How To Download Panda Helper – iOS/ Android APK {2022}

Panda Helper is a top-rated and popular third-party store filled with thousands of tweaked and modified apps and games and a wide range of unofficial content.

Panda Helper is an alternative to Cydia, and now it is used by millions of users worldwide. It is an alternative to the iOS app store and is used for jailbreaking. Apart from this, Panda Helper is also compatible with Android.

Panda Helper – Features

  • It contains many iOS apps and games, which is just great, and it becomes the competence of the AppStore.
  • Panda helper has exclusive apps like game emulators, Cydia apps, screen recorders. Moreover, it is tweaked with additional features as well.
  • It is 100 percent safe to use as you don’t need to jailbreak so that Apple’s security is not expired.
  • It is the best alternative to Cydia, which offers content that you will not get anywhere else and is unofficial.

To get unofficial content jailbreaking is away, but now everyone wants unofficial tweaked & modified apps and games without jailbreaking. Panda helper provides you the same without jailbreaking, and along with these, you also get some cool Cydia tweaks without jailbreak.

24/7 Customer Support is available with it, and you can contact via Facebook and Twitter to get help or request content. Moreover, the support team will offer you 24/7 customer support, and it doesn’t matter in which region you are using the device.

Download Panda Helper for iOS?

Panda Helper is a great tool to download, and it comes in a free and VIP version. You can download it using the below-mentioned steps:-

  • Download the Panda Helper configuration profile to the iPhone or iPad by scanning the QR code
  • Tap on Allow on the popup message you will see on the screen
  • Now tap Install in the Install Profile screen and type your device passcode when it asked you.
  • Tap Install on the next window, and the app icon will be available on the home screen.
  • Panda Helper, open the installer, look for the app or game you want, and tap to install it on your device.


If you already use any unofficial apps in iOS, you will know that Apple will crash the app and revoke its certificate.

So, there is a simple method for using this without jailbreak. But this is only temporary, as when Apple revokes the certificate, you will still use your apps and games.

If you still notice that the certificate is revoked and doesn’t allow you to use the app, don’t uninstall or delete the app. Instead of restarting the app, and if it doesn’t work, do the following steps.

  • Turn the Airplane mode On and disconnect or disable the WIFI.
  • Navigate to the settings- apps – Safari – Clear History and website data.
  • Now, the app opens without WIFI.
  • Now turn off airplane mode and connect it to a secure and stable WIFI connection – you will find that your apps and games will be back to you.

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Download Panda Helper for Android APK?

Panda Helper is a great tool to download, and it comes in a free version. You can download it using the below-mentioned steps:

  • Download the Panda Helper configuration profile to Android by scanning the QR code
  • You will see a warning message. Avoid this warning and tap on the OK button.
  • Open this downloaded .apk file, click on the Settings option in Chrome and then enable the Allow from this source option.
  • Now, please wait for the app to install; the app icon will be available on the home screen as it is installed.
  • Panda Helper, open the installer, look for the app or game you want, and tap to install it on your device.

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Panda Helper – Panda Helper VIP version

If you want to get all the features of Panda Helper, you will have to unlock the VIP Version of Panda Helper to get its full potential. This VIP version of Panda Helper will cost you only $19.99 US Dollars per year for one device only, and there are no refunds available on it.

  • The exclusive feature of Panda Helper VIP version:
  • It comes with a Panda speeder for fastening the gameplay to enjoy the game with dual fun or speed.
  • It allows you to cheat in games as it comes with the Panda Cheat engine.
  • You can clone one particular app up to 3 times because of the Panda Cloner feature, which you will get only in the VIP version of it.
  • And the last exclusive feature is automatically tapping on the screen using the Panda Auto Clicker feature.

So, these are the exclusive features of the Panda Helper VIP version, and you can get access to them by downloading the Panda Helper and paying USD 19.99 for the VIP version.

Panda Helper offers many apps like Spotify++, YouTube++, Snapchat++, Unc0ver, BeeTV APK, MediaBox HD APK.

Alternative Apps like Panda Helper:

There are many other apps available like the Panda Helper; these are as follows:

  • TweakBox
  • TweakDoor
  • AppValley
  • ACMarket APK
  • TuTuApp
  • CokernutX
  • Ignition App
  • CyrusHub


No doubt, Panda helper is a popular app with its free version. You. You will get enough features of Panda Helper. But with the Paid version, you will get more content choices, faster downloads, and more stability.

Panda helper is always free and unique to download and use any apps, games, or tweak included in the installer. And the most important thing is it doesn’t want a jailbreak, so anyone wants this app without any trouble as you can delete it whenever you want it.

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