How to Block or Skip Hulu Ads?

Do you enjoy watching movies? Then you’ve probably heard of Hulu, an internet streaming service for shows, movies, and TV series.

Hulu’s native site allows you to watch your favorite videos with fewer or no advertisements.

On Hulu, you can view shows, films, and other content in Ultra HD. In addition, they simply charge a little fee for it.

Hulu is now one of the most popular video streaming services in Japan and the United States, allowing users to watch and stream popular movies and TV series online.

Over documentaries and films, Hulu first focused on streaming, popular live TV series, and distinctive content.

Unfortunately, some of the simplest Hulu plans have adverts, but the good news is that you can block these obnoxious ads and watch Hulu content without them.

There are a variety of ways to watch Hulu without advertisements. We’re going to show you how to skip or block Hulu ads in this article.

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Tricks to Skip or Block Hulu Ads Guide

Before I reveal my ideas on how to get rid of advertisements, you must accept the fact that you will not be able to entirely block commercials and continue to watch movies uninterrupted.

As these advertisements are Hulu’s revenue stream, they will not allow you to view them without paying them.

1. Use an AdBlocker to block Hulu Ads

This is the most common and effective approach to easily skip or stop Hulu advertisements. Ad-blockers can also be used to block adverts on Youtube, Amazon Prime Video, and any other website that has ads.

Best Ad-Blocker for Hulu?

There are a plethora of ad-blockers available on the market, but the simplest way to get a free and powerful ad-blocker on your PC is to use the Chrome browser, which has a plethora of ad-blocking extensions.

And the greatest ad-blocker for Chrome is uBlock Plus Adblocker, which I’ve been using for almost two years and haven’t had any issues blocking advertising on Hulu or anywhere else.

Not working?

The aforementioned ad blocker may not be working for you due to strange technical reasons, or it may not be available in your region.

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a specific guide on ad blocking, so take a look.

Note: Because advertising is included in the older Flash Player, adblockers might occasionally block the entire video player and prevent you from watching. To do so, simply download and install the most recent version of Flash Player.

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2. Open Hulu Video on Two Tabs

Surprisingly, this approach still works, and it’s the quickest and easiest way to view Hulu shows without advertising.

  • Open Hulu and choose any show you wish to watch.
  • Open the same program in a new tab now.
  • Then, on the second tab, muffle the volume and fast forward the program to right before the first commercial spot.
  • After that, go back to the original tab you opened and watch the show.
  • When the show has finished streaming until the first commercial ad on the first tab, switch to the second tab and unmute the volume.
  • Because you’ve already seen the commercial, the show will begin playing right now. You may easily skip (trick) the advertising this way.
  • Simply repeat this procedure between two instances to view the entire show uninterrupted.
  • This trick has always worked and continues to work.

3. Reload Hulu Program Page

Hulu’s revenue stream method is based on subscriptions and commercial commercials, as you may know.

But you also agree that viewing 0 to 4 minutes of advertising in between shows is really unpleasant and severely detracts from the enjoyment of watching the show.

I believe you will not be disappointed if you try the trick described below. Hulu earns all of its money from page visitors and commercial advertisements.

So, when you first start streaming a program, you’ll see short-length advertising, which will progressively rise in duration to 3 to 4 minutes ads.

A trick to Skip Long Ads

If you run across any long-duration commercials, simply use the reload button above the page to refresh the entire tab.

You will only see two short adverts after the page has been correctly reloaded: one is 2 seconds long (the program you are watching) and the other is a 30-second commercial ad.

Your software will then resume at the point where you were reloading your page. This allows you to effortlessly skip big adverts (between 3 and 4 minutes in length) and be replaced by a shorter 30-second ad.

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4. Use Web Filtering

Using web filtering tools is one of the most effective ways to stop Hulu adverts. It’s possible to do so via the router’s control panel.

You’ll simply filter the URL for Hulu advertisements, which will be useful in figuring out how to skip Hulu ads quickly.

  • Log in to your router’s management interface.
  • Look for the web filtering option.
  • The selection will be determined by your router’s interface, and you may need to look around for it.
  • In the block records, save the address
  • Restart your router after saving your modifications.

That’s the end of it. The advertising will be filtered by the URL or domain that streams them, and you will not be interrupted while watching your episodes on Hulu.

What will this do?

That site is in charge of Hulu’s commercials, so if you block it, all of the ads will be blocked as well, and you’ll be able to enjoy your viewing experience without any interruptions.

5. Using Enounce MySpeed to Fast Forward Hulu Ads

Imagine being able to cut the 4-minute adverts down to roughly 1 minute or even less. That’s where the Enounce MySpeed tool comes in help, which is very cool.

You can fast-forward these commercial spots on all devices by utilizing Enounce MySpeed. To do so, first and foremost, you must do two things. Enounce MySpeed Software can be downloaded from this page and tried for 7 days for free.

Simply uninstall and reinstall the software when the trial time expires.

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6. Upgrading to Hulu Plus (No Commercial Ads)

Since the official Hulu offers this plan to enjoy your watching experience without any commercials, this is the most effective and official approach to block ads. You will also receive a one-month free trial before enrolling.

You can go with plans such as

  • $11.99 – Hulu On-Demand without advertisements
  • $50.99 – Hulu Live TV & On-Demand without advertisements

So, there you have it: a few great ways to stop Hulu commercials. Check them out and choose the best tool for blocking advertisements on Hulu that best matches your needs so you can enjoy uninterrupted Hulu viewing.

7. Block Hulu Ads on Android

If you use an Android device to watch Hulu, you’ve probably seen the customized adverts that appear in between episodes.

You can block advertisements on Android in two ways:

For smartphones that are not rooted

There are a plethora of ad-blocking apps available on the Play Store, but trust me when I say that none of them function flawlessly.

The trick is to watch Hulu through adblocking browsers rather than the Hulu app. \

The Brave browser is the one and only program that truly prevents all advertisements and popup scripts. And, yes, I’m astonished by this browser’s excellent adblocking capabilities.

For smartphones that have been rooted

You may simply use the AdWay software, which requires specific system permissions to filter advertisements and will only operate on rooted Android.

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8. Block Hulu Ads on iPhone/iPad

Blocking advertisements on iPhone is a little more difficult than it is on Android or PC. Because the platform is not entirely open-source, each program must go through a rigorous approval process.

Any working solution for iOS devices is difficult to come by. You can, however, look for and install some existing Adblocker apps on your iPhone to see whether they can block Hulu advertisements on your device.

Otherwise, access the Hulu website in Chrome and try the browser technique we provided.


Advertisement and subscription revenue are the two main sources of revenue for Hulu. Despite the fact that seeing adverts for four minutes causes considerable inconvenience to users.

My recommendation is to upgrade to Hulu Plus to avoid any barriers to seeing your program. You might also use Netflix.

And these are the best ways to avoid or prevent Hulu commercials; but, if you truly want to assist the software engineers and technicians behind Hulu, you can pay $4 extra for Hulu Plus and officially remove ads.

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