8 Cheap Projector Screen Alternatives

In this era of smart tv or other smart screens, everybody is fond of watching them. A lot of people enjoy their leisure time by watching online streaming videos, shows, movies, and many more. But in this scenario also projector don’t lose their popularity. So on your demand, We bring this list of 8 cheap Projector Screen Alternatives for you.

Whenever we want a big screen, a projector comes to our mind at the topmost position. Whether we want to do a meeting in the office or when our family with lots of members are watching a movie or some other stuff. Projectors are in craze now also because TV screens are not able to provide such a wider amount of screen than any other source.

So, everybody can’t bring a projector screen but you can make your own projector screen. There are too many ways from which you can easily make a projector at your home. A good thing about a projector is that it can also be shifted anywhere as it is more flexible than a TV.

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List of 8 Cheap Projector Screen Alternatives

Here we will discuss cheap projectors screen alternatives, read carefully the details, and know about it:-


You can choose any blank wall of your home as a projector screen as it is the most common way for using a projector without any projector screen. As in every home or building, there must be a blank wall, so you can set your projector in the front of the wall and start enjoying watching on a big screen.

Before using a blank wall there are some factors which you have to consider.

The first thing to consider is the color of the wall. The wall must be plain with white or light-colored surfaces. As the wall is not made to use as a projector screen. So, when we use a display screen then it should be clear to display high-quality images.

The other thing we should think of is the texture of the wall. Make sure the wall has an entirely smooth surface. Also, you need to clear the decoration if printed on the wall to give a clear view of the screen.


When we move to the next alternative, a sheet comes to our mind. The sheet is the cheapest projector screen with the flexibility to carry that at any place we want. Using a sheet as a background is not a bad idea, we can use it as a projector screen. But it would not give us the experience of the bright image.

Let’s discuss some factors while using the sheet as a projector screen.

Sheets are easy to use but we should consider the thread counts in the sheet. The lower will be the thread count, it becomes thinner and displays more clear images. Make sure that your sheet should be thicker and, if it’s thinner you can fold it and use it by doubling it.

Another thing you should do is make sure that there are no wrinkles on the sheet. It is totally flat and smooth. You can iron it and then use it. Don’t choose any sheet which has a decoration or any patterns on it as it will not give you a clear display of images. Always, opt for a plain or light color sheet.

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Blackout Cloth is also a great alternative to projector screens. It is specially designed to block any light, which makes the screen more visible and a good balance contrast. It is similar to bed sheets or window shades, to work as an alternative projector screen.

Now we discuss some minor factors which you have to consider.

Always choose a double-layered design blackout cloth. It would ensure that no light filters through the fabric can be passed. Generally, a blackout cloth has two contrasting surfaces on the back and front.

While using it always make sure it is in the right position projecting onto. There is a little danger if it may tear while getting it into the place. You can also choose a combination of blackout fabric with sheets instead of using it separately.


Shades are also a good option for projector screens. If you have larger windows, you can use shades as an alternative projector screen. Whenever you want to watch a movie or anything else, just throw the shades over windows and your projector is ready.

The curtain stores have a variety of shades specially designed for making as projector screens whenever needed. You can also choose plain shades for your window with a thicker cloth so that you use it as a projector screen.

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It seems different but yet it’s possible. You can use a Picture backdrop as a projector screen. All you needed is just a photo with a white back, finished edges, and a non-reflective surface. It is also flexible and easy to carry an object. So, you can use it anywhere in the home or a dark room.

As it has a non-reflective surface that is why a photo backdrop is a good option for using as an alternative to the projector screen. It costs nothing as it is available in anybody’s home. You just have a good thinking power to use your nearby surrounding objects as an alternative projector screen.


Painted cardboard, an easy alternative you can make at your home with just having some skills of creativity. It is a cheap and appropriate method which you should try. Take a large sheet of cardboard and paint it with white or light gray color. You can choose the color according to the place where you use it.

When you opt for such a method, use cardboard that has a smooth surface. Also, the paint should have a matte finish so it is not reflecting. This method doesn’t give you the best image quality but if you don’t have any of the alternatives mentioned above, you can go for it.

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In markets, projector screen paint is also available but it is quite an expensive way. With this specialized formulated projector paint you can easily make an alternative for a projector screen. Also, the image quality offered by it is very outstanding.

You can apply this projector paint on a variety of objects like a wall, wood, cardboard, and many more. There are a variety of projector paints available designed especially for different objects. This will give a look like the original projector screen with its actual quality of the images appearing on the screen.


It is also the best option for a projector screen. Whiteboard is a common object available in your home or office. There are many purposes of having a whiteboard. But the best thing about it is that you can use it as a projector screen.

Whiteboard has a similar screen as a projector. And more often it is used in many offices for presentation, notifications, and many more. If you go for the purchase of this then also you can use it in many ways. So, if you have a whiteboard then use it as a projector screen, it provides good image quality due to its smooth surface.

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As we all know the projector is always the favorite of all. It doesn’t matter if technology introduced lots of alternative ways. But one thing which is sure is that all are expensive. The projector is also a gift of technology that we use in many official or other works.

A projector is specially designed for movie theatres. But as time changes people have used this for many purposes. We came with this article to tell you what are the alternative ways of a projector screen you can use. As whenever a projector comes into our mind the first thing we worry about is the screen. We have many questions in our mind, where to set up? How much does it cost? Is it affordable or not?

So, in this article, we tell you about the 8 cheap projector screen alternatives you can use. These are not only cheap but are easily available nearby you. You just find them by reading the above article and save money. I hope you will find the article useful. Comment below your opinion so we can improve ourselves. Keep sharing and supporting us.

Thank you.

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