10 Best Apple CarPlay Apps for 2022

Carplay is an apple feature that allows you to connect your iPhone to your car and can display all the essential and entertainment activities like listening to music, responding to messages or calls, getting directions, and many more options.

Carplay apps allow you to give commands and listen to the voice at the time while you are driving the vehicle. Once you install the Carplay app you really find it a very useful thing to manage all the work at the same time.

Have you ever known the Carplay app’s name or how to use it? If your answer is no then in this article I will share with you all the apps names with their working features.

10 Best Apple CarPlay Apps for 2022

Here is the list of the Top 10 Apple Carplay apps for 2022

  • Apple Map
  • Phone
  • Messages
  • Apple Music
  • Podcasts
  • iBooks AudioBooks
  • iHeartRadio
  • Whatsapp
  • Spotify
  • NPR One

Now Let’s take a brief look and each Apple apps mentioned above for CarPlay:

1. Apple Map

Apple map helps you to find the desired location of your destination point. You have to just open it and select your address location link then the app will show you all the based locations of your address. You can also discuss the location map through text messages or email.

Also, this apple map shows you all the related things according to your needs like nearby gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and many more. Whether you ask Siri on your phone the same way, you can talk with Siri’s voice to help you reach the location.

Waze and Google Maps options are also available on Apple Maps.

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2. Phone

The installation of a phone app on your car is an easy method and through this, you are enabled to make calls and receive calls anytime by using your iPhone. You don’t need to stop the car or cut the phone while driving. You can pick and talk easily with this feature option.

But I recommend you do not open the phone app to check the calls or dialer of your list contacts while driving. You can use Siri to say and respond to something.

3. Messages

To do a texting message might be dangerous and risky. But if you have the CarPlay app then you no need to worry for this Apple car play will help you in this situation. You only need to tap read the message and reply to them directly.

For any incoming Message, Siri will respond to the message fastly when you advise them. You only need to say a text message to that person which you want and the message will be sent to them.

For Example – You try to say, Text John, I will be at home within 20 minutes, or read the text messages and listen to them without opening them.

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4. Apple Music

While driving, everyone loves to listen to songs. NowadaysYou did not like to listen to the radio while driving because it takes more time on ads. If you don’t want to continue this then apple music on CarPlay will help you.

The apple music allows you to play the songs on iTunes and really you enjoy and feel fantastic with this music loud. Also, you can access other options on apple music and can take the subscription for this app for more features.

It is your choice you can add your favorite playlist name song. You only need to click once only the home screen of the app and start the vehicle then it will play through the app. And you can enjoy driving with music.

5. Podcasts

Do you want to listen to something instead of music or other radio songs? Then podcasts are the best option for you at the time of driving. Podcasts help you to access any series of spoken word digitally audio so you can easily listen to it.

It is all one audio app, also podcasts have a subscription service feature with a large library of music, thousands of local and national radio stations.

Carplay always gives you the simple feature to use the app properly. You can access the podcasts with your iPhone. If you don’t like the ads you can tell Siri to skip this from the podcast.

They can also use Siri to access this app and find a podcast to listen to. They can even use Siri to skip ahead in the podcast. For example, you can say with commands like “ “Play the podcast” or “skip this for two minutes”.

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6. iBooks AudioBooks

iBooks AudioBooks allow you to download the audiobook directly from your iPhone and if you want then you can watch the audiobooks through the data connection or over wi-fi.

You can search some audiobook names of any author, narrator, or writer by their name. You will get all the notifications if any new audiobook releases.

To play the audioBooks app on Carplay is a very simple step and you don’t need premium service with apple CarPlay.

7. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio is best to use for people because you do not need to download the app and you can use it for free. The best thing that you like about this app is that if you are out of the country then there is not a big problem. You can access all radio stations from anywhere in the country.

iHeartRadio designed the app so you can easily listen to your own playlist song. You can turn on the app while driving and enjoy the fantastic song while driving.

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8. Whatsapp

Whatsapp is a popular app that can be used with an iPhone when driving on Carplay. It is used in a messaging form so that the person can access the new information but cannot check the past conversation.

You can use this app feature with the same voice-controlled commands feature. Siri helps you to navigate with new coming messages and respond via voice while driving.

9. Spotify

Spotify is like a music app; it also has the same option for music features. You can play it and listen by using the Carplay and voice command feature option. Spotify is also on the competitors list everyone wants Spotify music apps. It allows you to set all the playlists and listen to songs with the help of speakers while driving.

Spotify app also hosts the podcasts so you have the option to manage all the audio entertainment lists in one app name. And don’t forget that you need premium Spotify to listen to the ad-free, offline music and shuffle mode in music.

You can also tell Siri to play a specific song on the app according to your choice.

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10. NPR One

NPR one is the most used app by people on Carplay because it gives you all the news about the latest content. While at the time of driving if you don’t want to listen to music or audiobooks then you can hear the latest news all over it works as a radio station of the news channel.

This app allows you to listen to any specific news on NPR one. You can also use Siri to access the Carplay apps while driving once you give the voice it will automatically open the news content.

Best Smart features of Apple CarPlay Apps

  • Home  Screen completely displays all the apps like Google maps, messages Music Podcasts, Phone, and more apps.
  • You can access the Carplay app through screen touch, Siri, or In-car controls.
  • You can use the app by using the Siri voice like say her to send a text message to this particular person, making a phone call, or changing the music track if you don’t want to listen.

Is it Safe Riding with the Carplay?

The Answer is Yes, but it depends on the driver. If the driver is rational and uses the Carplay carefully it is safe. The Carplay app is the best solution because you do not need to do anything from your hand you can say to Siri to read any message, to make any call, or to play any music.

We all know that everyone uses or wants to use the Carplay while driving because it has its own feature option to use. Apple Carplay offers to connect with your iPhone on your car play and enjoy the ride. And Carplay is the reason why driving has become more interesting than earlier.

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This article will help you to choose the best app for your Carplay which you like to most at the driving time. Well, know that at the time of driving we get bored too much and if we want to do some activity it is a risk at the driving time. There are some other applications that allow you to do other stuff such as check the score of your favorite game. So, you can always search more and talk to us in our comment section.

The Apple Carplay App which I share with you is the best app with a variety of features options you do not need to stop and wait to change any music or phone call. You have only connected this app by iPhone and after you can ask Siri to play the music or respond to the message conversation. We hope this article will help you a lot.

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