5 Best Mac Apps for College Students

Nowadays laptops have become the most important part for the students to complete their assignments, notes, research study, and much more work. Also when you reach college you get a lot of work and it has never been easy if you don’t have your MacBook apps.

If you have a Mac App kit then it turns your study life into a pleasant life. If you have the right tool for anything then it is much easier for you to reach the “A” grade easily.

If you are a college student then this article is very worthwhile for you because I am going to share with you the best mac app names which help you a lot for many purposes.

Let’s discuss some of the best Mac app names.

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5 Best Mac Apps for College Students

Let’s give an overview of each Mac app for college students mentioned here:

1. Manuscripts

Manuscript Mac app is used to write a proper working tool with footnotes, annotations, references, editing, and restructuring. It is done on a word processor and very simple to use. Also, the manuscripts app briefly guides you so it could be better for you.

The features you find in the mac app are in standard text editor format which is more than enough for a normal student. This mac app is used by the students to easily meet the style requirements only in one click and can easily do editing on the page.

When the students have their work on an academic writing assignment, it then needs the manuscript format to make it overall a good look.


The type of feature that you will get on the manuscript is :

  • Edit content
  • Styling
  • Annotations
  • Navigation
  • Import and Export
  • Reference Management

These kinds of amazing features you will get in the manuscript app to make your work excellent.

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2. iStudiez pro

The life of a student is mixed with activity and work submission to be on time. Sometimes it is a bit painful for them. Are you facing the same kind of problem? ok, then I will let you know that how to study pro will be the best app for you.

You can take a lot of advantage through this app. Studies pro helps you to manage the classes, homework, assignments, deadlines, examination dates, and much more. This app is very simple and convenient to use by every student.

Where is it used?

The most important thing about the Mac app is that you can use it on Windows PC, macOS, Android, and iOS.You can simply connect the app with anyone of your choice and use the feature to do your work promptly.

When you open the iStudiez pro then it looks like a calendar you might be confused but after some time you will be familiar with it.

You can use the app for your study timetable fixed on a calendar and for private study as well.

You can input all the exam dates, assignments submission, or any important classes in the calendar. Also, it gives you the option to add the description of your assignments.

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3. Capto

Capto Mac apps have the best feature of screen capturing, screen recording, editing to make them work more informative and comparative.

It happens many times with everyone when you take the class you want to note them properly but you don’t have much enough time.

Then through this app, you can instantly do a video record of the screen or if you want then can take a screenshot after that you can edit it and could also share it with anyone by only pressing a button.

This app provides you a wide range of image and video editing tools features if you want you can change it according to yourself.

Mostly the use of the Capto to make the tutorial slideshow or video with annotations. To use the Capto you are enabled to take the picture of an entire screen, specific window, internal and external web browser.


  • Image Editing and annotation
  • Screen capturing
  • Video recording
  • Screen recording
  • Video Editing
  • Files management and sharing

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4. Mindnode

To start any work you need some ideas and thoughts to reach a good level. In the present time, the college student has got these kinds of work where they need these kinds of apps to make their work more impactful.

You always want to try to write on paper, what is going on in your mind? And what exactly you want to mention on paper. Here, for that purpose, this app is really great and fantastic for you.

How to start it?

Any great idea starts with a single thought which leads to another one and then many more. Mindnode helps you to create your all ideas and thoughts into a clear picture.

It works like brainstorming quickly and easily. You can use the Mindnode mac app on iOS and  Android as well.

Any time when you feel sometimes bubbling with your ideas it’s only in your mind but not knowing properly how to write it.

Then the mind node app helps you to make your thoughts successful. Conclusion hint, mind mapping is the magic of the mind node that is inside the app.


Some feature you will find in the mind node are:

  • Quick Entry
  • Themes
  • Sticker
  • Focus mode
  • Tasks
  • Visual Tags
  • Outlining
  • Creative notes

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5. Ulysses

Ulysses is an awesome writing app for the students and it can be run on Mac,iPad, and iPhone. Ulysses is the first app choice for writers also because it has a pleasant and focused writing experience with fast and flexible options.

It happens many times that you are not able to write the exact thing that you want to say but you do not need to worry more, if you are a student then this app is more beneficial for you.

This app is also encouraged by the writers, its work is as exactly as your outway of thought and it is a distraction-free app. It will help you to organize all the projects in one place.

Ulysses has a great feature to change your text into a PDF so that it looks more stylish and more comfortable. You can use this app anytime and anywhere for work which turns your hours into fun time.

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The motive of this article is to make this app more knowledgeable to everyone. Because for being a student it is a bit easier and wonderful to use the tool to make their work more effective by using this app.

If I talk about myself I also use some of this app for my work to picture it in a new frame with an easy format. To use it I feel it is rewarding for me.

It never matters that you are a student or a professional worker; these apps can work for anyone. You only need to know the more feature part of the given app for better use.

One more important thing is that it is a subscription-based service where you can find the best one according to your purpose. I hope this article will help you to know the various mac apps names for college students.

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