Cancel LA Fitness Membership (Many Ways)

So, here today we will discuss the new important topic, and that is how to cancel LA Fitness membership if you no longer require it or can no longer use the facility.

There is a full set of instructions for both getting the form online and getting it in person. The mailing address to which the form should be addressed is also mentioned.

If you have a LA Fitness gym membership and no longer require it, you must discover how to cancel your subscription.

To do so, fill out the appropriate form and send it to the gym. Continue reading this article till the end to find out more information related to this topic.

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Overview of LA Fitness

LA Fitness is also one of the country’s largest franchises, with locations in virtually every major city.

Because the majority of their fitness centers are located in enormous shopping malls and other large regions, the gym may not be in the most popular section of town.

Most clients looking for a gym near their homes, on the other hand, choose to go to a LA Fitness center because it is convenient to find one near their house or workplace.

La Quinta Country Club, Inc. is a significant franchise chain in Louisiana. Its headquarters are in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Although it is not located in New Orleans, it offers a wide range of fitness programs for men and women in practically every major metropolitan area in Louisiana.

It has a big selection of cardio and strength training equipment, as well as a number of recreational activities.

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Overview of LA Fitness Membership

All of the company’s Los Angeles gym locations offer free trials as part of its marketing strategy. People can sign up for a ‘LA Fitness’ membership during these free trials to test out the equipment and see whether it is something they would be interested in purchasing.

They can either acquire a membership or take advantage of other incentives when a specific amount of time has passed.

A person can join any of the gym locations once they have signed up for a membership. Some of the venues feature a large selection of diverse equipment, while others only have a few distinct pieces of equipment.

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Types of LA Fitness Membership

Most importantly, we need to know what kinds of memberships LA Fitness offers. For the most part, the rec center brand LA Fitness offers two enrollment meetings for the uninitiated.

The first costs a monthly fee of $29.99, excluding the $99 start-up fee and a $39 yearly fee. This gives you permission to attend more than one LA Fitness club in the area.

The second costs a monthly fee of $26.99, with a one-time fee of $99 and a yearly fee of $39. You are free to visit anyone at the nearby LA Fitness club under this arrangement.

MonthlyAccessStarting FeeAnnual Fee
$29.99Multiple Clubs$99$39
$26.99Single Club$99$39

Procedure to Cancel LA Fitness Membership

There are many ways to cancel the membership, so don’t worry this time. We have told all those methods in this article. Read and follow the details given below, so that you will be able to complete this process easily:-

Method to Cancel LA Fitness Membership Using Post Mail

You must fill out the LA fitness cancellation form if you desire to discontinue your LA fitness subscription. To cancel the membership plan, you must follow the procedures below.


  • You must first log in to LA fitness before proceeding to the My LA fitness page.
  • Then go to the account information section and select the Cancelation form from the drop-down menu.
  • Now you must print the cancellation form and thoroughly fill it out.
  • Full name (As of LA Fitness Membership)
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Billing address
  • Last four digits of your credit card
  • Home Gym location
  • Then, once you’ve completed and signed the cancellation form, submit it to the address below:-


LA Fitness,

PO Box 54170,

Irvine, CA 92619-4170


  • You’ll need to phone LA Fitness customer support to confirm your cancellation after a few days.


You will be able to cancel your LA fitness subscription by mail in this manner.

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Method to Cancel LA Fitness Membership Using Phone

You can also call to cancel your LA fitness membership. The steps are as follows:-


  • To contact the LA fitness customer service department, dial 949-255-7200.
  • Then you must request that the membership be cancelled.
  • In a few days, you will receive a cancellation response from support.


Method to Cancel LA Fitness Membership Using E-Mail

You can also be using email to cancel your LA fitness membership. The steps are as follows:-


  • “Cancel my LA Fitness Membership” should be the topic of your email.
  • Enter the following information in the main section in the order listed below.
  • Full name (As of LA Fitness Membership)
  • Date of birth (DOB)
  • Email ID
  • Phone number
  • Billing address
  • Last four digits of your credit card
  • Home Gym location
  • Send the email and wait for a cancellation confirmation.

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Method to Cancel LA Fitness Membership in Person

You can also in-person to cancel your LA fitness membership. The steps are as follows:-


  • From your browser, go to and log in with your LA Fitness credentials.
  • Select the Cancelation form from the Account Information section.
  • Take a printout of it and completely fill out the form.
  • Find the closest LA Fitness Gym to your current location.
  • Bring the completed form to the LA Fitness Gym.

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Q:- How can I send an email to cancel my LA Fitness membership?

Ans:- Send an email to [email protected] requesting that your account be closed. LA Fitness is a high-end American gym franchise with over 800 locations across the US and Canada. The company was established in 1984 and is based in Irvine, California.

Q:- Is it possible to cancel my gym membership online?

Ans:- The interaction is straightforward. You can fill out a cancellation form at your home club’s front desk, or send a letter to your club, preferably via confirmed mail, stating your cancellation. Regrettably, enrollments cannot be cancelled via email or telephone.

Q:- What happens if you don’t pay LA Fitness anymore?

Ans:- If you don’t pay your membership dues, the organization can send your account to collections, which can leave a substantial negative mark on your credit report. It makes no difference what method you used to pay the bill. Regardless of whether you used your check card to make your regular installments, the record can still be sent out to other destinations.

Q:- Why is it so difficult to cancel a gym membership?

Ans:- Gyms are notoriously tough to leave, owing to the fact that most clubs would prefer not to let a member cancel their membership once they realize the difficult effort and commitment that comes with being in shape.

Q:- Is it difficult to cancel your LA Fitness membership?

Ans:- If you’ve committed to a LA Fitness subscription but later decide it’s not the right fit for you, you can cancel your membership. You can drop off the cancellation form with the operations manager at any LA Fitness location Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

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These are the steps you must take to cancel your LA fitness membership. These were the most straightforward methods for cancelling your LA fitness membership.

To cancel your LA Fitness membership online, complete the steps outlined above. In light of this, it’s either astounding or weird to learn that one of the most well-known wellness clubs lacks an online LA Fitness membership cancellation form submission method.

One factor could be that they believe that individual organizations perform better in health-related areas.

If you have any questions about the cycle of how to cancel LA Fitness participation and structure, please don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a comment below.

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