7 Best Money Management Apps for College Students

Money management for anyone is a difficult task, especially for the students of the college. It’s necessary to learn money management at the college, and if something helps in it that’s great for us. Money management helps us to get away from debt and spending more money than we can afford. It helps to set healthy finances so that college students can manage books, meals, or any other expenses necessary for them.

In the mobile of a student, having a money management app can make it easier to manage the bank accounts, their spending, and savings. There are various budgeting apps available that can assist you in managing money. These apps are downloadable on various devices like tablets and smartphones.

We bring out the best money management apps, all are very grateful. The features of all the apps are somehow different from each other but most of the features are the same. You can choose the best app which is suitable for you.

Let take a look at these Best  Money Management Apps for Students

1. Chip

Chip is an excellent application that can help you manage money, save money, and control overspending. This app offers you various features like connecting with your bank account, setting up savings goals, spending analysis, and many more.

With this app, you can easily figure out your expenses and keep the savings apart when you get paid. The only limitation of this app is that it allows only a few banks to connect with the app. So, before installing this app, check whether your bank is included in this app or not.

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2. Pocket Guard

If you are worried about the budget or unable to manage your finances, Pocket Guard is the best app for you. with this app, you can track your transactions and decide how to manage the money to achieve your financial goals and manage the money.

Pocket Guard also assists you to minimize spending and helps you to save a good amount of money. In this app, there is a feature that will also determine whether you can afford the purchase you want to make based on the budget. So, it helps you to avoid big purchases that become a debt on you and make your finances unhealthy.

3. Simple

If you are looking for an app that creates and follows a budget to manage your personal finances, Simple is the best solution for you. It tracks your budget very conveniently and helps you to check your spending and when your budget is over.

So, you can track your income, expenses, and savings; in short, manage your funds easily with this app. Simple also tells you that you are spending the money in your budget or you should avoid spending to keep it in your budget.

It has the function of simply linking your bank account, so you can manage your budget or bank transactions in one app. It makes you free from managing two different apps.

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4. GoodBudget

To help you set up your budget and manage it over time, the Goodbudget app uses digital envelopes to manage these things. With this app, you can track your expenses for a year or more depending on the envelopes you use.

This app also allows you to manage your one account from two different devices. So that you can easily manage your budget from two different devices if you have a tablet at home or a smartphone, it makes it easy to have access to one account from various devices from two different locations.

However, if you are in debt this app will help you to come out of the debt by planning a way to repay your debt systematically.

5. DollarBird

Dollarbird is one of the best budgeting apps for you, it works somehow different from the money-savings app like Mint. Instead of categorizing the budget on various bases, this app uses a calendar system to track your expenses or manage your finances.

This app has a clearer track of your budgeting as it uses a daily basis method to track your finances instead of a weekly or monthly basis. Moreover, you have to type your transactions to use this app, instead of entering them automatically. It keeps a dual check on your money as it uses confirmation for every recurring transaction every day.

So, overall this app is more advanced in budgeting your finances, especially on a daily basis.

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6. Albert

It goes beyond keeping track of personal finances and spending as it is a money-saving app. At the time of downloading the app, you will get suggestions to save your money by minimizing expenses. Like cook food instead of getting it from a hotel, cancel unwanted subscriptions, and many suggestions like that.

Moreover, Albert offers you the opportunity to take advice from finance experts which will help you better work on your budgeting. So, this is a very good and advanced app for money management with expert advice on budgeting.

7. Mint

It is a popular free app that helps you to create the budget and follow it. This app has different categories like books, other materials, meals, or any other, so you can budget in a better way by keeping all these factors in mind.

This app offers you to set up various categories and fix a limit on these categories for spending money. This app provides you to track your budget more smoothly as it shows all the categories in a spreadsheet. Thus, you can make adjustments based on various categories.

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So, these are the best money management apps for college students. I hope you like the article and find these apps useful for managing money and tracking expenses.

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