monthly only from the sponsored post.

If you want to get sponsored posts easily then create a Write for us page and try to rank that page and mention where you’ve also accepted sponsored posts at the affordable price.

Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is another way to make money online after affiliate marketing and blogging. A freelancer work with big or small companies on a temporary basis.

You can work as a Graphic designer, Web design & developer, Content writer, or other services like SEO, Videomaker, Data entry, and more.

As a freelancer, you can make USD 400 to USD 2000+ each month or depend on your services or clients’ required services.

Here is some popular freelancing website…



Domain Trading

Domain trading is the highest profit-earning method. Here you need some investment to purchase the domains.

GoDaddy is the best option to purchase domains so here you can purchase a domain for less than $10 and sell this domain in future to any needy person for this you can charge hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Watch this video

Sell your photos online

I think this is an easy and interesting method to make money online. You can use your smartphone to take high-quality pictures of the places, natures, dishes, homes, animals, things and sell them online.

There are many big sites like Photobucket, Fotokia, ShutterStock, iStockPhoto where you can submit your images and whenever anyone wants to buy your images, you will get the payment as per the prices you fixed there.

Stock & Forex Trading

Stock and Forex trading is a lucrative method to earn money for those people who have good knowledge of marketing.

There are many paid and free courses available online that can guide you for online trading

You may also read the newspaper or watch news channel like CNBC to become an expert in the field. I think it’s risky to enter into this field without sufficient ideas or knowledge.

Sell your notes online with other students

Sharing the note with other students also a good option to make extra money. There are some sites where you can upload your notes with your prices and when any student downloads your notes you get paid.

Here is the sites name-Stuvia and Notesale

I hope you got some ideas through this post. If you’ve any ideas about making money online please mail us with your full name at [email protected]

Thanks for your time

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