Google Meet Vs Zoom | Is Google Meet Better Than Zoom?

When we talk about online meetings or video conferencing, there are two main apps that come to our mind that are Zoom and Google Meet. So, from both apps which one is better Zoom or Google Meet?

No doubt Both Platforms are very popular and have a vast number of users. It is difficult to judge the best from these two online meeting platforms. However, when we come with this article, then we want to clear the difference between both of them.

Let us consider some of the factors including time duration, compatibility, available desktop versions, recording, security, and many more. Let’s start the comparison between google meet vs Zoom, with the Factor Time Duration and discuss it all one by one.

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Google Meet Vs Zoom – Which One is better?

Take a look at the given key points of both application Google Meet vs Zoom

1. Time Duration for a meeting

Zoom Cloud Meeting platform provides 40 minutes of time to host a meeting in its free version. In which there is a maximum of up to 100 participants in a virtual meeting.

Whereas when moving to Google Meet, there are 60 minutes of time duration for a meeting. And in a meeting on Google Meet, there can be up to 100 participants who can participate in the meeting.

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2. Compatibility

Zoom is compatible with both the Android and iOS versions. Same as with Google Meet, it is also run on both Android and iOS. But many iOS users reported that when they use Zoom on their iPhone, they face some type of incompatibility.

In iOS the users cannot use all the features of Zoom Cloud Meeting, they have access to limited features. While Google Meet is developed by Google, it is best compatible with both iOS and Android.

3. App for Desktop

The Google meet doesn’t need the app to give access to all the features of this platform on the PC. Anybody can open their browser and host a meeting or join a meeting with full compatibility of features on the web browser.

Whereas in Zoom, if you use the web browser, it will give access to some of the features only. Moreover, when you join a meeting the zoom installer will automatically download on the PC. And the Zoom app for PC will allow you to access all the features when you host or join a meeting by using the app.

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4. Account creation

If you want to join a meeting on Zoom Cloud Meetings, you only need the meeting ID to join it. The zoom app doesn’t require your account created on it for joining a meeting.

Whereas in Google Meet, you must need an account even for joining a meeting on Google Meet. Moreover, you can not even open the app without having a google account. But if you want to host a meeting, you need an account on both the Platforms including Google Meet and Zoom Cloud Meeting.

5. Recording Feature

Zoom Cloud Meeting has a feature to enable recording during the meeting. So, if someone doesn’t attend the meeting, they can watch the recorded session later. If you missed a class on Zoom Cloud meeting then you don’t have to worry.

Zoom will provide you the Recorded sessions. Whereas Google Meet doesn’t allow any such feature to Record the meeting.

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6. Security

When we talk about Security, the zoom meeting seems a step behind the Google Meet. As you may also hear of the Zoom Bombing issues when someone enters the meeting and attends it without the permission of the host.

Now, Zoom has tightened its security more. But Google meet is one step ahead of Zoom. Google Meet includes two-step verification, IETF Security, DTLS protocol, and SRTP Protocol; these are some of the best protocols for security.


When we talk about the interface, Zoom Meeting is best. It provides all the options in the best way. Moreover, it has the feature to change the background of the meeting, styling keyboards, recording features,s and many more.

When you move to Google Meet, all the options necessary for a meeting are provided on this platform. It has almost as many features as the Zoom App. So, if you need a simple and convenient app for a meeting then you will go for a google meet. But if you need a highly featured video conferencing app, then you will go for the Zoom app.

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8. Paid features

If you are a G Suite subscriber that means paying $6 per month, you will get access to some more features. The features are you can have 100,000 viewers, up to 250 participants, recording of meetings, etc. If you want to become a pro subscriber you have to pay $15 per month and unlock many advanced features.

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Google Meet and Zoom Cloud Meetings both are great platforms for video, conferencing, virtual meetings, online classes, and many more. But we generally use both platforms according to the user preference.

We had discussed here all the basic differences of the Free version. We don’t move to the paid as the higher you play, the more features you get. So, it is better to judge a cloud meeting platform on the basis of its free version.

If you need a simple and easy app for meeting Google meet is better than Zoom according to my point of you. As it offers more in terms of time duration, security, web version, and compatibility. And having a Google account is a common thing for all.

But if you want recorded sessions and a more good interface you can go for Zoom. And then the zoom will be better than the Google meet. But here you will have to compromise with the time duration of a meeting. I hope you will like this article and choose the best platform suitable for you.

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