What are Meta Tags and How Meta Tags Important for SEO?

Before we go any further with this article, I want to ask a question to you, what makes you read this post?

Did you subscribe for the post? Maybe the title caught your eye? Or you simply find the post on Google.

Still, none of the above points cleared that why you are reading this post.

The answer is quite simple. Because it included Meta tags.

Meta tags are like the building blocks of SEO, they are the very foundation of your SEO campaign. In simplest words, you cannot expect to reach your audience organically if you don’t have Meta tags for your web page.

It is not a very time-consuming process. You must stretch your hands and start creating meta tags for your web pages right now!!!!


It is because 93% of all online experience starts with a search engine.

Let’s first understand what exactly Meta description is,

What is Meta Data?

What you must understand here is the term Meta in Meta Data is an umbrella term which points to various types of data a Meta provide. The data about your web page like the title and description covers in that.

You must be wondering!!!

Where is this data shared? To whom are we trying to share the data with? The answer to all these questions is Search Engine (like Google). In layman’s language, Metadata is the type of data which helps Google to comprehend what are the contents of your webpage is trying to convey.

It is paramount to make the search engine to understand what exactly your web page is informing the audience about. It is the only way through which they can make sure that your web page rank accordingly with the related queries.

In a nutshell, these Meta tags or data are the information which will help search engine to rank your web page for specific queries and keywords. There are two tags that are important in the entire realm of Meta tags, Meta description, and Meta titles.

Let’s see how these two tags can alter the organic rankings of your web pages.

Meta Titles

Ask yourself, when you click any search result from the search engine, what you look for? Of course, relevancy is one of the factors but what else? It is the Meta title which helps us to comprehend which web page out of thousands of web pages is right for us.

Visually on the web page, it is hard to detect where the Meta title is but when you hover your pointer on the tab; you will see the Meta title for that page. The ground rule to create a Meta title is use the primary keyword. The first thing the search engine crawlers will look is your Meta title and once they find that it is relevant with the search query of the visitor, they will index your webpage and rank it higher.

One more thing, make sure that the Meta titles are of maximum 50-60 characters only.

meta title and meta description

Meta Descriptions

The meta description is the tag which generally defines what your web page consists of. It is like a summary that explains the content of your web page to the search engine briefly in a maximum of 300 characters. The usage of your primary keywords is very crucial here.

You can simply make use of them plus include some of your secondary keywords that make sense and add value to the information. Remember, keyword stuffing is not the solution here. It will make your campaign a spamming effort. So, avoid stuffing keywords in your Meta descriptions.


The viewport is the most crucial SEO Meta tags.


Because it specifies how your web page will be optimized for the mobile viewers. I don’t have to educate you about the importance of mobile experience for your users. The code which is important to invoke viewport is,

<meta name=viewport content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>

Why Meta Data Do Matter In Practice?

There are some pointers you must understand to acknowledge the value of Metadata for your web page,

Click through rate is one of the major aspects which you must understand here. When you don’t have a Metadata for your web page, the user didn’t get enough information about your website before entering it. It significantly decreases the click-through rate of your web page because visitors tend to click on web pages that have adequate information on the search results.

People often wonder how deep the effect of CTR is on your site’s SEO rankings. Well, if any of you have ever followed the SEO tycoon Brian Dean, you will know for sure that how penetrating the effect of CTR is on your SEO rankings. You can check out his famous post on top Google ranking factor, factor #135.

What Do You Learn?

Meta Tags may sound a simple generic concept with no output but it is not what it looks like. They are some of the most critical building blocks of your SEO campaign which will decide the very fate of your website’s SEO rankings.

It is the reason why on-page SEO practices first mention the requirement of enticing Meta tags for your web page.

So, do you have any confusion about the application of Meta tags for your web page? Mention that in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Till then, have a good one!!!

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