Get Access to 20 Best Safe ROM Download Sites 2022 List

You must be a fan of old classic Cartridge Game Consoles from Sega, Nintendo, Capcom, PS2, and Atari, etc. And also must have played Classic Cartridges games on them. If you still are looking for or wanting that old gaming experience, then downloading a ROM is the best option on PCs.

Before you start downloading ROMs you have to be a little careful. As there is a lot of websites that let you download the ROM along with their Malware and spyware. And you will end up either locked out of your PC or getting infected by malware and spyware.

But you don’t have to worry about that, we have researched and compiled a list of 20 Best Safe ROM Download Sites 2021. You can visit these websites and download and install your favorite Game ROM on your PC. So without wasting time let’s quickly check our 20 Best Safe ROM Download Sites.

20 Best Safe ROM Download Sites 2021

1) Gamulator
2) Retrostic
3) Rom Hustler
4) Vimm’S Lair
5) Doperoms
6) Coolrom
7) The Eye
8) Roms World
9) WoWroms
10) Romulation
11) Emulator Zone
12) Romsmode
13) Romnation
14) CDromance
15) Classic GameRoms
16) Emuparadise
17) Old Computer Roms
18) Romsuniverse
19) Emulanium

#1 Gamulator

This is the one-stop website for all your Old Classic gaming experiences. Within the website, you can have almost all the ROMS of famous consoles of the 80s and 90s. And the ROMS are not unknown you can have ROMS of the biggest gaming consoles like Sega, Nintendo, Capcom, Atari, Apple II, PS2, PS3, PSX, and PSP, etc.

And if you don’t have emulators to run these ROMs, you need not worry. You can visit this site anytime and download the Emulator you want. You can download emulators for almost all the Platforms, be it is Windows, Android, OS X, PSP, Nintendo Wii, or SymbianOS.

#2 Retrostic

Retrostic is also amongst the best sage Rom Download Sites in 2021. Retrostic has been developed and designed keeping in mind its users’ retro games demand. They have a goal to provide a safe, Direct Download link free from Viruses and annoying advertisements. Like our first place holder, the Retrostic also gives you access to more than 80,000 ROMS of over 50 Consoles.

The website is very easy to use. You can either use the Search Box right at the top right corner of the Website or can Scroll through the Categories on their Home Page to search your favorite ROM. Like the Gamulator you can download emulators for your Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and Xbox one devices.

#3 Rom Hustler

This is another best safe ROM download Site you can use to download your favorite vintage games ROM. The interface is very simple yet powerful. Rom Hustler provides you a Search Utility with a filter you can use to select the Consoles for which you need ROM. You can download more than 40,000 ROMS from this website.

You can also download emulators from this website, but like the above two Sites, you have fewer options here. But you will find almost all the 90s 80s famous consoles emulators here.

#4 Vimm’S Lair

If you don’t find any game anywhere, you will definitely gonna find the game’s ROM here. In Vimm’s Lair Vault you can find each and every US video game released on Sixteen different console systems. To download ROMs you need to go to The Vault on Vimm’s Lair website from the Left Navigation Sidebar. Then you can search your games either by consoles category or use Search Utility just below the Consoles Category.

The best part of this Vimm’s Lair website is that they also have a place for the US game Manuals. Yes, you can go to Manual Project from the Left Navigation Bar to access over 2200 NES and SNES Manuals.

#5 Doperoms

This one is our favorite website, though it’s not in no.1 place. But still, it’s the one. You will also gonna love it too. This is one of the biggest ROM database websites. On its official website, you can have over 585000 ROMS of more than 500 different Game Consoles. You can also find some very old Mainframes, minicomputers, Card Games, Calculator, and arcade machine games.

The Game ROMS are well categorized under different and relevant categories like Popular ROMs, Adult Games, Arcade Games, Atari Games, and many more.

The only limitation is you can only download two ROMS at a time. Though you can increase the number of downloads allowed up to 25 by upgrading your free Guest Account.

In addition to the ROMs, you can also download Emulators, Box Arts, Game Music, Manuals, etc. You also have the option to join DopeRoom Community and can also join them on various social media platforms.

#6 Coolrom

Coolrom is another safe ROM download site you can visit search and download your favorite ROMs and their Emulators. Coolrom is the only website you will find in almost every best Safe ROM Download Sites 2021 lists available on the Internet.

What’s make it so important and must-have listed items is that you can watch screenshots of various ROMs before even downloading and installing them on your PC. And that’s not enough Coolrom also has their Top 25 downloaded ROMs that can help you download the best ROMs available online.

And if you think the goodies are over then you are absolutely wrong. The website also has a section for Popular Emulator too.

#7 The Eye

The Eye is amongst few websites that are providing free Public resources for ROMS, Websites, audio, Digital Obscura, Books, Videos, Softwares, and many more categories. Yes, you heard it absolutely right! This is heaven for some good freebies goodies for all your needs.

This website gives you access to nearly 70 Console links that will take you to some best ROM you can download in 2021. The best feature of this website is you can customize the list of consoles links and games therein.

Using the Customization option you can Enable an Icon that will show you the type of File, whether it is ZIP, RAR, or other types. You can also enable a Bookmark option to add your Favorite searched ROM to your easy access from anywhere from the list. This is very useful when you have to download many ROMs. You can just first quickly select all your favorites ROMs from different Console Links. And then quickly download one-by-one from your Bookmark list just above the main list window.

#8 Roms World

Roms World is also one of the beautifully designed best safe ROM download Sites. The site is designed so beautifully and in a planned manner, that you will be having no difficulty finding your favorite ROM. From the Roms World Home page, you can select ROMS from Featured, Latest Games, Our Favorites, and Staff Pick Categories.

You can some of the best Pokemon ROMS, Zelda ROMS, Sonic ROMS, and Mario ROMs. You can also download over 20 console emulators. If you are feeling lazy to search and find the best ROMs, then you can go quickly to their menu and Select Top ROMS.

#9 WoWroms

WoWRoms is also one the biggest and best safe ROM Download sites you can go and checkout in 2021. This site gives you access to over 150000 ROMS and over 50 Different emulators to plays the games on.

Along with all these many ROMS and Emulators, you can also download Bios Files, some Good Game Magazines, Game Manuals, and Game Music too. WoWRoms also gives you a list of Top Downloads and Top Rated ROMs right on their Home Screen. You can also use their Search Utility right at the top right corner of the Home Screen to search for your favorite games.

#10 Romulation

If you want to download some Premium and High-quality ROMS and emulators, then this is the perfect spot for you to go and hang out. Premium content will not be available to you free of cost, for that you need to buy a premium plan. The premium plans start from $9.99 a month with limited downloads, speed, and only 1 connection.

But, if you are a hardcore player and a frequent downloader then you can go for a 3 monthly plan for $19.99. This plan will not only saves you $9.98 but also gives you unlimited downloading, Direct Downloads, and full account access. Romulation also gives you 7 days full money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied.

There are some free downloads too, you can get them at no cost. Just click on the download button to get them on your PC. If still, you want to keep your hands on some premium stuff, then Romulation gives you some points to upload ROMS Screenshot. These points can be utilized to download some premium content.

#11 Emulator Zone

Emulator Zone is amongst our 20 best Safe ROM Download Sites 2021 you can visit. They have clear policies to not host any Commercial or we can say Copyrighted ROMS for download. You will only find ROMS that are legally available in the Public domain for downloads and use. From this website, you can download it for 8 different platforms. The list is not so big, but you can download games for testing various emulators before you go for ROM hunting.

Emulator Zone is not just a site you can visit for ROM downloads. This site is being famous for the emulator-zone forum. You can visit their forum and ask any ROM or Emulator-related questions. The members are active and there will be no delay getting your answers back.

#12 Romsmode

You will start loving this site from the very first visit. The reason, you will be welcomed with a lovely Banner of the very first stage of Mario. You will immediately go back to your childhood, remember those entertaining moments. The Logo itself will remind of the running Pacman from the evil ghosts.

If you are not visiting for a particular ROM then you can quickly jump to their two main categories, i.e., Popular Consoles and Popular Games. You can also check out their Top 100 games by clicking the blue button down below the Popular Games list.

Romsmode is amongst the few websites that give you the option to play the classic ROMs online from their official website.

#13 Romnation

Romnation is also a very simple yet powerful website when talks about the 20 best safe ROM Download Sites 2021. You don’t find anything coming out of somewhere suddenly. The best feature of this site is that you can easily sort your ROM results based on Popularity, Ratings, and Titles. You can also change your list display to grid or Grids to list.

Romnation sites use ads to run their website, so you may sometimes find yourself clicked away to another website. And while downloading any ROMs too. But don’t worry you can get rid of these annoying Ads, and for that, you need to register yourself on Romnation.

#14 CDromance

If you are a lover of Japanese classic games, then this is the best safe ROM download site you can visit. You can find here some Japanese exclusives ROMS, Phase Alternating Line games, some interesting fan translations, games developed by Hobbyists.

CDromance also has the best Search utility amongst some of the top sites listed here. You can search any game with its title, Hask key, or game ID.

#15 Classic GameRoms

Classic GameRoms is the only site in the list built on Google Sites, which makes it even more secure and safe to download your favorite ROM. All the ROMS are saved on Google Drive. So there is no need to go to any third-party website to download any ROM.

Another feature that makes this website different from others is its simplicity. The website is very simple with only three menus and one Home Page. You can easily access all the ROMs from either the Menu or Home Screen.

Moreover, ROMS are arranged alphabetically under their Gaming Platform. You just need to visit the Platform link go to your ROM’s first letter folder and click to open the download folder. That’s how simple it is.

#16 Emuparadise

This is yet another website that is amongst the 20 best Safe ROM Download Sites 2020. Emuparadise claims to be the biggest website hosting retro games on earth.

Searching any ROM is quite easy using the Search utility. You just need to start typing your favorite ROM name and you will start seeing suggestions as you complete your typing. It will return with you all of the categories matching your result query.

One of the best and hidden features of this website is its Advanced ROM Browser. In Advanced ROM Browser you can access a list of 138516 ROMS. On top of that, you also have a powerful filter option just on the left side of the list. These filters will help you quickly go to your favorite ROM. The list can be filtered by Systems, Genres, Starting letters, Game Regions, Safety Ratings, and Attributes.

In addition to the ROMs, you can also downloads game music, game videos, game translations, magazines, and much more goodies.

#17 Old Computer Roms

This website is the official website of one of the top 20 best safe ROM download Sites. The website complements a dark theme with a cooler and light color theme. There is no clutter, you will find everything in place. Like from the left navigation you can easily navigate to all major download Categories.

And from the Right Navigation sidebar, you can easily access the most popular ROMS categories to download your favorite ROMS.

Old Computer Rooms claims to be the world’s largest ROM site housing over 585000 ROMS. But to get access to ROMS you need to signup for the site. And also there is a limit for concurrent downloads. This means you can only download up to a limit of 25 Downloads at the same time. You can upgrade your account to either Guest, Registered, or Unlimited. And for that, you have to Donate some dollars here.

#18 Romsuniverse

Romsuniverse comparing with the other 20 best Safe ROM Download Sites is a new website. But don’t get me wrong, it is been 3 years since it’s between us. And in three years the website has grown its ROM database from 0 to 100000 ROMS. Even you can find some well-known Consoles Emulators here.

The site also gives you the option to play ROMS online from their official website. The layout of the website is also not so difficult to navigate. You can easily scroll down to Search Utility to search ROMs. Or can use Tabs in the Search Bar menu to search your favorite ROMS. To make it easier they also have added a Sort feature to the ROMs List.

#19 Emulanium

Emulanium is a very simple website you can go to search and download your ROMs. The site gives you a list of all the ROMS available with their on-the-game Screenshot.

Along with the ROMS, you can also download Emulators from this website and Cheats codes too. These Cheat Codes will help you playing the ROMs easily.


This is the last website on our 20 best safe ROM Download Sites 2021. This is a very simple website you can visit. There is no menu bar with some generic categories. You have a top bar with all the classic consoles, from where you can go to the particular category ROMs.

However, instead of the option for searching for the ROM is theirs. You scroll down a little bit to access Best Classics Games.


Thanks for being patient with us, here we are at the end of the 20 Best Safe ROM Download Sites 2021. All these websites are safe and secure to visit and download your favorite ROMs.

Keep in mind that there are some countries where downloading ROMs from any unofficial website is prohibited. But you don’t have to worry these sites are safe and secure to go and download your favorite ROMs.

Also in most of the websites, the process is the same and you just need to search your favorite app; Or just go to the relevant link and click the link and download.

We hope that these ROMs download Sites will help you go, search, and download your favorite ROMs.

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